Q&A: Testicle Play!

“My husband is in Iraq and I expect him back in the next 2 to 5 months.  (No return date on his orders, so just a guess.)  Anyway, I am planning for his return, as I miss him very much.  I would like to try new techniques on him, so I’ve been getting ideas from this site.  One thing that I’d like to try, because I think he’d love it is giving oral attention to his testicles.  However, he is very hairy.  Does the husband shave down there, or is there something to use to cover it?”

Yes, men can and do shave down there!  You can read more about it in my article Pubic Shaving: The Man’s Turn! I was so pleased when my husband decided to start shaving for me.  He doesn’t shave all of it, but he does shave the hair on his testicles and perineum area, because he knows that it helps me when I’m giving him oral sex.  He keeps the hair on top, above the penis, because it doesn’t bother me as much.

Before he started shaving, we had tried just using lots of coconut oil to lube them up.  I thought that maybe it would help, but it didn’t.  I would still end up with stray hairs in my mouth or between my teeth and I’d have to stop and get it out in the middle of trying to please him.  It was frustrating.

You asked about men shaving because you say you are interested in giving oral attentions to his testicles.  What a wonderful thing to do!  Many women forget about them and focus solely on the penis.  The testicles can be an amazing source of pleasure for men.  Here are some things to try when you are going south with your mouth:

Easy does it! Make sure that whatever you do, you start off very easy and gentle.  If he likes what you are doing you can always get a little rougher as you go along.  Watch his facial expressions and body language to see if he is enjoying it, wanting more, or needing you to back off a little.

Use lube! His pleasure is greatly increased if you use lube on his testicles.  It will help things feel better for him.  Your tongue and fingers will glide around so much easier.

Suck one into your mouth. That’s right!  Instead of just licking them, suck one gently into your mouth.  While you have it in there, then put your tongue to work!  Use your tongue to circle all around it and caress it.  Then make sure that you release it gently and suck in the other one.  If you are able to get both testicles in your mouth at the same time, without hurting him, then good for you!

Hum while sucking and licking. Sometimes the subtle vibrations of your mouth are blissful for him.

Gently pull downward on one or both testicles. Some men have reported that this technique is quite erotic and sends them through the roof.  You can use your mouth to kind of ‘suck’ it downward, or you can use your lubed fingers to pull them gently downward.  Again, make sure that you aren’t pulling hard on them!

Use a small vibe. Any vibrator will work, but a small bullet is perfect.  This will give stronger vibrations than that of humming.  Lube that baby up and then circle it around his testicles and perineum area.  If you find a spot that is especially sweet, then hold it there for a while, as you are still working your tongue around other parts of him!

Get up close and personal with your entire face. Don’t be afraid of letting his testicles touch your cheeks and/or nose.  If they are well lubed (and they should be) your nose can also be used to give pleasure at the same time as using your tongue.

Incorporate “left-rights” into your play. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, then right now as you are reading this, stick out your tongue.  Don’t open your mouth.  Just stick out your tongue through your closed lips.  Now, instead of flicking your tongue up and down, move them from side to side (left to right) very fast.  Try using this technique in between his two testicles.  Remember to start out lightly, but if he wants more then apply more pressure and do the left-rights more aggressively.

Ask about teeth. I do not advise that you use teeth at all unless you ask first.   Some men like a light grazing of teeth while others do not like to feel teeth at all.

Take requests. Yes, I’m serious.  Ask your husband what he would like you to do down there.  There are actually some men who like a very light, repeated slapping of their balls.  Other men really like the feeling of hot breath.  Another thing you two may want to try is having you giving all this oral attention to his testicles while he is masturbating himself.  That can be a very intense orgasm!  So ask your husband if there is anything new that he’d like to request of you!

I think it’s great that you are trying to think of some new ways to please your husband orally!  What a blessed man he is!  I’m sure if anyone else has any suggestions for testicle play, they’ll leave them in the comments.  Good luck!

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