Matter of Taste?

I am newly married and would like to allow my husband to perform oral sex on me (He’s been wanting it for a while now)…;)
I have some uncomfortable odors down there. So, what oils, edible things can I put on me down there so that he can eat me up?
I have thought of honey (real local honey), to put down there, but I am not sure about the health side of it.
What do you suggest I put inside of me so he can “ENJOY” tasting me?



Has he stated that your odors are bothersome or are you the one who is primarily concerned about it?  Most men do not mind a woman’s scent or taste.  Certain pheromones that have a big impact on the opposite sex are found in this area.  A strong foul scent could be a sign for some sort of infection.  Your husband would probably not be too eager to perform oral sex if this were the case.


If you still feel more comfortable putting something edible down there I would not recommend honey.  Anything with sugar can throw your natural ph balance off causing a yeast infection.  If you are using latex and are planning on engaging in intercourse after oral, you should stay away from oils.  Oil can break latex down so in this instance, condoms would not be reliable. 


Some sites offer special scented and flavored lubes that are sugar free, such as “ID Flavored Lubricant” from Book 22 or “Sex Tart Lubes” from Pure Bed. I suggest you simply take a shower before so that you can put your mind at ease about any discouraging scents.  If your husband does in fact have an issue with your smell or taste then you could look into the flavored lubes but let him decide for himself.  Here is an article pertaining to cunnilingus, Pleasing Your Wife.  It is more about techniques but we also talk about extra precautions you can take if you have a bothersome scent.  Like I said earlier, let your husband decide for himself.  I doubt you will need to take those extra precautions.  Just sit back and enjoy!!


  1. I agree with what Peppermint Girl said about DHs not minding the scent. I can’t stand how I smell, and he totally doesn’t mind. =)

  2. I did not want to allow my husband to perform OS on me because I was so concerned about the smell down there. Come to find out, my husband, for one, has actually likes the taste/smell!

    I agree with Peppermint Girl, if your husband is not concerned, but you are self-conscious, than take a shower or bath so that you know you are nice a clean. Then allow yourself to relax and enjoy what your husband has to lovingly offer!

  3. I’m usually pretty meticulous when it comes to being clean, but my husband says that he loves the taste and smell… Whatever floats his boat!

  4. If you are concerned about oder in your woman parts start taking an otc acidophilus tablet. It helps to strengthen your system by fighting the unhealthy bacteria that cause oder and adds the right kind of bacteria to the body.

  5. Diet can make a huge difference in BO overall.

    From years of breastfeeding and watching EVERYTHING I ate due to my little ones being a bit gas prone… I learnt how to avoid gas inducing foods plus spicey and such.

    I found the most amazing thing was that I smelt very clean at all times.

    I banned fish from my diet as I hate the smell that results from my most private regions. Gives a different conotation to the term, ‘fish wife’…;-)

    If I can smell myself and I don’t like it, I make a huge effort to clean up my diet and drink TONS of water to flush my system.

    My man has never complained about any smells but I know that is because I am so careful with my body and general cleanliness.

    The more clean I am, the more sexy I can be as I don’t have to worry about…oh gosh, was that a whiff of something gross coming from me?

    Total turn off for me and a real laugh for my husband who finds me awesome anyway.

    We have a hilarious age-old story about a perfumed powder puff which I could have sworn was totally clean until my darling had to carefully advise me that he thought he may have smelt a whiff of something ….. well, …. get the picture. I was so mortified as a young bride and all he heard was a CLUNK as the powder puff hit the trash. We laugh like crazy now but I have never forgotten that lesson in never being clean enough!!!!


