Sleeping Nude

Satin. Cotton. Flannel. Whatever kind of sheets you have, most of them feel best when you sleep in them naked. Whether you like the sleek feeling of satin or the coziness of cotton, there is nothing like slipping into your bed with nothing between you and the sheets.

Of course it is conducive to a higher frequency of sexual encounters with your husband, but even if you don’t end up having sex, cuddling before falling asleep is nice too. If you do not make a nightly habit of sleeping nude, it can be a clear signal to your husband that you are hoping for some action when you do make that move. Sleeping nude also allows for middle of the night sex to happen more readily. You may not prefer to be awakened for sex which is fine, but it allows for sex to happen first thing in the morning more easily as well.

For women who are concerned about sleeping nude and having children calling for you at night, keeping a robe draped over the foot of your bed is a simple solution to that issue. You can just grab it on your way out of the room if you are called.

Some men have found that sleeping completely nude doesn’t give them the support they need for their testicles. Many of these men choose to wear their boxers to sleep in. You might also find that wearing your undies or some shorts is a good solution during your period.

If you haven’t tried sleeping nude, you might give it a try for a week and see how you like it. However, in fairness to your husband, if you decide to try it be mindful of being available to him sexually because the likelihood that it will be arousing to him is very high.


  1. Oh, I agree wholeheartedly on this one! I also grew up knowing that my mom slept practically nude as well, so it was pretty natural for me. I generally sleep in only panties unless I have just taken a shower.

    As far as my children go, they are young enough that it doesn’t matter too much yet. My oldest has noticed, though, and my 4 year old daughter frequently wants to sleep in just panties “like mommy does”.

    My husband isn’t comfortable pulling off the all nude sleeping approach either and he almost always sleeps in underwear of some sort.

    Good stuff!

  2. I love to sleep nude. I feel so confined when I have PJs on. The same as Mackeytr, my mom also sleep with little or no cloths on. Its just what I do.

    I have woken up in some very interesting situations before and even have a 4 year old from one of them. But its all fun!

    As far as my kids go, the robe thing is great. I just pick it up in my way out the door.

  3. My hubby and I sleep in our undies most every night. Have been since we got married – on his suggestion. I was uncomfortable at first, but I love it now!

  4. I have slept in the nude since I was a teenager, I think it stemmed from being a warm sleeper. I love it, I wake up feeling refreshed. Yes, it does leave you rather accessible which is nice. whew, no 4 year olds though.. (Monthly I will don a cute pair of panties for a few nights) Hubby generally wears underwear for support. I do like it when he goes without.

  5. Sleeping in the nude is such a great idea. I wished I listened to my husband’s suggestion when we first got married. When he mentioned it, I thought how strange. My mom always slept in a long (floor length) nightgown and my dad slept in pajamas. Neither ever looked comfortable to me. Growing up I slept in sleep shirts (and I thought that was too tacky for marriage, so I got rid of them), and as I started attending sleepover events, I slept in short shorts and t-shirts.

    But now I have discovered it, and it is wonderful. I personally also like sleeping in short nighties without underwear. This is a great solution since I do have a daughter who is 6 who sometimes comes to our room in the middle of the night.

    My question is how to convince my husband to sleep in the nude after all these years of discouraging him. I feel so guilty because I just didn’t know how important this could be to our marriage. Of course, he is also very fearful of our daughter walking in. We both sleep pretty heavy so she can crawl into bed with us and it is morning before we realize it.

  6. At my house we call it co-ed naked cuddling. Our children have been taught from a very young age to knock before they enter our bedroom. Occasionally one of them has not knocked and we have had a few awkward moments, but we have handled it and our children have learned that their parents still like each other. Our bodies were made for touch. We do ourselves a disservice, in my opinion, when we do not avail ourselves of opportunites to touch and be touched.

  7. When I was growing up, we discovered Mom & Dad nude in bed, and they always nonchalantly explained it was because they ‘got too hot.’ I didn’t think about it until years later and realize the actual reason. DH loves pulling the covers back and finding just skin.

  8. My husband and I, started to sleep in the nude in the later years of our marriage. Too bad we did not do that from the beginning. What a great bonding experience for both of us sleeping together naked every night. The natural warmth of our bodies in the bed makes us attracted to each other as we can feel the closeness which makes a big difference. It is a drastic improvement in intimacy. I feel more connected. It is a very good way to strengthen our relationship with each other.
    Just to take an example: my hubby wakes up every day early in the morning. He comes and wakes me up later up by coming into bed naked again against my warm body. It is a very good cuddling and hugging time that does not necessarily lead to sex. God gave us the very important commandment to “be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24). We honor that commandment better when we have more flesh touching. During that time, the skin on skin contact is extremely intimate and emotionally intense. What a nice way to start the day! We couldn’t do that if I had clothes on.

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