Nympho Gone Bad: Potiphar’s Wife

Okay, did the title catch you? LOL!! Gosh, I was looking for some interesting ideas of women in the Bible to write about, and I came upon Potiphar’s wife. The bible really doesn’t give the poor woman a name, but she sure does know how to cause a lot of trouble!

When I used to read the story of Joseph, I never really thought about what it would be like to be the wife of such an important man. I always looked at her as someone just downright evil to accuse Joseph of something he didn’t do. Let’s take a look at the story…..

At the end of Genesis 37, we find out that Joseph was sold to Potiphar by the Midianites who had bought him from Joseph’s brothers. Potiphar was a very important man to the Pharoah. He was his captain of the guard. We see Joseph next in Genesis 39, prospering in Potiphar’s household. Joseph had found favor in his eyes and was promoted to a position as his attendant, making him in charge of his household. That means that Potiphar trusted him with everything that is his….including his wife. The Lord blessed everything that happened in Potiphar’s household because of Joseph.

Now the bible tells us that Joseph was a very handsome and well built man. He must have been a real stud! I kind of imagine it would be like having, say, Trace Adkins, as your husband’s personal assistant (sorry, I couldn’t help that one…choose your own “Joseph”…lol) Can you imagine her day? Maybe wandering around the house and seeing Joseph…then maybe, just happening to run into him in another room in the household, watching him work in the field through a window….She’s really got Joseph on the brain….and she wants him BAD! She may be fantasizing about him all day. Finally she comes up to him and says, “Come to bed with me.” Joseph tells her that he cannot do such a wicked thing when Potiphar trusts him with everything….and Potiphar trusts him enough to allow him to work near his wife. It would also be a sin against God who has blessed him.

Day after day, she asks him to go to bed with her. This is one sex starved woman, wouldn’t you say? She must either be desperate or really used to getting what she wants. Well, she waits until there is one day that she and Joseph are alone in the house and tells him one more time “Come to bed with me!” and she catches his cloak in her hand. When she grabbed him, he ran from the house, leaving behind his cloak which she still clutched in her hand. Scorned, she started screaming! All the household servants came running, and what’s a scorned woman to do? Tell a lie, that’s what! She told everyone that would listen that Joseph tried to sleep with her, but he ran off when she screamed for help and left his cloak. When Potiphar came home, she told him, “That Hebrew slave you brought us came to me to make sport of me. But as soon as I screamed for help, he left his cloak beside me and ran out of the house.” Potiphar had no choice but to believe his wife.

Potiphar’s wife has a big problem….is she home bored all day? Surely married to a man of his stature, she has money to spare. She obviously has no shame and was captive to sin, especially lust. She was so caught up in sin’s evil net, that she didn’t even realize it was wrong. What about Potiphar? Did he not meet her sexual needs? Even if your husband doesn’t meet your sexual needs, is it right to look for it elsewhere? No way. This woman was married to Potiphar and it was obvious that Joseph respected him enough not to sin against him. He tried everything possible to stay away from this woman, but she was so bent on having this affair with him, that nothing was going to stop her from getting what she wanted and she WANTED Joseph.

Is being a Nympho a bad thing? No way! Not if you are a Nympho for your HUSBAND. That is where her problem was. If she would have directed her sexual energy at her husband, it would have glorified God, but instead she chose to to lust after someone she couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have. Too many people have turned the word nymphomaniac into a bad thing…something that prostitutes and adulterous women do. Not true. Just because a majority of the world believes this is true doesn’t make it true…it just makes them a majority. When the focus of your sexual energy is on your husband, the Lord does not mind if you get all the pleasure you want! You have God’s permission to be a nympho in this situation.

Are you married to a workaholic husband? I think Potiphar might have fallen in this role. Maybe your husband’s eyes are everywhere else, but on you? I have seen on The Marriage Bed lately that there are more and more women who are married to low drive husbands. What do you do when lust tempts you? RUN. FLEE just like Joseph did. Do not even think twice or give it a foothold in your life. RUN AWAY as fast as you can. Sweet sisters in Christ, pray for God to strengthen your willpower. Pray that God would strengthen your marriage, bless your marriage bed, and certainly pray for your spouse. If you are in a sexless marriage or have a low drive spouse, fulfilling your sexual needs in another man is not the answer, it only makes things worse. Communicate your needs to your husband. When sin comes knocking on your door, don’t be a Potipahr’s wife. Keep your marriage bed sacred and holy. God will make things right in His perfect time. I am praying for those of you who may be under this temptation.

