Q&A: Nude Beaches and Spas

We received the following email recently:

My husband is not much into nude beaches and spas, but he is fine with me and my best friend going to them.  He was very athletic in his younger days, and with my insecurities back then, I wouldn’t have wanted him nude and I wouldn’t be nude.  Now those insecurities are gone, but he’s older and not much intrigued by it.  My best friend and I go on two trips per year.  Our husbands are the best two men in the world just for that!!!  We often go to spas where most if not all are women, and pools, hot tubs, sun decks are always nude.  Some do have men (couples) and some have lovely nude beaches. We have never been bothered, we have never felt awkward, we have never felt sinful, but from what I’m reading here on this site, we should.  Why?  It’s wonderful. We have come across the occasional “naughty” girls showing too much public affection, but we just pass by and ignore them.

This really isn’t a black and white issue. For certain, I know that there are cultures where public nude bathing is common practice, and has been for centuries. Often the men and women have separate areas for bathing, but not necessarily. I had experiences abroad on several occasions of going to hot springs and spas where it was common and expected that people would bath in the nude. The ones I went to had separate areas for men and women. In that culture, though, the nude bathing had little to do with sexuality even where the men and women were not separated.

However, that is not the case by and large in North America. The one time I went to a clothing optional beach in North American, I can tell you that it was a very different atmosphere. Our culture is highly sexualized and this is a key component in determining whether or not it is appropriate to go to nude beaches, spas and resorts. While we can not control if a man or woman lusts after us being fully clothed, we really are opening up a door for causing a brother or sister to stumble when we participate in nude activities with mixed genders. This Scripture that I reference to in the link speaks to our freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ, but in that freedom comes a responsibility to do what we can to minimize how our actions might cause another person to sin. In our culture, I have a hard time believing that men and women bathing together is not lust-inducing for one or the other.

The other thing I have noticed about some people who have made comments about this issue in defense of it, is that there is an exhibitionist element for many, to one degree or another. I know the person who emailed us didn’t mention this so I am not referring to her, but I have seen many who on the one hand say things like “It’s natural” and “It’s not sexual,” but on the other hand they also express that they feel good about showing their bodies to others. It’s just a very thin line that people need to be careful about.

I am not so concerned about two friends who enjoy going to nude spas in their leisure time, but I do hesitate when there is mention of men and women being nude together. Simply my opinion. I invite you to share yours.


  1. Wow, I can’t believe this is even a topic of discussion. Anyone who has the knowledge of the difference between good and evil (meaning everyone older than 5 years old or so since Adam and Eve) understands that being naked and exposed ot the world is shameful. God COVERED Adam and Eve with animal skins after they sinned, and we are all to cover our bodies in public in that manner.

    If there were no sin in the world things would be different. But let’s face reality– there is a sin nature in each of us, and nudity has the potential to arouse each of us, whether we intend it or not.

  2. The Bible says that our nakedness is our shame and that we are to wear modest apparel. Obviously, when a person is naked in front of others they are not being modest. So I do believe that it is a sin to appear nude in public or around someone other than our spouse or doctor.

  3. I don’t get it. What are the benefits? If you have to question something then you probablly should’nt do it.

  4. I’d suggest at least briefly checking out the story of Noah who was asleep in his tent (drank too much first) when his son walked in and accidentally saw dad in the buff. Was there a problem (apart from the drinking) and if so what was the issue with son accidentally walking in on dad in the buff?

  5. SS & Niki . . . you may never visit here again to read this response, but you fall into the same trap of so many well meaning Christians by making assumptions about modesty and lust that are not Biblical nor accurate. Nakedness is not our shame–look at how the extremist Muslims require the complete covering of God’s creation–who do you think has told them to do that? When Adam and Eve realized they were naked and hid from God, what did He ask them: Who told you you were naked? God commanded Isaiah to walk barefoot and preach naked in public for three years–would God command His prophet to do wrong? The term modest means not calling attention to oneself. If you are the only one clothed among a group of naked people, you are the immodest one. Finally, from experience, we can tell you that nakedness do not lead to nor promote lust. There are many personal benefits to exposing the skin to the sun, the breeze, the water and the lack of judgment by others, but most naked bodies are not very sexy, believe me. Try it for yourself just once and you will see.

