Position #39: Riding The Waves

This is an oral sex position for the wives out there! There are also some different variations on this position, so feel free to change it around to make it work for you.

To start out with, have your husband lay flat on his back on the bed. Then you get on your knees and straddle his face. Holding onto the headboard will help to balance you and it will give you something to use when you are ready to start grinding.  For a picture of our stick friends in this position, click here.

You may decide that putting a pillow under your husband’s head will help things. This position will give you (the wife) the ability to move and grind yourself against your husband’s face, mouth, and tongue, as you “ride the waves” to orgasm!  You get to control the intensity of the stimulation you receive, by adding or taking away pressure.

Pros: This position allows for the wife to control her own stimulation. The husband is also able to use his fingers for anal play on his wife, if she likes that.

Cons: Some women have difficulty achieving orgasm while on their knees. Both will need to make sure that the husband is able to breathe freely while she is straddling him. 😉


  1. Nice article Cumingirl!!!!

    Another pro in our house is that I don’t have to be concerned with my husband getting a sore neck. 8)

  2. This is a nice one! This position also works well for some nice 69 action! (That is if you both can handle giving and receiving the intense pleasure simultaneously, which can be difficult.)

  3. I have a mission.

  4. ok, too wierd. We have always thought we think alike, but just as I was about to mention the position, he came up with the idea. Dont think we have done that for at least 3 years, (that is how long I have had my headboard, and it is a little tall and not accomodating) nevertheless, … wonderment!

  5. You don’t need a headboard. You can be basically on your hands & knees and that is also great for ‘riding’…This is an amazing position, you will not be disappointed!!!!

  6. This has become one of my new favorite positions especially because I can pleasure my husband some while I am receiving wounderful oral. Its funny though because for some reason this position causes me to have some aggressive orgasms so I sometimes I feel like I am going to break our headboard (:

  7. I was browsing the positions and had to comment. Ditto Leslie’s experience. I too have very aggressive orgasms in this position. In fact, it was in this position that I first experienced really mind blowing orgasms. My husband was so taken with this position that his oral aggressiveness caused me to ejaculate for the first time. That drove him bonkers and completely rocked my world. I never knew I had it in me. Now I bear down and let it go when he hits my spot with his tongue. Our love making has become soo spiritual that we’re like kids in our own sand box.

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