Matter of Taste?

I am newly married and would like to allow my husband to perform oral sex on me (He’s been wanting it for a while now)…;)
I have some uncomfortable odors down there. So, what oils, edible things can I put on me down there so that he can eat me up?
I have thought of honey (real local honey), to put down there, but I am not sure about the health side of it.
What do you suggest I put inside of me so he can “ENJOY” tasting me?



Has he stated that your odors are bothersome or are you the one who is primarily concerned about it?  Most men do not mind a woman’s scent or taste.  Certain pheromones that have a big impact on the opposite sex are found in this area.  A strong foul scent could be a sign for some sort of infection.  Your husband would probably not be too eager to perform oral sex if this were the case.


If you still feel more comfortable putting something edible down there I would not recommend honey.  Anything with sugar can throw your natural ph balance off causing a yeast infection.  If you are using latex and are planning on engaging in intercourse after oral, you should stay away from oils.  Oil can break latex down so in this instance, condoms would not be reliable. 


Some sites offer special scented and flavored lubes that are sugar free, such as “ID Flavored Lubricant” from Book 22 or “Sex Tart Lubes” from Pure Bed. I suggest you simply take a shower before so that you can put your mind at ease about any discouraging scents.  If your husband does in fact have an issue with your smell or taste then you could look into the flavored lubes but let him decide for himself.  Here is an article pertaining to cunnilingus, Pleasing Your Wife.  It is more about techniques but we also talk about extra precautions you can take if you have a bothersome scent.  Like I said earlier, let your husband decide for himself.  I doubt you will need to take those extra precautions.  Just sit back and enjoy!!

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