Position #42: The Short Stack

This position is another type of “Reverse Cowgirl”.  

  1. The husband lies down on his back in bed (or wherever).
  2. The wife then gets in the Reverse Cowgirl position, where she is on top of him, but not facing him.
  3. From there, the wife then reclines so her back is on her husband’s chest/shoulder area. This may be     done easiest if her legs are extended parallel to his legs.

 Things to consider:

  • If you’re looking for hot and heavy, then this position may not be for you since actual hard thrusting will not be achieved while lying down.
  • If you’re looking for slow and sensual, then this position will be for you since it will be all about being in the moment.
  • This position allows the hands to roam freely over each others bodies.
  • Also, The Short Stack allows for up close, intimate conversation even though you are not face to face.

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