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If you are visiting us for the very first time, we would like to welcome you to Christian Nymphos! We were excited to see our little blog get referred to from an article on SLATE, and if this is your first time to visit our site, we would like you to know that we are more than a site that “offer(s) candid how-to advice on anal sex, fisting, and masturbating for your husband.” We are six ladies who want married Christians to know the “YES” behind sex within marriage and not the “NO” that we have always heard from the church. God intends for sex to be between a husband and a wife, and He intends for it to be so much more than we can imagine. It is our hope that married women who read our blog will not only have a place where they can read from real women who have the same problems that they do, but also to feel like they can spice up their marriage beds without feeling guilt or shame. It is our goal to take the negative spin off the term “nympho” and show it in a new and more positive light.

We hope that you will take the time to read our “What We Stand For” page to learn more about us. We have Bible studies weekly about women in the Bible and trials and troubles that they had that we can learn from. We have a “Monday’s Mission” in which we challenge women to try something new with their spouse each week. Please take the time to peruse our site, post comments that are relevant or contact us though our “Got Questions” section of the blog.

Once again, thank you for visiting us again, and we hope you will bookmark our site and visit again!!



  1. Wow, that was quite an article! What a total misrepresentation of this ministry. It looks like your audience may have just expanded! I will certainly be praying that those who come to this site may come to better understand the freedom we have in Christ and the joy of a lifetime monogamous relationship!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to look at your site yet, but as a Slate reader, I just wanted to mention how pleasantly surprised I was to be so warmly welcomed.

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