  6. It is true that what we eat, drink and inhale will affect our vagina’s taste or smell. If you keep yourself well hydrated, eat natural foods (non preservatives), abstain from smoking and drinking then you will taste/smell (and feel) better. If your man wants to bless you with oral then PLEASE give him a chance to do so. Keep the lines of communication open and he will tell you if something is unpleasant. Clean with soap and water first and tell him that you are concerned about the taste. The sweat glands around our genital are similar to the ones we have under our arms so you should be diligent with keeping that area clean using mild soap and water. Most husbands love their wives taste and smell without going through extra precautions such as altering your diet. Also remember that douching is not required. It can upset the bacteria balance which can be extremely harmful.

  7. ‘morning PeppermintGirl,

    Thank you for being to succinct in your presentation of this very important part of our feminine hygiene. I admire your gift with brevity regarding the usage of words. I appreciated your well put together post.

    If I did not like my husband going down on me so much, I would not have been so careful during the years BUT because I am crazy about him doing that, I strive towards having a flower garden instead of a cabbage patch….sorry, rank humor, feeling spritely this morning. Life is good for me. See ya,


  8. Smokeypuss, you put a big smile on my face by saying I had a ‘gift of brevity’. I do like to keep things short so that my ADD doesn’t kick in more then anything else but I won’t stop you from looking at it as a gift. 😉

    I didn’t want a newly wed to think she needed to become vegan before her husband had a say in how she tasted. I understand what you are saying about the impact diet has on our bodies. I love asparagus, garlic and broccoli but I’ll only eat them during that time of the month when I insist that oral is off limits. You bring up some valid points. I appreciate the input you have given. You are always respectful and we appreciate that quality in you!!!

  9. Hey PeppermintGirl,

    Ditto’d chuckle.

    Didn’t even think of the vegan interpretation. Sorry ’bout that.

    Sometimes my older woman status makes me forget how much I have learnt and how much I take for granted as to general knowledge, as a mature wife.

    I was a total numbskull as a newly wed so I will not forget to think about the vulnerability of newly married, young women.

    If there is anything I desire to be, it is a truly-cluey, mature, Christ-centered wife who can extend a non-judgmental hand of friendship to a young one just beginning to learn how to love both herself and her husband.

    What an awesome responsibility and one which I do not take lightly.

    introspectively yours,


  10. Of course ruling out an infection, the smells down there are probably within the norm. Dont go overboard try to clean it away, basic female hygiene will suffice. I agree with 1inawe, perhaps some personal wipes will “ass”ure the other orafice is not an offender, and give you some peace of mind. (Just dont use them all over)

    About ten years ago I gave up the fru fru scented products I used because they aggravated my asthma. (which I dont have anymore, hmm) Ever since, hubby is like a kid in a candy store. He always says I smell good. Everything I use is unscented… go figure… Apparently I was covering up some of those pheromones! He is always wanting to play in the garden….

    There is so much to experience with your husband. Taste and smell coinside. It all has to fit together. You are what turns your husband on. You are what he likes to smell and taste, and love. Enjoy!

  11. My DH says the same things about loving the taste and smell but I won’t let him go down unless I have been out with a few drinks which is maybe once a year…I know he wants it but why am I having trouble with it? I don’t seem to have much stimulation from it either…

  12. BIG BIG tip…

    shave, seriously. shave down there and 99% of the odor problem goes away if you’re already a clean person.

    My husband totally noticed when i shaved, specifically telling me that i smelled better, and he had told me before that he liked the way i smelled/tasted before.

    Beyond that, take a shower and clean yourself beforehand, whether you shave or not. (though especially if you don’t) Plus there are flavored lubes that you can buy if you really really want a different flavor down there. You can buy them at just about any sex shop, and i know walgreens carries strawberry flavored lube.

    I was super nervous the first time my h went down on me, but he loved it, thought it was super erotic, just remember that and relax. if you worry the whole time about how you taste or smell, you will take forever to have an orgasm. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll stop.

  13. I have always paid a lot of attention to my private parts and so, my DH is very fond of OS on me; but from the time I went completely bare, his liking for the act expounded 100%: his tongue is always hungry for me!!!

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