Monday Mission #28

Your mission for this week, if you choose to accept it, is to write a love song for your husband.  If you are having trouble just think of his favorite song and substitute the words so that it is about the two of you.  Sing it for him once you are done. 


*At least one of us Spice Girls has a horrible singing voice (when she sings her kids tell her that she is scaring them.  I won’t name any names   ) but to her husband she sounds like an angel.  No excuses.  Just do it.  He will love it!!   😉

Position #36: The Squat

This is an off the bed position. Well, I guess you could do it on your bed leaning against the headboard or wall at the head of the bed, but for all intents and purposes you are not really using the bed. Your husband will squat down and lean against the wall. You will then lower yourself onto him as you would for Straddle Cuddle or regular Woman On Top.

Fairly simple, but hits you in good places. Your husband can reach around and stimulate your anus if that is something you like, or play with your rear end. Your breasts are elevated to line up nearly with his mouth so there are lots of options there that I will let you consider on your own.

A woman who orgasms well from grinding on her husband can do so in this position and she can rest her weight on her husbands thighs. Since he is squatting down, he doesn’t need to hold all her weight in his arms which is an added benefit. There is, however, potential for him to feel fatigued even though the weight is being balanced between his arms and legs so you may have to consider that and choose to use this position as just one of several positions in a single sex session.

Sex in Difficult Times

It is not entirely a coincidence that an article dealing with grief/stress is being published on September 11th.  The terrorist attacks that occurred on this day, back in 2001, occurred close to my home state.  Time stood still for me as I watched the tragedies unfold with complete horror.  Even though I didn’t personally know any of the people on the planes or in the towers I still felt for each and every one of them, as well as for their families.  So many questions ran through my mind. One being, what kind of a world am I bringing a child into?  Oh, I should add that I was 8 months pregnant at the time.   Another question was ‘Why?’  Why was this done to these innocent people?


Two things managed to keep the numbness at bay.  One thing that helped was to pray.  I would remind myself of the following verse countless times over the next few days:


Pslam121:7-8(New KJV)

7The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

 8The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

The other way I kept numbness away was by staying connected to my husband.  By that I mean staying connected physically as well as emotionally.  I think some people choose to go into a shell when faced with a stressful situation and shut themselves off from the world.  Not me.  My mind would not stop.  My dear husband had to endure endless questions from me as I tried to make sense of it all.  Why did this happen?  How is this going to affect the future of our kids (the one inside me as well as the ones we already had)?  He reminded me of the Psalm I posted above.   My husband was also there for me physically.  It was as if I wanted to remind myself that I had a life to live and nothing would stop me from connecting with my other half.  The one place on this earth that I felt comfort was in my husband’s arms.  When we made love it allowed me to leave this world even if it were only for minutes rather then hours or days.  It was our way to celebrate life rather then wallow in something we had no control over.  My life perspective had also taken a turn as well.  All those little meaningless things that would weigh me down suddenly lost either lost their importance or dropped down a few notches in my priority scale.  I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  I knew I was blessed before this catastrophe happened but it certainly has been a reminder. 


Everyone has their own unique story with how they handled 9/11.  Was the way I dealt with it ideal?  Probably not for some but it worked for me.  I think we are fortunate that my husband and I choose to rely on each other intimately during trying times.  God doesn’t want us to walk around in fear.  We need to have faith in Him.  We need to celebrate Him.


What kind of a world did I bring my children into?  This is a fallen world, which is why things like that tragic day happen.  Was it done to teach us a lesson?  No, but that doesn’t mean that we should not learn from it.  The victims of 9/11 probably thought their future was full of tomorrows.  Try to not put things off until tomorrow especially if it means showing love and appreciation.  It really does no one any good to get lost in the negative thoughts or feelings of yesterday when we have the opportunity of happiness today and don’t worry about tomorrow because there are no guarantees that tomorrow will ever come. This does not mean that we need to forget what happened.  The people who lost their lives that day should be remembered and honored.  We need to forgive and move on just as we are forgiven.


Colossians 3:12-13 (New KJV)


12 Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; 13 bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do.


  Appreciate the great gifts God has given you.  Embrace life and let those around you know how blessed you are to have them to share your life with.  If you are not able to make love while in a stressful situation, that is OK.  I think the important thing to remember is to not shut your spouse or the one’s who love you out and to trust in the Lord.  Just when I think that I am broken beyond repair, He is right there picking up the pieces and putting me back together again.   


Comments are welcome.  Feel free to share either how 9/11 impacted your life, how you deal with stressful situations, or any general thought that is related to this topic.