  6. JW – God told his Prophet Isaiah to wander naked for 3 years as a prophetic sign to the people that they had shamed themselves. Isaiah 47:3 says “Your nakedness will be exposed and your shame uncovered. I will take vengeance; I will spare no one.” All throughout the book of Isaiah it speaks of nakedness as being a situation that the righteous should try to help others get out of so in my opinion the story you use of Isaiah actually detracts from your argument. There are many other references in the Bible which indicate that nakedness isn’t something to be proud of so to me it is unfair of you to say “you fall into the same trap of so many well meaning Christians by making assumptions about modesty and lust that are not Biblical nor accurate.” There actually seems to be a fair amount of Biblical support for the argument of modesty. And regarding the nakedness of Adam and Eve, it was after sin entered the world that their nakedness became a problem and since sin still exists I have a lot of trouble accepting the arguments I hear so often from people defending group nudity.

  7. Cinnamonsticks, I’m glad you went back to the Bible instead of just making assumptions. My “argument” was that God would not command Isaiah to do something that was wrong. And my reference to the “trap” many fall into is not understanding that “modesty” is not about nudity. It’s about not calling attention to oneself. Exposure is double-sided–it is wrong to purposely exposure oneself to people against their will. Often, however, as you point out, in poverty and illness it is often to be pitied and that is the shame of nakedness. Too many Christians, in the sinful state we all share, attract attention to themselves in many ways that have nothing to do with baring all. In fact, it is by hiding their flaws that they seek attention.

    The body is God’s glorious creation and we should not be “ashamed” of it, per se. If you read the earlier posts by SS & Niki, you find the words “obviously” and “anyone [knows]” and my point is that equating simple, non-sexual nudity in a non-threatening setting with overt sin is NOT “obviously” wrong from any Scriptural standpoint, even though many Christians do “fall” into this “trap”. I could cite many Scriptures to support my position on nudity and perhaps I will at another time, but Christians need to think about where they get these assumptions. Unfortunately, too many of their ideas actually come from satan and God warns about that even in Genesis.

  8. I am alarmed at how you condemn other’s ideas, contrary to your own, as being from satan when there is such large portions of scripture which indicate that nudity is not something to be celebrated (unless we are referring to the marriage bed). Over and over the word refers to nudity as a situation to help people out of. Nudity isn’t wrong altogether, and I never said it was. It’s just that there are situations where it is appropriate and situations where it is not. I think we can both agree on that, but the line between the two looks different for both of us.

    If you disagree with our stance on this that is your prerogative, but it’s unhelpful to the mission of our blog to continue debating this with you.
    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  9. JW – I would indeed be interested to see where the Bible supports public nudity, like you hint that it does, because like cinnamonsticks, any passage I’m familiar with treats nakedness as something shameful.
    I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but I do wonder precisely what scriptures you are thinking of.

    Also when you say that being modest… ‘means not calling attention to oneself’ I believe you are right to some extent, but that in certain settings, it is GOOD to be different, and you can still be modest and humble.
    We shouldn’t call attention to ourselves out of pride (and I have seen unkind unlady like women and girls who wear skirts to be ‘modest’ but do nothing to make me think of Jesus, and sometimes even act in provocative ways that draw attention to their bodies beneath their clothes. I’ve also seen girls and women who wear only skirts, but my attention is drawn to their spirits and their happy faces, because they radiate love), but when we do what God calls us to do and that is WAY different from our surroundings, we’ll draw attention to ourselves naturally, but for the sake of Christ. that isn’t sin. (now, I am not applying this specifically to nudity/clothedness, but to your definition of modesty)

  10. Just a quick comment from a more european perspective i am British and we i guess have a reasonably similar attitude to Americans toward nudity from our upbringings, But for a while now i have lived in eastern europe as a missionary and i would strongly disagree that nudity is for all people shameful and understood as being wrong from childhood.

    Here i have had many a nude sauna with many guys who i don’t know and many i do and gender specific nudity is the norm in the sauna and in the swimming after the sauna.

