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“I have been wanting to do some sexy pictures for my husband, but I am not very creative. I would like some ideas for positions and things I can do at home with the timer on our digital camera. I don’t know if any of you have any experience with this, but I would love some tips! (Seems like it might make a great article as well!)”

What a great topic! We already have one article on here that is a great introduction to this called: Camera Shy? I encourage you all to read that one first and then come back to this one. I have a lot of experience making my own homemade movies and pictures for my husband, so I’m going to give you some tips to remember when you are saying cheese!

Prepare your background. This is for both movies and still pics. If you are using the bed as your background then make it up! Throw on some accent pillows or rose petals to make it look nice. If you have satin or silk sheets, then you may want to remove your comforter so that you can show them off! If you are outside, think about what props you could use or what you want in your background.

Use plenty of light! I cannot stress this one enough. I know that in person, candlelight is soft and romantic and great for setting a mood, but for pictures and movies you will need bright light. If you try to use candles or low light, then the picture will just end up dark and your husband will be squinting to try and make it out. Turn on your 60-watt overhead lights, turn on that spotlight on your camcorder, or go outside and use the sunlight! You may feel a little uncomfortable with it at first, but I guarantee you that your pictures and movies will turn out so much better this way.

Watch out for shadowing. Sometimes you may move into a position that will actually shadow parts of you that you are trying to get seen. Overhead lights are sometimes the culprits for this. To help, use the spotlight on your video camera or get a couple of flashlights and position them to shine directly on you.

Decide on positions beforehand. Think about what it is that you want to show. If you need help, then grab up some magazines or even check out the latest album covers! Look at the different poses that today’s stars are striking and think about how you could incorporate that into your photo shoot. What is your best asset? What feature of yours is your husband’s favorite? Is he a boob man or a butt guy? Whatever it is, try to think of ways you can flaunt the parts that you know really get to him!

Decide on costumes and props beforehand. Is this going to be a nude shoot? Will you need lingerie? What heels/boots will you wear with it, or will you be barefoot? Do you need jewelry? For videos, do you want music playing in the background? If so are you thinking slow and steamy or fast and erotic?

Apply more make-up than normal. The camera (especially video camera) doesn’t pick up on make-up real well, unless you are going for a close up face shot. I’m assuming here that you are not. If you are going for a zoomed out full body shot, then applying your make-up a little darker than you normally do will help it to show up better. Fingernail and toenail polish are also a nice touch!

Think about using black and white. If you are only interested in doing sensual photographs (and not X-rated ones), then play around with black and white pics. Sometimes black and white pictures can be sexy in a more subtle way.

Don’t smile too big! If you are going for sexy then you want a minimal smile. Use your eyes to convey what you want from him more so than your smile. Sometimes your tongue can be used as well. Think about sucking on your finger, a lollipop or a pop sickle!

Show him your booty! It doesn’t matter if you are shooting still pics or a video, your husband will love seeing your rear. For X-rated pics I suggest you stand up and bend over as if you dropped something. Another really good one is to get on all fours (doggie style) and then turn your head to look back at the camera. This will give your husband the visual of taking you from behind, and also the sexy eye contact. I suggest incorporating these same poses if you are making a video for him.

Talk to him! Of course this one is for videos only. If you are daring enough to make an X-rated video of yourself masturbating or striking sexy poses for your husband, then please add some sound to it! Ooooooo and Aaaahhhhhh and moan and groan. Say things like “Oh this feels sooooooo good” and “I wish you were here right now to ________.”

Use lube. This is if you are going for explicit and graphic shots or videos of yourself. Applying coconut oil (or your lube of choice) will help your body to glisten. Rub it all over your breasts and then stand in front of a mirror and look at how hot you look! Your husband will want to glide his hands all over you! For close up shots of your labia, make sure that you have her all lubed up too.

Tell him a story. This is an idea for a video. Make up a sexy story of the two of you on a beach somewhere, or out in your backyard, or on the hood of your car in the garage. Touch yourself while you tell him the story. Use a low sultry sexy voice and speak slowly. Maybe you could be removing clothes while you are telling the story.  Or describe to him a fantasy you have of the two of you. Something that you’d like to see come true sometime.

