101 Days of Sex

I happened to come across an interesting link this past week.  It seems that a man and his wife decided to have sex every day for 101 days.  It was like a personal challenge, to see if they could do it.  The wife was quoted as saying  “Our marriage really needs to do this.” The couple wrote a book about it and has also appeared on several television interviews talking about their project.  Here is one such interview:

Their story intrigued me, so I read several articles about them.  I also looked up their book, and watched a couple of interviews with them.  For the most part, they are sending out a positive message to couples.  They are trying to encourage other couples to touch more and communicate more effectively.  I get that.  I understand that they feel more connected now, and want to share that with others.  I just can’t help wishing they were Christians.

I am assuming here that they are not.  As a part of their pledge to have sex for over three months straight, they went to a porn convention together and rented X-rated movies together.  When I read this part of their story, I cringed.  I was really enjoying reading about them until I got to that part.  How sad.  In order to help them in their quest to have sex daily, they felt like they needed to resort to pornography?

I’m not naive here.  I do know that it would take a tremendous amount of dedication and creativity to be able to make love to your spouse every single day for 100 days.  We are all under time restraints and have so many other outside obligations tugging us in so many different directions.  We have children and jobs and family and extracurricular activities.  Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in, including sex.  Taking a challenge like this would require dedication, heart, and an understanding that your normal schedule may change a little, but it wouldn’t require porn.

I would have loved to read about how this couple was able to draw closer to each other and to God, but that wasn’t the case here.  It seems like they were just grasping on to any and every thing they could think of to help arouse them.  In the end they said that it did bring them closer and improve their communication and that they do touch more now and feel a stronger bond, but I’m still bummed out.

This has caused me to stop and try to think of how long I think I could commit to something like this.  I think I could do a month, but beyond that I’m not sure.  I just sit here thinking about football practices, and swim lessons, and working, and the cooking/cleaning at home, and my husband’s work hours.  It’s fatiguing just thinking about trying to make sure that I fit sex in there every single day!  But we put priorities on other things in our lives, so why do we put our marriage at the bottom of our priority list so often?

These are just my thoughts as I read and watched this couple’s story.  They wrote a book about this whole project of theirs as well, but I’m not interested in reading it.  I would, however, like to hear from some of you.  Do you think you could take a challenge like this?  What would be your biggest hurdle?  Would it be easier for you or for your husband?


  1. I have good news for you! There was another couple who had sex everyday for 365 days. They were Charla and Brad Muller, conservative Christians from North Carolina! Here is a link to an article about them and the couple you spoke of in your post!


    At the end of this article is a link to the book that they wrote called, “365 Nights: A Memoir to Intimacy.” If you get the book please let me know how you liked it!

  2. I also wanted to point out that the Christian couple made it 365 days but the non-Christian couple only did it 101 days. I thought that was interesting! Your Thoughts?

  3. Wow, thanks for the link avis!! That is truly inspiring, to see that the Christian couple made it an entire year!! I might have to check out their book 🙂

  4. I, too, read about this couple and I look forward to checking out the link to the Christian couple that did it 365 days. I have always read that the more often you have sex, the more often you want it. This would be a good way to find out!

    Now to answer your questions….

    Do you think you could take a challenge like this? I think we could do this….

    What would be your biggest hurdle? Figuring out creative ways to do it during my cycle….hmmm. I guess I could try those INSTEAD cups I wrote about!

    Would it be easier for you or for your husband? It would be the easiest for DH.

  5. I totally think I would be up for a challenge like this! (I may talk to my husband when he gets home tonight.)

    My biggest hurdle would be making time for it and just being intentional about it. No sex as an afterthought! =)

    It would definitely be easiest for me. I tend to be the one who has a higher drive. And I think it is common that the more a woman has sex the more frequently she wants it. It is true for me!

  6. It is so true and both my husband and I began the 101 day challenge. Then some minor health issues came into play and we are starting over. it is true that the more you have it the more you want it. We are going away this weekend and I look forward to starting over. YeeHaw ladies on this post.

  7. I just found this topic today as I continue to dig through the site and it reminded me of an article I read on Cosmo where a writer and her man did this challenge but with a twist. They had to complete 77 different positions in 77 days. I took her advice and stored a few away for later :p Unfortunately it was not from a christian point of view but it really was a great read and I hope to try it soon!

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