Position #39: Riding The Waves

This is an oral sex position for the wives out there! There are also some different variations on this position, so feel free to change it around to make it work for you.

To start out with, have your husband lay flat on his back on the bed. Then you get on your knees and straddle his face. Holding onto the headboard will help to balance you and it will give you something to use when you are ready to start grinding.  For a picture of our stick friends in this position, click here.

You may decide that putting a pillow under your husband’s head will help things. This position will give you (the wife) the ability to move and grind yourself against your husband’s face, mouth, and tongue, as you “ride the waves” to orgasm!  You get to control the intensity of the stimulation you receive, by adding or taking away pressure.

Pros: This position allows for the wife to control her own stimulation. The husband is also able to use his fingers for anal play on his wife, if she likes that.

Cons: Some women have difficulty achieving orgasm while on their knees. Both will need to make sure that the husband is able to breathe freely while she is straddling him. 😉

Breasts, Glorious Breasts

Question:  I’ve been considering breast implants due to volume lost after nursing 4 babies.  I’ve researched a lot about the procedure and all possible complications so am very informed.  Just wanted input on being confident sexually as is as well as your opinions on getting the surgery.


A woman’s breast goes through many changes throughout a lifetime.  Different factors such as age, pregnancy, and simple genetics play a part in how they look.  I will say that I believe in trying to change physical appearances naturally, such as working out, before doing something that is permanent. After all, if someone were to want to lose weight they would first exercise and change their lifestyle before undergoing surgery for a quick fix. 

 Sometimes we do need medical intervention to get desired effects.  My husband didn’t get braces until he was in his forties.  I always thought my husband looked fine with the slight overbite that he had but it was something that bothered him for many years. Was it essential?  No.  Did fixing his overbite help his self confidence?  Yes.  Does he look different now?  No, not to me but when he looks in the mirror he sees a big difference. He is happier with how he looks and much more quick to smile now. 

 If getting breast implants is something that will give you higher self esteem and sexual confidence then I say go for it.  Just make sure you do your homework and thoroughly research the procedure as well as the surgeon.  Some women are satisfied with buying bras or lingerie that accentuates their breasts but being unsatisfied may go much deeper for others.  Some women feel like they are taking a ‘costume’ off when removing these lingerie/bras.  Just be sure that you are done having babies because your breasts will continue to change with pregnancy.  

 When women think about getting breast implants it is important to identify why they want this change.  It is a matter of the heart. If it is to get attentions from someone other than their husband or try to become someone other then who they are than the matter goes deeper then augmenting a pair of breasts.  In that case there is probably something that needs to be looked through some counseling.

 You have said that you have educated yourself on the procedure, the good as well as the bad.  Just make sure you look into the surgeon and you may even want to record your conversation with him/her to ensure that you don’t miss pertinent information.  I wish you luck.  Hopefully your procedure will bring you the confidence you are looking for and a smile to your face too.



Book Review: The Sexually Confident Wife

Hot off the presses is The Sexually Confident Wife by Shannon Ethridge.  You may have read some of her other books such as Every Woman’s Battle (the companion book to Every Man’s Battle), or Completely His.  I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and it arrived late last week at about 10:30 a.m.  My husband called home from work several hours later and asked “Whatcha’ doing?”  I replied, “Still reading The Sexually Confident Wife.” Then he commented “That’s so HOT!”  With that kind of response, I could tell that my husband was hoping that I was enjoying the book as much as he wanted me to.  I’m sure that he thought if I was able to grasp some of the confidence building concepts in the book that it could only be a win/win situation for the both of us.  Now that I’m finished reading the book, I’m sure that he will not be disappointed.

I know that we are never to judge a book by it’s cover, but ladies, this book is very aesthetically pleasing with its hot pink and white script on a black background.  And the transforming words in between the binding are even more pleasing than its look.  Shannon’s transparency leaps out of the book beginning with page one and runs its course through the entirety of her work. In chapter one she challenges the reader to gauge her level of sexual confidence with a list 69 questions to bring areas of strengths and weakness to the forefront to keep in mind while reading the remaining chapters. Shannon Ethridge intertwines whit, wisdom and common sense as she delves into issues, such as the past, expectations, and wrong teaching that can eat away at a woman’s self-confidence.  The Sexually Confident Wife is full of well researched truths as well as illustrations from her life, but also experiences from women and men that she has encountered through out her ministry.  Not only does she address serious issues, but she has helpful advice about sex positions, sex toys, lingerie and communication that will enhance the freedom that is found in the marriage bed.  A couple of my favorite passages were about how to swirl chocolate and vanilla together (although, I’m much like her husband, Greg, and will go to a multi-flavor ice-cream shop and order vanilla!) and how to pass on sexual confidence to our daughters.

I believe that this brave book will touch most women on many different levels and encourage them to make some changes for the better. Not only is Shannon Ethridge helping wives, but she is also assisting in tearing down that stereotype that “good girls” or Christian women should be ashamed to enjoy sex and if they do, then they shouldn’t dare speak about it!  No matter where the reader lands on the sexual confidence scale, it will remind her that there is always room for reexamination and improvement. So, with full confidence, I can highly recommend this book to our readers to add to their sexual arsenal.

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