Incorporate toys! This is for those of you who have husbands that like them. If your husband likes seeing a toy disappearing into your vagina, then use that idea in your photos or video! Don’t have any toys? Well, you could always go pick up a cucumber at the grocery store!

If embarrassment is an issue, then crop out your face. This can help particularly with shooting a video too. If you have an idea that you want to do, but you are feeling a little iffy about your facial expressions and you aren’t sure how it will turn out, then just zoom in to your body where the action will be taking place and leave your face out of it. That way you won’t have to worry about what goofy expression you may have on your face. (Yes, I’ve done this.)

Use the shower! Take a shower and get lathered up real good in all the right parts. Then have your camera already set up on a tripod just outside the stall. Reach out and mash the button for the timer and snap some pics of yourself clothed in nothing but suds and bubbles! (Don’t forget to give him a hinny shot in the shower!)

These are just some suggestions I have and some of the above may not apply to every person or situation. I think it is wonderful that you are planning on using your digital camera like this! Hopefully others will leave more ideas in the comment box.

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  1. Yay! Thank you for the tips! I did my own photo shoot for the first time a few weeks ago to surprise my husband and he was sure surprised! He hinted about another one and I think it will be a lot better next time with all of these helpful hints.

    Thanks for the article!

  2. I have used my camera phone to take naughty pictures (not with my face in the photo) and then send it to my DH’s phone when he is away on business trips. I always feel mischievous when I think of him in some boring meeting, checking his phone and getting an eyeful of me! Then he has to wait until he gets home for me to fulfill the promise in the picture…

  3. Me too. I accumulate pics on my phone when it occurs to me. I then send them when he is travelling. I like the easy stuff. Pick up an ice cream cone while your out? Take a pic of the first lick or two. (I dont recommend this while driving) Write a little sexy note, with a lipstick kiss on it, take a pic. Did you bake for him? send a pic. Ive even send a picture of a hershey’s kiss. You see where I am going. I sent one of just my booty in some sheer little panties a few trips back, he said he had a little grin all day. (by the way, that was hard pic to get with a cell phone, apparently I need longer arms.) One of hubby’s favorite places on me, is between the pubic area and the hip bone. I have a pic from the summer laying in a bikini. I just looked past my magazine and there it was, I took a pic. I plan to send it when he is off on a cold hunting trip. I know I got a little off track, not exactly photo shoot ideas, but ideas nevertheless.

  4. As a husband… I would love to have my wife snap a few photos for me to enjoy when I’m on long business trips. When on a trip coworkers say “hey, let’s go hang out at Hooters (or much worse) for the night” after a long day at work, I’d much rather go to my hotel room, phone my wife and appreciate her form while talking to her. However, I’m not sure she would ever give it a try… Maybe. Maybe not.

    I’m considering leaving her a few pics of myself hidden on her computer (encrypted files). Then, when I’m on a trip, I could call home and tell her how to access the pics. It would be great if you had a “husband’s guide to a sexy photo shoot” to send our wives. Some of your tips above apply to either gender.

    Thanks for your site/work for Christian couples.

  5. I would love to do something like this!

    Yet, I’ve done “sexy” things in the past only to embarrass my husband and myself.

    I attempted a strip tease and he got REALLY uncomfortable and made me stop saying that I was trying to be something I’m not.

    I ended up crushed.

    I like to be “sexy” or at least try to feel it. I just think he wouldn’t enjoy this and it would cause me a lot of embarrassment.

    I’m not sure if he is really all that attracted to me anyway…

    Any advice?

  6. I know what you mean. Most women like the idea of being attractive to their husbands. Have you asked him what he finds sexy and attractive about you? This picture idea might not be up his alley, but I am sure there is something else that is.

    Many of us also can relate to that feeling of being rejected in our attempts to bless our husbands. It’s really hard. It sounds like perhaps you and your husband need to strengthen your heart connection and figure out how to love each other better. I know that my husband and I seem to always be working on this.