Q&A: Adult Nursing

“I haven’t read anything about lactation erotica.  My hubby is interested in trying it.  I’m not pregnant yet but he said he wanted to test the waters, so to speak, with me to find out if I was okay with it.  I’m not sure what I think.  My hubby is definitely a boob man so maybe it’s no surprise that he’d bring this up.  I just hadn’t thought about it.  I figured once a baby came that “the girls” would be on active duty for the baby and hubby would have to do without.  I guess I’m wrong on this!  Now I’m wondering what it would feel like to give him my milk.  What if he likes it?  What if he likes it a lot (he thinks he will)?  We both know that the baby will come first but it is different to think about.  How do I wean a baby off the breast and keep it for my husband?  Any thoughts would be helpful.  My gut feeling is that if we start with this that it won’t be a temporary thing and that he would want to keep it going as long as possible.  Please tell me I’m not the only one to have to think about this!!!”

No, you are not the only one to think about this. Adult nursing is something that many couples think about and/or try. Once a baby comes, I think it’s perfectly normal for a man to be curious about breast milk. (Especially if he is a ‘boob man’ 😛 ) I have heard of Christian couples who practice this and say that it brings them a great deal of satisfaction. They view it as a type of nurturing between them, and say it adds to their intimacy.

While some of us may think this is odd, I certainly can’t find where the bible speaks against this. I do see where breasts are mentioned to give nutrition to infants, and I also see where breasts are mentioned as sexual organs between a husband and a wife in the Song of Solomon. I also found this scripture:

Proverbs 5:18-20 (New Living Translation)

18 Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
19 She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
Let her breasts satisfy you always.
May you always be captivated by her love.

It would seem to me, that God is saying that it is okay for a husband and his wife to enjoy her breasts in all their glory. I don’t see any rules or commandments limiting breast play.

There are also some marriages that continue with the adult nursing, even after the baby has been weaned. Just know that this does take work. The breasts need to be suckled several times a day in order to keep lactating. This can be difficult to do with most couples’ schedules. Pumping may help some, but you may become tiresome of the whole thing. It takes a great deal of commitment to continue nursing after the baby has stopped.

As I write this article, I’m reminded of a friend of mine who was nursing her one year old. Her husband complained one morning that they were out of milk for his cereal. She told him to feel free to defrost some of her breast milk and use it! He started acting like he was gagging and such, and they both laughed. He did end up trying it later, out of curiosity, but found he didn’t like it.

Like many other things, this does have the potential to become a fetish, so I would caution you to just be aware of that. Other than that, this seems to be something that you, as a couple, will just need to decide on together. If any of our readers have any experience with this, maybe they will leave a comment or advice for you.

For additional information and support on ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) check out:  Woman-essence.

Healing the Crippled Woman

In Luke 13:10, we are introduced to a woman who has been crippled for 18 years. The disability that she had caused her body to be bent over. She couldn’t straighten up at all. Can you imagine spending a good portion of your life looking at your feet? I know what my feet look like, and unless I had a really nice pedicure every so often…eek! Know what I mean?

In case you don’t know this story from the bible, here it is. It was the Sabbath, and Jesus was teaching in one of the synogogues. While he was teaching there, a woman was listening from the side of the room. She had been crippled for 18 years. She was bent over and couldn’t striaghten up. Jesus saw her and called her to him. He said to her, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity” and he put his hands on her and immediately she straightened up and praised God.

Even though this is a short little viniette, a few things really stick out to me. First of all, can you imagine the life this woman has led? Having to look down at the dirt all the time, never seeing a smiling face, never looking someone right in the eye when you talk to them. It must have been pretty depressing for her. I can’t imagine anyone would go out of their way to talk to her. It’s kind of awkward to not be able to see who you are talking to.

This woman is a lot like us if you think about it. She had never seen Jesus, but had heard of him. She probably had heard of miracles that he had done. She obviously visited the synogogue to listen to the reading of the Torah and the explanations the leaders of the church. Women were always to sit on the outskirts of the synogogue on benches. She came to hear Jesus. He must have taken pity on her, because he called her to come to him. Or maybe since she couldn’t see where she was going, maybe he came and helped her to the front where he healed her. And he healed her on the sabbath!!

Imagine what opportunities Jesus opened up for her. Of course she rejoiced and praised God. Her life was forever changed. Just like our life is forever changed when we trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to meet our needs. What infirmity is crippling your life? It doesn’t have to be a physical ailment, but is there something in your life that is causing you to constantly look down on life when you should be looking up to Christ? Let this woman remind you that when you feel that you are at your lowest in life, call on Jesus to help lift you up. Rejoice in the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forever!

