Monday Mission #35

Your mission this week is to think about a sexy Christmas gift idea for your husband. Do you want to plan a sexy experience or a sexy item? Will you go somewhere special or stay home? Will it be something that lasts for a night or something that lasts forever? It can cost a lot or a little. It can take a lot of planning to be taken care of when you hit “Buy it now” on your computer. Just think of a way to add a little passion to your gift giving to him this year.


  1. I am almost 8 months pregnant and there are times that I am really aroused and ready to get it on with my honey. Most of the times however due to tiredness, cramping and overall body aches I am not in the mood. Sometimes I feel it for my honey cause I know he loves when I give him a good release. Plus he loves my pregnant body very very much.
    Now this is a brilliant idea with regards to Christmas yet I know that because my due date is just around the corner and I am feeling more and more dragged down sexy gifts etc may be a bit hindered. What do I do?

  2. I bet your husband would love to photograph you in some sexy lingerie. Pregnant bodies are beautiful. Check out this article and look at the link to the maternity lingerie.

    You might also consider an evening of sensual massage for both of you.

  3. Sex feels good no matter what part of life you are in. I am in my 60’s and , I must say, I love it. I had sex through all 3 of my pregnancies and it was great. Now I enjoy hitting it with my husband as often as I can. It’s so wonderful. I’ll take it any way he wants. Yes, men love sexy photos during pregnancy or any time. Love your husband. They respond to sex better than ANTYTHING ELSE in this world. I’m almost 70 so I KNOW!!!

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