    Also being naked outside is a great feeling and whilst i don’t go to nudist beaches (which could not be less sexualised here (there is nothing sexy about lots of old naked people sunbathing and swimming)) i have walked through nudist sections of beaches

  11. Just keep in mind a few things your are an example people watch you. Will you risk your witness to make a theological point? If someone lusts after you and you know it could happen, what makes you diffrent than a stripper, or porn model? If it happened and why tempt God does not tempt help men have a single eye to their wives we have enough problem w porn in christianity.In Gods eyes you are a stumbling block and please don’t make a babu christian stumble, these little ones,So if you say its ok in one place how far is it till its ok in tje church? This seems extreme but so was homosexual pastors, sorry but nakedness is for your spouse and that’s it anything further is sinful. Remember in revelation it talks about a woman in one of the churches teaching sexual immorality don’t be like her be holy. I like this website all I have read so far but this section we must not entertain this and allow a foothold for devil and sin it is black and white and she who owns this blog remmember your accountable to God for what comes from here plz be careful but I’m sure you got this, ps the marrige bed is holy and thanks for this site helping married couples. Bye have great day

  12. as you may know from other posts, i actually am not offended by simple topless beaches, as long as it is not done as a fetish or something, and i would not be offended by sunbathing topless or a nude spa etc. per se …

    but …

    i would like to point out something that came up while i was emailing with the site admins … have you considered cell phone cameras these days? back in the day when i was in europe and sunbathing topless was commonplace no one was taking pictures. that is not true today.

    it may not be fair, but it really IS different today. even if you have no intention of being immodest, you really could find your picture splashed all over the internet.

    how would your husband or future husband (or wife) like that?

    i think we have all heard about silly girls having their whole lives ruined because of this, so … my position has somewhat changes because of technology.

    hey, jmo, and food for thought.

  13. Let me begin by saying that this is not directed to any one person or comment on the forum here. It is a general statement concerning the subject of nudity and the Bible.

    I am not a nudist nor have I ever been, but recently I have been studying the subject as it concerns God word and have been challenge by some of the things I am learning, some expressed and others implied (depending on point of view and interpretation). I have been a follower of Messiah for almost 20 years. I am a pastor and am currently pastoring in another country. I am learning that culture matters concerning personal convictions (Rom 14).

    Over the years I have come to realize that there are many things that we believe and stand very firm on that our culture or religious leaders have taught us. While well meaning I have found that some times they are either uniformed or have allowed their own biases or convictions to cloud truth. Many of these things have hurt us as followers of Messiah by putting a yoke on us that neither they nor we can carry. That being said let me present a question: might it not be the same for nudity, whether public bathing or other wise?

    Thank you so much for tackling such great topics. Open dialogue on these subjects and others that you touch on the site are great for helping all of us grapple with what is truth and what is man made.

    In Christ,

  14. Hi Ladies,
    I think I’ve read every post and comment on this site, and this subject seems to be more devisive than any other subject including anal sex. There seems to be alot of scripture quoting in support of arguements in both directions. Unfortunately both sides seem to be twisting or miss-interpreting the word of GOD to suit thier needs, intentionaly or not. I know this site is dedicate to helping us love our husbands to the fullest, and the issue of public nudity only becomes an issue if one considers being naked a sexual act.
    My husband and I are life long nudists and very Christian. We met before I can remember as babies and became best friends as children. We watched each other grow through the awkward teenage years, and yes there were a few embarassing moments(first period,first erection). Fortunately we had Godly and wise parents to guide us thru this time. I believe we have a “oneness” that many of you will never feel , because we understand that nakedness is not our shame, only that unrepentant sin in our life is.
    Spice Girls, Our parents raised us to always question what we believe and be open to the possiblity that there may be alternatives to our enterpretation of the word of GOD. In this light and that many here think nakedness=sex, perhaps a more indepth discussion on the subject taking one scripture at a time in context with the surrounding passages instead of just paraphrasing would be in order.
    My prayer for you all is that you would KNOW GOD and all that he has created and to enjoy his creation the way it was intended ‘ IN THE BEGINNING’. This also would be a great place to start.

