Sleeping Nude

Satin. Cotton. Flannel. Whatever kind of sheets you have, most of them feel best when you sleep in them naked. Whether you like the sleek feeling of satin or the coziness of cotton, there is nothing like slipping into your bed with nothing between you and the sheets.

Of course it is conducive to a higher frequency of sexual encounters with your husband, but even if you don’t end up having sex, cuddling before falling asleep is nice too. If you do not make a nightly habit of sleeping nude, it can be a clear signal to your husband that you are hoping for some action when you do make that move. Sleeping nude also allows for middle of the night sex to happen more readily. You may not prefer to be awakened for sex which is fine, but it allows for sex to happen first thing in the morning more easily as well.

For women who are concerned about sleeping nude and having children calling for you at night, keeping a robe draped over the foot of your bed is a simple solution to that issue. You can just grab it on your way out of the room if you are called.

Some men have found that sleeping completely nude doesn’t give them the support they need for their testicles. Many of these men choose to wear their boxers to sleep in. You might also find that wearing your undies or some shorts is a good solution during your period.

If you haven’t tried sleeping nude, you might give it a try for a week and see how you like it. However, in fairness to your husband, if you decide to try it be mindful of being available to him sexually because the likelihood that it will be arousing to him is very high.

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