    One thing I would encourage you in is to embrace the freedom to be sexy for yourself. Wear sexy lingerie. Dress well. Take care of yourself. If he does not respond to it, don’t let that stop you from doing what makes you feel good about the body you have.

  7. cinnamonsticks I think that is some excellent advice. I’ve felt embarrassed too by doing things that he just kind of ignored… I like the idea of just being sexy for me and maybe he’ll start noticing. I started sleeping in a cami that was silky sexy but not over the top acting like it’s “because it’s more comfortable” I didn’t find out he liked it until months later. I’m glad I switched because now it is more comfortable and a heck of a lot sexier than a Tshirt! I kick myself whenever he happens to walk in on me changing and I’m wearing ordinary panties or bras. I really want to buy new sexier undergarments so he can “catch me” wearing something super sexy in an ordinary situation. I’m finding that trying to spring these things on him unexpectedly like a, “look at me!” somehow makes him indifferent or maybe he pretends not to notice… Needless to say it makes me feel embarrassed and or rejected.
    Anyway, I can’t practically change up the everyday undergarment wardrobe while I’ve got this big pregnant belly and fluctuating breast size. But it’s in my future plan!

  8. ukulelelady some books that have helped me tremendously on winning back my husbands affection where “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen Andelin and “Created to be his Helpmeet” by Debi Pearl. I might be opening a can of worms by recommending these but I would feel wrong to not offer something that has helped me more than words can say.

  9. Hi Ukulelelady,
    When you wrote : I attempted a strip tease and he got REALLY uncomfortable and made me stop saying that I was trying to be something I’m not…that struck a chord in me as my husband has been constantly helping me to be myself. Super mortifying but I have taken much time rethinking my actions because of his advice. I’m so sorry you ended up crushed but you did not stay down…you posted here 😉

    Carefully consider what Cinnamonsticks suggested in asking your man what HE finds attractive and sexy. Every man is different. I was listening to a guy telling of his foot fetish and although we were laughing, he was totally serious as he loves polished and cared for feet with a passion. To him, beautiful feet denoted a woman who loves and cares for herself…makes perfect sense when one adds that note, right!

    Ultimately, you must fall in love with yourself as a woman regardless of how your man reacts to you. Yes, this is the hardest thing to do but it will change your life if you will begin to love who you are and treat yourself as the most valuable person you know. Get your very own sexy on, lady 😉

  10. My wife gave me a book as a gift once; an album actually. She had a friend help her photograph her in various seductive poses. Laying on top the piano with only a large silk scarf covering only the her back and legs, there by exposing everything else. As well as other poses and positions created all over our home and in our bedroom. It was a wonder gift and I think of it often.
    For a laugh I sent her an email with a collection of pictures of me taking on many of the same poses (on the piano etc.). She said she never laughed so hard.
    Ahhh Love, it is so wonderful

  11. Ukulelelady, thank you for sharing. I am struggling with the very same type of thing right now, and have found myself in tears every day for nearly a month. It’s stories like yours and Willingtotry’s that give me comfort; I don’t have any girl friends that are close enough to talk with about sex, and find that if I read too many “success stories” here (related to things I want to try that my husband shows no interest in), I cry even harder. The main thing with us is that my husband seems to think a barrier we crossed over a few years ago was the last frontier (so to speak), and that sex would be awesome from now on no matter what just because we crossed that barrier (it was anal sex). While that may be fine for him, I am ready to move on to trying other things…and the hints I gave him didn’t work, so they turned in to flat out requests (taking Cinammon Sticks’ advice, I did this while he was already turned on); however, he ignored or made excuses for both requests. Three nights ago I made my displeasure during sex rather obvious (I did not do this to “punish” him; it just came quite naturally because of what I’m going through), and when he got upset, silent, and went to sleep, I finally told him at least some of the truth the next day. “Some of” is because I have so much inhibition now. His response was very loving and he seems genuinely contrite, promising to “make it right,” but two days later we have not been intimate yet. I expect that we will Saturday, and have some anxiety that it won’t go well. But I am praying every day, and know my relationship with the Lord is growing; so if that’s the purpose in all of this, I have to believe that it’s worth it. My point is that it’s comforting to know that other women struggle in the quest to sexually bless their husbands and feel good about themselves. Cinammon Sticks, I agree that your advice to embrace that side of yourself for yourself is good advice.

