Postition #38: Bend Over

This position is another one for those who are fans of rear entry styles.  For this one all that’s needed is to stand up, with the husband behind the wife to penetrate the vagina from the backside while the wife bends over at the waist.  To steady herself, she may rest her hands on her knees or thighs.

 Things to consider:

  • If there is much of a height difference between spouses, then a sturdy stool or even an aerobic step can be used to help in that area.
  • This position leaves the hands free for the husband to roam over breasts, tussle hair and stimulate the clitoris and about any other area that he can reach.
  • Likewise for the wife. If she doesn’t need to use her hands for balance, then she can also explore either herself or reach between her thighs to massage her husband’s scrotum or perineum.
  • If you’re not very flexible and are afraid of possible muscle strain on your hamstrings or gluteus, then do a few stretches if you plan on putting this position in your arsenal. You can even bend your knees a bit so your muscles won’t pull so much.
  • For those a little more daring and flexible, you may want to put on your highest pair of heels and bend over grasping your ankles for an extra special visual for hubby!

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