Monday’s Mission #27

Your mission this week is to spend an evening topless. Find a way to make it work. Sure, it’s more fun if you can saunter around the whole house topless, but if there are privacy issues feel free to incorporate it as best you can. Spend your evening “down time” in your bedroom together. Or plan it for a night when your older kids are at youth group, or younger kids are in bed. Just do the best you can to let your husband see your bare breasts for an evening. It will be a nice treat for him.


  1. With 6 children in our home going topless is not really an option. They range from 14 to 3. I do on a fairly frequent basis flash him my breasts when the kids aren’t looking. So for those of you in a situation like mine, flashes work well too.

  2. I’m in the same boat….but with 9 kids! The oldest being 17. I have also been known to flash him if I walk in the room and the kids aren’t in sight!

    Also, we have a really large window in our bedroom and since my DH works second shift and gets home late I have on occasion flashed him as he is on his way up the walk. I am cautious as we do live in town so I always check before hand. And on days I am feeling extremely brave….I will while standing outside on the front porch!

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