Monday’s Mission #22

Your mission for this week is an easy one. I am asking you to take a nice romantic walk with your husband. Grab him by the hand and ask him to take a stroll with you around your neighborhood, or around your own land/yard. Hold hands and walk leisurely with each other. If you have kids that can’t be left alone, then let them walk with you. A family walk is better than no walk at all!

Position #30: Sporks


This week’s featured sex position is a “Spoons” variation which I like to call “Sporks”.

Start out in normal Spoons formation as outlined in a previous article.

· You lie on your side.

  • Your husband lies behind you, mimicking your body position.

Now, you are spooning. So, how do you Spork? Here’s the difference… Instead of the two of you remaining in the same position for intercourse, you lean forward so that your back is away from his chest.

This slight variation can make Spooning a little bit easier for those women who have a little more junk in the trunk… in other words, a bigger bum… who might not be able to get enough closeness in the regular Spoons position. Also, if your hubby has a little bit of weight around his mid-section, this slight change can accommodate for that as well. If you find that your back has many erogenous zones, then this position will be heavenly since nothing will be blocking your husband’s touch.

So, there you have it. Try this position if you need to accommodate for extra love handles or just to put a different spin on an old favorite.

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