Position #35: The Screw

This week’s position is a hot one! To get into position the wife lays down at the edge of the bed, on her side. Her legs need to be bent at the knees. If you have a high bed (or one on bed risers) then the husband can stand and enter. If your bed is very low, then the husband can get on his knees. He can also put a couple of pillows under his knees if he needs to (or a couple of pillows under the wife’s bottom). Check out this link for a picture of how it looks.

Once you have found a way to line up your genitals, the husband penetrates. This angle will feel somewhat different for the wife! She may find that the penis comes in contact with her g-spot nicely. The husband can hold on to her legs for her if that’s needed, or just hold one leg while letting the other leg rest on the side of the bed. It’s the fact that the wife is lying on her side that makes this position different.

This is a great position for women who like to clamp their legs closed during orgasm. The wife can contract and relax her vaginal muscles to help bring about her orgasm.

Pros: With the wife’s legs closed, this position will make things a little tighter for the husband.  This position is also a great one for anal sex!

Cons: Wives who prefer their legs open for their orgasm may not like this one. Men who do not like being on their knees or standing may not prefer this one.

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