Tag Free

We are having an issue with people following our tags to pornographic material on other WordPress blogs. Because of this, we will no longer be adding tags to our articles and all tags on previous articles have been removed.  We, at Christian Nymphos, have a hard stance against pornography and in no way condone such sites or material.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, temptation or confusion that our tags may have caused.

Thank you for blessing us by continuing to read our articles.

Monday’s Mission #27

Your mission this week is to spend an evening topless. Find a way to make it work. Sure, it’s more fun if you can saunter around the whole house topless, but if there are privacy issues feel free to incorporate it as best you can. Spend your evening “down time” in your bedroom together. Or plan it for a night when your older kids are at youth group, or younger kids are in bed. Just do the best you can to let your husband see your bare breasts for an evening. It will be a nice treat for him.

Position #35: The Screw

This week’s position is a hot one! To get into position the wife lays down at the edge of the bed, on her side. Her legs need to be bent at the knees. If you have a high bed (or one on bed risers) then the husband can stand and enter. If your bed is very low, then the husband can get on his knees. He can also put a couple of pillows under his knees if he needs to (or a couple of pillows under the wife’s bottom). Check out this link for a picture of how it looks.

Once you have found a way to line up your genitals, the husband penetrates. This angle will feel somewhat different for the wife! She may find that the penis comes in contact with her g-spot nicely. The husband can hold on to her legs for her if that’s needed, or just hold one leg while letting the other leg rest on the side of the bed. It’s the fact that the wife is lying on her side that makes this position different.

This is a great position for women who like to clamp their legs closed during orgasm. The wife can contract and relax her vaginal muscles to help bring about her orgasm.

Pros: With the wife’s legs closed, this position will make things a little tighter for the husband.  This position is also a great one for anal sex!

Cons: Wives who prefer their legs open for their orgasm may not like this one. Men who do not like being on their knees or standing may not prefer this one.

Toys for Men


I’m going to write about the various toys that are out there for our husbands to use.  First I wanted to come clean and let you all know that I have had (or should I say that my husband has had) very limited exposure to most of these toys with a reason which I will share at the conclusion of this article.   

Pleasure sleeves: These are long, plastic tubes that are filled with a jelly like substance for a tight fit.  Sleeves that give a sucking sensation are also available. 

Penis Extensions:Here is an example of a simple penis extension that can be worn and enjoyed during intercourse.  The extra bumps stimulate the woman’s vagina.  Some models focus on adding girth while other add length.


 Realistic Vagina and Breasts:  Plastic replicas of the real thing.  Believe it or not the vaginas even come in ‘doggy or missionary’ positions.  Sorry, I can not bring myself to post a link of this particular item.  


Penis Rings: These come in either leather, metal or a stretchy plastic.  They are used to enhance erections.  They do come in different sizes so keep that in mind when purchasing. (Yes, I am talking about penis size as well as ring size.)  Here’s an article explaining how to use them.


 Vibrating Penis Rings:  A penis ring with a bullet attached.  I actually have experience with this type of toy.  I think I may have gotten more enjoyment out of it than my husband but as we say “A happy wife is a happy husband.”  So I guess we both win.  This one is supposedly triple the fun.


 Pumps: They help achieve an erection in record time.  I’m wondering what happens once the pumping stops.  Does the blood rush back down from the head, causing the erection to falter?  To see what one looks like click here.


Prostate Massagers: I have heard great things about the Aneros Prostate Massager.  I mentioned it in an article called “The Male G Spot”.  If my husband would let me near his G-Spot, this would be what I would use.


Wireless, Vibrating Thong:  A pair of thong underwear for men that has a statically placed vibrator.  Just make sure the remote stays within 12 feet or it won’t work.  Be warned, there is a picture of a man on the package sporting the thong.  It’s a frontal view.


As you can see we have had experience with just the vibrating penis ring.  Another plus to that ring, besides being able to use it together, is that the little bullet is removable.  If you feel like you need more direct vibrations on your clitoris or it you wanted to vibrate his perineum with it you can do so very easily. 

It is not a coincidence that we have not experimented with the pleasure sleeve or fake vaginas.  The rings and massagers are something that can be enjoyed together, as a couple without having refractory repercussions.  Another issue I have with the fake breasts or vaginas is that they are usually a replica of a porn star.  Can the sleeve be jointly used?  Sure, but I would much rather use my mouth, hand or vagina to pleasure my man.  I guess my bottom line is, if your spouse has a higher drive and needs a release then it would bless him enormously to have you be there for him in a physical way rather then him having to rely on a piece of plastic.  Again, this is just my opinion.

 If anyone has any experience, with these toys or others, that they would like to share then please feel free to do so in the comment section.

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