Position #40: The Recovery Position

If you are familiar with any first aid you will know that when a person has been treated for an injury or shock that they are then put into the “recovery position” as shown above. Sexually speaking, the recovery position is just like it and a variation of spoons.

To get into the position the wife will lay on her side and bend her knee on her upper leg, raising it so that it is parallel with her waist, more or less as is comfortable for her. The husband will either enter her from behind as explained in the spoons position, or he can raise himself onto his hands and knees and enter her from the slightly different angle.

This position is nice for middle of the night sex if the wife is a side sleeper. It can be a nice treat for her if she likes sex during the night. It is also a nice option for the later stages of pregnancy or in a situation where the wife is tired but wants to bless her husband with sex. It is a very relaxed position, but feels wonderful.

Pros: easy to accomplish, relaxing, g-spot stimulation

Cons: no clitoral stimulation unless manual is incorporated

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  • October 2008
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