Monday’s Mission #29

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have a progressive sexual dinner.  A progressive dinner party is when you go to one person’s house for appetizers, another location for the main course and yet another place for dessert.  So, the sexual spin on the progressive dinner would be performing different parts of your sexual experience at diverse locations.  For instance, you can make out at a movie theater, have oral sex in the car in your driveway or garage and then have sex in the house.  Or, if going out is not an option you can start things out on your back porch, move to the bedroom and end up in the kitchen.  You can elaborately plan out your progressive evening or just play it by ear.  Have fun mixing things up a bit.


  1. In the book Intimate Issues when you finish reading it there is a tear out. In this is a progressive meal. Appetizers where only kissing above the neck is allowed, the the salad where anything above the waist is allowed. During the main course everything but intercourse is allowed. Then for desert you get your groove on. You can begin in one room and it all in another room. I like the thought of the progressive dinner out. i will have to try that sometime. Thanks sugar and spice.

  2. That is a fantastic idea! I think that is something that we woud both enjoy.

    I accept.

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