  15. Just a few thoughts that come to mind in relation to this discussion:

    1. The children of Israel were taught to shun the wicked and ungodly and idolatrous traditions of their enemies so that their traditions would not pollute their ways of following God in the way he expected them to. The Egyptians had idols but the golden calf was not okay for the Israelites. Incidentally Moses told them God’s laws included not uncovering the nakedness of anyone not your spouse.

    a. Just because attitudes in other countries are different by ‘tradition’ and someone claims they don’t get turned on by heavier, older etc… naked people doesn’t mean it’s God’s will. That is great for the few who don’t feel turned on by it but not everyone can say that honestly. Simple tradition does not trump God’s laws.

    2. Most Biblical references to nakedness are either an injunction to cover ours or not uncover others not our spouse or to give clothing to the poor as a way to show our love of Christ. The other context most frequent is what I would call an example of how transparent man’s wicked actions and our hearts really are to God and how often his children act like the prostitute and defile ourselves with the ungodly ways of the world but before Him we are naked and our secrets will be uncovered.

    3. If God has commanded you like Isaiah to go nude I cannnot say much but; have you also jumped off a ship to see if a whale will swallow you, walked into a den of lions to see if you can survive, stopped cutting your hair to see if you are super strong, walked into a fiery furnace to see if you won’t be burned? If we are going to pick and choose to do the things former prophets did like Isaiah, Jonah, Samson, Daniel and others then where and when do we come up with God’s plan for us in context of his laws and commandments?

    4. As SS said: before Adam and Eve knew they were naked there was no sin in the world, once it was brought into existence and they knew they were naked then God made skins to clothe them. Had nakedness and a sinful nature been an ok combo he would have told them so instead of clothing them. This example is truly enough for me as well as the injuction to not look on another to lust and to not uncover the nakedness of someone not my spouse.

    Someone already uncovered or naked regardless of the setting or tradition is not helping everyone to not have a source of lust and attraction.

    Proverbs 5 in my reading really touches on lust, flirting, adultry and honestly even masturbation. If my wife’s body is to satisfy me at ALL times then satisfying myself without her seems like it’s not God’s way. Like v. 12-13 say I don’t want to despise reproof and disobey my teachers.

  16. ‘Uncovering the nakedness’ of another is a euphemism for ‘have sex with’, just as Adam ‘knew’ Eve and became ‘with child’. It has nothing to do with non-sexual nudity. Christian nudists can still believe in sexual purity. In fact, most average naked bodies are not lust producing–that I know from experience.

  17. Hi All, I would like to start my response to this comment by praising our Lord for being the same yesterday, today, and forever!!! What I’m about to write is my interpretation of scripture and I will humbly accept correction if given pertinent scripture to show my error in thinking.

    In the story of Noah there is much more than meets the eye. In verse 21 Noah’s drunkenness was not the problem because the exhortation to not be drunk with wine doesn’t come till later in the bible, it was a statement of fact. Verse 21 also states Noah was uncovered, not naked in his tent. In Verse 22 we learn that Ham saw the “nakedness of his father”. Why the difference in language between the verses? Why hot just say Noah as naked in his tent? In the Old Testament when referring to “a mans nakedness” in this manner it is referring to his wife. To “see” or “uncover a mans nakedness” was to see or have sex with his wife or both. If one was to read the story with this new understanding, one would see that Ham had sex with his mother or possibly raped her while his father was passed-out drunk, then went and told his brothers. Then Shem and Japheth went and covered their mother in a respectful manner as not to be tempted. So I guess the issue is not that a son saw his dad uncovered, but what the son did to his mother. Think about what would make a grandfather angry enough to make his grandson and his grandsons lineage the slaves of the rest of the family. God did not curse Canaan, it was Noah! Could it be that the mother of Canaan was actually Noah’s wife!

    Genesis 9:21-24 (King James Version)
    21And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.
    22And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.
    23And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness.
    24And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.

    Leviticus 18:8
    The nakedness of thy father’s wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father’s nakedness.

    Leviticus 18:11
    The nakedness of thy father’s wife’s daughter, begotten of thy father, she is thy sister, thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

    Leviticus 18:12
    Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father’s sister: she is thy father’s near kinswoman.

    Leviticus 18:14
    Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father’s brother, thou shalt not approach to his wife: she is thine aunt.

