Position#41:The Arm Chair Position


If you are thinking that you need an arm chair for this position then think again.  It is actually your husband who is being used as an arm chair.  Have your husband sit down while leaning back or he can just lie all the way down so that you can get into position.  Sit down on his lap while facing him but instead of placing your legs behind you or out straight put them up on his shoulders, one on each side.  Now he can sit up with his back straight.  If he is having a tough time sitting up then feel free to use a headboard or the side of a couch for support.  You now lean back so that you are allowing your shoulders and arms to support your weight.  Now you are in position and ready to rock.

Seeing that you are supporting all of your weight with your arms it may be tough to stimulate your clitoris.  I am sure that your husband will be more than happy to lend a hand if added stimulation is needed.  This is a really fun position.  Not only does it give your husband a tremendous view but it also gives a different sensations then regular women on top.

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  1. This is incredibly stimulating!! Try it!!

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