Position#37: The Plumber


“The Plumber” is an oral sex position where the husband gets on all fours and the wife simple lays below him.  It is a great position because it allows both the woman and man to have the freedom to move.  The husband does need to be careful not to get too over enthusiastic with his thrusts or he could unintentionally injure his wife.  If you are prone to getting a sore/ stiff neck then simply prop some pillows or folded blankets under your head to give some support. 


If you really want to rock his world take a look at ‘Advanced Oral Techniques’ and try a new technique.  If you are not used to deep throating then I would suggest trying it in a position where you are on top and able to control the depth.  Don’t forget to use those hands to explore his testicles, perineum, and buttocks.


  1. That picture is so …. appropriate. LOL

  2. Thanks, I thought so too. I love how the drip was captured. 8)

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