Thanksgiving Break

We are taking a couple of days off this week as many of us spend time with our families celebrating Thanksgiving. We will be back again on Monday with our usual articles, plus a new series of articles beginning where we will be interviewing guests who have a variety of experiences in the area of marriage and intimacy.

We hope you have an opportunity to reflect on the blessings in your life this week and we want to extend our thanks, first, to the Lord Jesus for showing us the way to have a life full of meaning and purpose. We believe that we weren’t only saved from something (separation from God), but also that we were saved to something (responding to His Spirit as He invites us to minister His heart on the earth.) We are also incredibly thankful for our husbands and children. Our homes, though not perfect, are filled with much happiness and peace. And we thank you, our readers, for hearing our message.


  1. Dear Spice Girls,

    Thanks so much for your ministry! You helped give my dh and I a very Happy Holiday today! I just found your website today by accident. I was Googling to find info about if it was safe or acceptable to have intercourse during menstruation when I found a link to your site.

    I read some of your articles about various topics that expressed how we should be free to enjoy each other, exploring and experimenting within the limits set forth in scripture, yet not hindered by “Christian” society’s rules and ideas. I have come across other sites in the past that claimed to be Christian, yet they supported things I knew were not right, so the gray areas were still gray to me. Your positions on what is acceptable or not in God’s eyes really clarified some things for me. I used to feel guilty after masturbating if it wasn’t with my dh (and somewhat guilty even if it was.) I wondered about things like oral sex and using toys. You set my mind at ease more than I knew…

    I started out marriage as far from being a nympho as one could be. I wanted to enjoy sex and make my dh happy, but for several reasons we didn’t have much sex, and very little great sex. One problem was already mentioned – guilty mindset. Also, I had very little sex drive. Intercourse was usually very painful for me, even when we used lots of lube. I feel that I probably didn’t have enough of the right hormones. I was very young – 18 when we married. About 7 years ago, after I’d had plenty of time to recover from the birth of our second child, my dh and I began to try to find more ways to “Spice up” our sex life. The best thing we did was order a few toys. Using a vibrator on my clit during intercourse helps keep my muscles relaxed enough that I can enjoy sex, and helps me orgasm. However, I always felt a little guilty for using “artificial” stuff. I got off bc pills, and over the years my sex drive has increased some, and especially during the time of month we have to be most protective!

    My husband has always been great about my problems and limitations. Thankfully, he didn’t have the type of sex drive I thought most men at his age had, so I didn’t have to worry about if I was keeping him satisfied enough. He knew he could ask for oral sex almost any time, anyhow. Well, lately, he’s been exercising a lot, and that has really increased his libido and stamina! The past several days he made it clear to me he wished I wasn’t on my period. I’ve never felt comfortable mentally with the idea of sex during that time, and that’s why I was Googling when I found your site. Like I said, you set my mind at ease more than I knew. After I read all I thought I could absorb in my little brain for the time being, I put up the laptop and told my dh a little about what I’d read. He took his shower, and then I told him to check out the website while I showered real quick.

    We decided to try the armchair position. But I told him I needed to get worked up real good first. (btw, in regard to the blog about your site getting us aroused or not, yes and no for me. It did some, but not the way other sites like Adam and Eve online catalog does. I feel that CN is good, because it only makes me think of my dh and what we can do together, and if that arouses me, GREAT! It did not make me feel dirty.) Anyhow, about getting worked up… I took your advice and told him I’d do the work and he could watch! I used a vibrator and gave him a good little show, but it didn’t last long. We were trying the armchair position with a rolling office chair next to the bed. I thought it would be good to have the bed behind me for support just in case. We found that position interesting, but weren’t sure how to get a good movement going. Then my husband just stood up and let me lay back on the bed, holding my lower body up by my legs, I think… I had my legs up in front of his chest I think. It was similar to one of our favorite positions – we have a high bed, and it’s just the right height for me to go to the corner and put my bottom right at the edge, with a pile of pillows supporting my back and head, and then my dh stands and I put my legs straight up in a V, and he holds them in his arms, I think. Anyhow, he can easily make love to me in that position, and it’s comfortable for both of us. Well, the position we ended up in this evening was basically the same, however my entire bottom was off the bed and he was supporting my weight somehow. He and I both enjoyed that, but for some reason that I wasn’t sure of at first, my orgasm was unusual for me. I was using my little silver bullet on my clit like usual. I have had some strong clitoral orgasms, but haven’t had a great amount of sensation in my vagina, except the muscles contracting. This time, however I had an awesome feeling all through my vagina as well as my clit. And it was a nice long enjoyable orasm. It was really great!

    Afterward, when I talked about it with my husband, he suggested that maybe it was because I had been aroused after reading your site. I told him it wasn’t that. The website didn’t really get me very excited. Then he said maybe it was because I felt liberated by what I read. At first I didn’t think it had that much to do with it. After all, we didn’t do anything much different than usual (he‘s asked me to masturbate for him before), and when I read your articles I didn’t feel anything emotionally.

    Then I remembered something in the article about having multiple orgasms I think, that said for a woman having an orgasm is 95% mental and 5% physical. I told my husband that maybe it was what I read after all, that allowed me to have an experience so much better than the past, and I really think it was. What I had read affected my mind, and that affected my body even though I wasn’t thinking about it! I truly do feel liberated now! I’m so excited about having discovered CN and plan to learn much more for enriching our future!

    God bless all you Spice Girls, and hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!

  2. Hi Cinnamomma,

    I find educating myself on my sexuality extremely helpful and have had to battle the fear that I have been getting my rocks off with mental images and naughty stuff…

    I have been so very blocked up sexually and am still trying to figure out what the h…. was my body’s problem for 23 years of marriage to a gorgeous man and totally in love with me, husband.

    I have noticed that if I don’t pay attention to my sexual nature by stimulating my mind when reading this blog or info. on sexual dance or info. on womenly deliciousness …I begin to wither and go back to not feeling sexual.

    By making sure I get a regular dose of sexually focused info. through this medium or reading books on married sex and such, plus touching my husband deliberately through the day in a sexual playfulness, I keep my fires stoked.

    Much freedom has been my experience through reading and educating my former religiously-frigid state of mind about sex.

    The spice from the spice girls is rubbing off on all of us…whahoo.

    Spice Girls,
    I echo Cinnamomma’s thank you for your ministry. I’ve said thank you before but really….thank you.


  3. DH and I are thankful for you ladies!

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