    After reading my comment, I realized that this may provoke some “What are you doing to please him? It sounds like you only think of yourself” replies. So, I want to make it clear that I always make it a point to do the things my husband likes. Always. And I would do literally any God-ordained act that he requested, if he did.

  12. I have better news to report today…he indeed made it right. I also want to apologize to anyone who thinks this belonged in a different thread…the sexy photo idea was just one of many things I was depressed over, when thinking of all the things my husband may not care about or appreciate. Either way, we are growing.

  13. Keep trying in love, Coco, don’t get discouraged. 🙂

  14. I agree with mdccc…never give up!!!

    Also adding, he may be uncomfortable with an idea now but that doesn’t mean that he will feel this way forever. Sometimes they just need an adjustment period. Keep on communicating….it’s easy to talk when things are going well but I think we grow more as a couple when we have our talks during difficult times.

    God Bless!!!

  15. Peppermintgirl is right. My husband and I have been married ten years, and we have been through so many changes in our relationship and sex life, it’s crazy! Our early marriage was very dry as far as sex goes, we would go for months. It was awful. I felt very rejected. But I kept trying and praying, and it has gotten better and better. It wasn’t an extremely fast process, but now our sex life is smokin, and we are closer than ever. I know you said you get discouraged reading success stories, but I wanted you to know that it can get better if you don’t give up! God can do anything. Much love. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and I just read what Peppermintgirl said about growing closer during difficult times, and I am almost CERTAIN that my husband and I would not have the close relationship we do today, had we not gone through the hard times we did. We both feel sometimes that we are leaps and bounds ahead of some other couples who have been together much longer, (as far as communication goes) because we had such problems early on, and we stayed together and dealt with them. There were times when I was so depressed, but now that we were on the other side, I wouldn’t change a thing if I could. Going through what we did forced us to talk through things we never would have otherwise, and we are better for it.

  16. Thanks ladies…I appreciate that encouragement more than you know.=) Mdccc, I completely feel you on that…our early problems are actually far worse than anything that we experience now, and I think my husband and I have held ourselves back from real growth because we ask God for it to all be over (problems in general, many of them having nothing to do with sex), and duh…that’s not how He works! He uses those trials for His glory, and we need to accept that and find our own growth opportunities in them as well.

    Peppermint Girl, I found your point to be true this past week when discussing at least one of my requests with my husband. He understood my reasons for it more after a long, awkward-at-first talk. I had to tell him the hard truth: that he hadn’t been listening to me in bed for a long time, and as we all know, that’s a hard pill for any man to swallow. Truth be told, what I wanted from him was something that’s pretty common by this site’s standards; so after reading how much other Christian couples do this with no reservations all the time, it really depressed me. Couple that with reading how much husbands love getting sexy pictures from their wives, and I became consumed with..God, what is wrong with us?!

    My husband also has some physical issues; he gets sick often and struggles with ED (and we’re in our early 30’s. These problems have been there since we were first married at 20 yrs old). It can be so discouraging, but it does make the good times more special…and we had a very “special” time this past weekend. =) God is good.

  17. This is great 🙂 I am personally getting ready to have a private photo shoot by a friend. It won’t be x-rated (not ready for that yet) but it will be something he can look at and think of me when viewing 🙂 Very exciting! Thanks for this post!

  18. I like the comments about the videos. They are a sexy way spice up your marriage. My DH loves them. He loves to watch them together and spice up our sex life.

    I have never taken any photos of myself. But my DH who is an excellent photographer has done may photo shots of me. They usually start of sexy and clothed and go from there depending on my mood. We have done them indoors and outdoors depending on our vaction spots. He even used one of the milder soft focus outdoor ones for his screensaver on his laptop. He said it was a great reminder of our vacation. Plus get a small chuckle out of knowing the rest of the photos when people would comment how good I looked in the photo.

