Monday’s Mission #39

Your mission for this week is a FUN one!  I want you to draw a picture of your husband and label it.  Yes, you read that right.  I want you to draw a nice big picture of your man, and include as much detail as you can.  Then raid your child’s crayons and add some color.  Then, I want you to label the entire picture (as many body parts as you can).  Draw a line to his arms and say:  Nice large biceps to hold me with! Draw another line to his eyes and say something like:  Gorgeous Blue Eyes! Label his lips by writing something like:  The most perfect lips in the world. And I’ll let you decide what you want to say about his um… goodies! 😆

When you finish, place your drawing somewhere that you know he will find it and your kids won’t.  (I would put mine on the top of our toilet lid!)  This should give your husband something to smile about!  It will make him feel good to read all the nice compliments that you labeled his body with.  Now, go get started!

Interview with Covenant Spice

Covenant Spice is one of the sites we have listed in our blogroll. They offer a variety of sexual aids for married couples in a non-threatening atmosphere where you won’t be exposed to pornography. I highly recommend them as a company that offers great products and reasonable prices. I recently asked them if they would be available to answer some questions regarding sex toys and they graciously obliged.

1. What kinds of sex toys are available to couples these days?

There are a few basic categories that cover the vast majority of available items:  vibrators, dual vibrators which are insertable and also have clitoral stimulation, rings, eggs, and novelty shapes.

2. What about toys for men? It seems like so many of the toys are for the woman’s added pleasure, so what are the options for enhancing the man’s pleasure?

In general, women have more difficult achieving orgasm, so much more effort has been placed on meeting their needs.  However, there are a lot of options to help men to.  First of all, the generic “egg” vibrator, when placed on the woman’s clitoris during intercourse, will also provide stimulation to the man.  There are also “cock rings” that have vibrators attached, which benefit both the husband and the wife.  Some men many also want to explore anal stimulation, and there are many options for this, including some that vibrate, and others designed to stimulate the prostate.  Finally, there are several types of “masturbation sleeves” which can be used by the wife on the husband, which is useful for when the husband has needs, and the wife is not in the mood.

3. How should we care for our sex toys?

Most toys can simply be washed off with soap and water.  It is important to keep any wiring and connections dry that are not waterproof.  After the toys are dry it is a good idea to keep them wrapped in a soft cloth.  Some toys will meld to other toys if they come in contact with each other.  Another alternative is a disinfecting toy cleaner spray.  The advantage with these are that the toys never have to leave your bedroom and can be kept from little eyes.

4. What are the top 5 most popular sex toys that are sold at Covenant Spice and what are their features?

The Inner Desire Egg (second item listed) ~ It has multiple speeds and is completely waterproof.  It is easily incorporated during intercourse.
White nights Pleasure kit (bottom of page) ~ This kit has everything a couple needs to get started and comes in an attractive package.  It contains a vibrator, an egg, a pocket rocket and some massage oil.
I-vibe rabbit (top of page) ~ this toy is waterproof, has multiple speeds and functions, and has pleasure beads that add extra stimulation.
Double ring wireless enhancer (towards the bottom of page) ~ This waterproof ring is worn by the man and provides hand free stimulation for both husband and wife.  It has multiple speeds and functions.
Perfect Touch Satisfy Her (middle of page) ~ An inexpensive basic waterproof vibrator.

5. What are some ways to present the idea of incorporating sex toys when a husband or wife is hesitant about it?

It’s not a good idea to surprise your spouse with one of these in an effort to push them into using it.   Talk the issue over ahead of time with out pressure and honor the feelings of your spouse. If you want purchase a toy as a gift for your spouse, we recommend purchasing several romance-oriented products, such as massage oil, romantic games, CDs, etc. and include one simple inexpensive toy such as the Inner Desire egg.

6. Some people are concerned about becoming addicted to or dependent on sex toys. What do you say to these people?

This is a common fear but research has not borne it out.  For women that are already capable of achieving orgasm, the toys just add a new dimension to lovemaking.  Some women find that a vibrator brings them more in tune with their bodies and make them more orgasmic even with out a vibrator. In general a couple will find that they have sex more often. A woman may not feel she has the energy needed to make love on a certain evening but knowing her husband can use a vibrator if necessary is freeing and empowering.   Many women have their first orgasm with a vibrator after years of trying fruitlessly without one, and then as they learn the cues and responses of their body they are able to have one independently.

7. Some men are concerned that his wife will begin to prefer a vibe over his penis. What do you say to these men?

Women tend to be more relational than men.  They want to be “connected” to their husbands.  A cold hard vibrator is no replacement for the intimacy and connection of sex. Men also need to realize that, because it is difficult for a woman to achieve an orgasm, he should be somewhat flexible in his approach, doing whatever he needs to in order to make his wife happy.  Many men though initially hesitant are overjoyed by theirs wives newfound interest in lovemaking when it is equally satisfying for both partners.

Through December, Covenant Spice is offering our readers free shipping when you purchase $25 from their site. Use the coupon code “December” if you wish to take advantage of this promotion. It is recommended that you place your order by December 15 if you want your order by Christmas. Please contact them directly if you have any questions about the products or ordering.

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