Position #36: The Squat

This is an off the bed position. Well, I guess you could do it on your bed leaning against the headboard or wall at the head of the bed, but for all intents and purposes you are not really using the bed. Your husband will squat down and lean against the wall. You will then lower yourself onto him as you would for Straddle Cuddle or regular Woman On Top.

Fairly simple, but hits you in good places. Your husband can reach around and stimulate your anus if that is something you like, or play with your rear end. Your breasts are elevated to line up nearly with his mouth so there are lots of options there that I will let you consider on your own.

A woman who orgasms well from grinding on her husband can do so in this position and she can rest her weight on her husbands thighs. Since he is squatting down, he doesn’t need to hold all her weight in his arms which is an added benefit. There is, however, potential for him to feel fatigued even though the weight is being balanced between his arms and legs so you may have to consider that and choose to use this position as just one of several positions in a single sex session.

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  • September 2008
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