Monday’s Mission #34

Your mission this week is a bold one.  I want you to wait until your hubby is on the phone talking to someone, and then proceed to give him oral sex!  Give him the “Shhhh!” sign by placing your finger up to your lips, and then proceed to undo his pants and go to work!  As he is talking to whomever, look up at him and grin.  Watch to see how difficult it is for him to continue his conversation.  He’ll wonder what in the world has gotten into you!  So keep your eyes open this week to see when the opportunity will present itself…


  1. I did this once and my hubby mouthed the words “Your so bad.” But for some reason he didn’t stop me… Hmm, wonder why???


  2. Did something similar while dh was on a conference call–I just had sex with him while he sat on his chair; and he had to answer questions during our fun–it was priceless!!

  3. This is a favorite of mine when DH has been very busy. A couple of times we have been playing around waiting for the big pay off when he gets a phone call that he knows is going to last a while, he will go ahead and unzip and motion for me to do whatever I want. I don’t mind since like I said, it’s a favorite of mine.

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