  19. A striptease calls for a badgirl vibe. You may have been quite sexy, but the badgirl persona was just not his thing! It’s not a turn on for all guys.

    What I’m saying is that one incident isn’t proof of how attractive YOU are to him. He rejected that badgirl persona, but even said that it wasn’t like you!

    I agree with the previous commenters – find out what he likes about you, find out his turn ons, and enjoy your own sexyness all the time!

  20. Great idea: USE YOUR PHONE… BUT:

    Take the pic in the MIRROR (without the flash and enough light).
    You need either a full length mirror or half…
    Put on a jacket or sexy gown as this falls down straight and doesnt show the lumps on your hips 🙂 )
    BEST is to stand wide-legged and tilt your bum backwards and slightly bend your knees and lean forward just a tad…
    Hold the camera-phone in your right hand just off the mirror, but point the camera-side towards the mirror and then you can check in the screen on your side if you are happy with what you see.
    THEN LOOK AWAY… a ‘down’ look at the floor or up at the pelmit of the curtain seems to work. DONT smile… wear bright lipstick… and CLICK.
    Then if your phone has an edit function CROP out what you dont like and press SEND.
    I’ve also opened an extra FILE (not under Memory Card) and named it Factory Settings and inside ANOTHER file. This way if my phone lies somewhere, the chance of someone browsing through my ‘gallery’ wont see me.
    Good luck! My hubby also loved one in my red jacket and boots… with your pelvis tilted backwards it does not feel so naked.

  21. I’m curious if you printed the photos and if so, where? I’ve taken some photos (much to my husband’s surprise!!), but only kept them on the computer. Not sure what to do with them now. Thinking of either a Christmas or Valentine’s gift…..
    We’ve done movies of us together before but I am so afraid of them being found that I have them deleted right away!

  22. I want to do this for my husband so badly, especially considering we’ll be seperated for half the year, every year (God bless the military and all who serve). Since he can’t take ones that are considered “overtly suggestive/pornographic” I’m thinking I”ll do one “deployment okay” album and one “when you’re home” alblum…..but we’ll see 🙂 I know he’d love it, I just have to gather the courage to actually DO it!

  23. wannabesexy, we always delete ours right away too!! Especially with videos, somehow once the mood passes it seems more awkward than sexy, LOL!!!

  24. LOL After my 80 year old very conservative mother moved into a nursing home, my sister found some very interesting pictures of Mom and Dad under the lining in a dresser at Mom’s house. Dad passed away when we were all under five. My mother never dated after that. My dad was her knight in shining armor. My sister called other sister and I in horror when she found the pictures. These pictures were a side of Mom and Dad we never expected to see. Talk about Victoria’s Secret. My older sister and I thought it was a hoot. We saw the pictures and as another example of Mom and Dad’s love for each other. While I would have been perfectly happy to go my whole life without ever seeing pictures of those parts of Mom and Dad, at the same time the pictures were clearly monogymous, never meant to be seen by anyone but Mom and Dad and they served to enrich my views of them as a loving couple.

  25. I love to send sexy pics to my hubby while he’s at work!!! He always comes home eager to see me and my sexy body, as he says! We even have a photo shoot, the two of us!! He loves to tell me how to lay and stand and take pics of me posing sexy for him. He videoed a strip dance I did for him once and we watched it later to kinda get the mood going!!! Watching his face, watching me, turns me on!!! I love to see him get excited about me!!! He has a private folder on his comp, with a password :), with all our sexy pics and videos. And we trade them out for new ones every once in a while!!! Super fun and makes me feel super sexy!!!

  26. perhaps you could “tame it down”… i havent done a full on striptease, but i’ve taken baby steps, comming in our room when he’s sitting on the bed, talking to him, and just taking my clothes off in front of him and looking him in the eyes until he gets the point of what i’m doing. 😛 you dont need music, it’s easier to “be yourself,” and you dont have to think too hard bout how/what you’re doing. 🙂 just look him in the eyes and undress slowly, dont worry bout all the “sexy stuff”, you’ll feel sexy anyway. 🙂

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