    Leviticus 20:11
    And the man that lieth with his father’s wife hath uncovered his father’s nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.)
    Leviticus 20:17
    And if a man shall take his sister, his father’s daughter, or his mother’s daughter, and see her nakedness, and she see his nakedness; it is a wicked thing; and they shall be cut off in the sight of their people: he hath uncovered his sister’s nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity.)
    Leviticus 20:19
    And thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy mother’s sister, nor of thy father’s sister: for he uncovereth his near kin: they shall bear their iniquity.

    Ezekiel 22:10
    In thee have they discovered their fathers’ nakedness: in thee have they humbled her that was set apart for pollution.

  18. Wow! What a “red herring” of a topic. It sure looks like Satan has succeeded in dividing God’s children once again. Anything that we say or do that even tempts our brothers or sisters to “stumble” should be avoided. Some of you seem to be trying desperately to justify your interpretation of scripture so that you can feel comfortable with the idea of running around naked with other people. Why is this way of life more important than even risking tempting someone to sin in their heart towards you??? You must know that as visual as men and many women are that open nakedness leads to temptation and sin. The example of King David’s lust for a woman taking a bath on a rooftop is enough for me. David murdered her husband (by sending him to the front lines of battle) so that he could have her all to himself…and what became of their child? Don’t go there. We are to flee from sin and to even avoid the appearance of doing evil. As Christians, we are called to a higher standard than those who do not know the Lord and must be a Godly example to those who are lost. I truly believe that public nudity on beaches or at spas is not scriptural…I don’t really care what they do in Europe or on the beach in the Carrib! I can see no godly purpose for it and can’t understand why Christians of all people feel so adamant about doing it. If there is a possibility that any harm could be done then why do it. My prayers are with you.

  19. Oh sister, where do I begin? I’ve prayed daily on how or if I should respond to you since you posted your comment. I pray now it is received in the spirit of love, that which it is given.
    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: “Anything that we say or do that even tempts our brothers or sisters to “stumble” should be avoided.” “I can see no godly purpose for it and can’t understand why Christians of all people feel so adamant about doing it. If there is a possibility that any harm could be done then why do it.”
    If you truly believe what you write, how can you post on this site? Many of the sexual acts promoted on this site, anal sex male or female, oral sex, ejaculating anywhere but in the vagina, and sex toys are clearly considered sinful by some who visit here. I seriously suggest you reread Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8.
    Here is my summary on the “stumbling block” texts of Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8: A person can be caused to stumble by another person doing the freedom in front of them or encouraging them to do something that they believe is wrong. To stumble then, is for a person to sin against their conscience in participating in a freedom they feel is wrong.
    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: “Some of you seem to be trying desperately to justify your interpretation of scripture so that you can feel comfortable with the idea of running around naked with other people.”
    My husband and I have been waiting our whole lives, as did our parents before us for someone to show us in the bible where it says “Thou shall not let others see your nakedness, except your spouse, doctors, nurses, other guys or gals in the locker room at the gym, parents bathing their children, or children bathing their parents when they are old and can no longer do so for themselves. Most just try to apply scripture on modesty which has nothing to do with being naked, or clothing those that have not as a command not to be naked by choice. Of all the scripture that pertains to nakedness only the context of the nakedness is labeled sinful never the nakedness. In fact there is only one verse in the bible that says one way or the other, and our God in his perfection does not contradict himself.
    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: “Why is this way of life more important than even risking tempting someone to sin in their heart towards you??? You must know that as visual as men and many women are that open nakedness leads to temptation and sin”.
    Sister, please look at what you’ve written. Substitute “the female form” for “open nakedness” and you have the very reason Muslims place their women in the bondage of the Burka. We have no control over the desires of another’s heart. This line of reasoning places the sin of lust on the object of desire instead of the sinful heart where it properly belongs. Only God knows the desires of an individual heart.
    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: ” The example of King David’s lust for a woman taking a bath on a rooftop is enough for me. David murdered her husband (by sending him to the front lines of battle) so that he could have her all to himself…and what became of their child? Don’t go there.”
    Bathsheba was in her own court yard doing here ritual cleansing after her period when the peeping tom David saw her from his roof top. It was David’s lust for another mans wife not Bathsheba’s nakedness that caused her husband and child to die. Once again the object of desire is not sinful, but the desire for the object is.

    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: “We are to flee from sin and to even avoid the appearance of doing evil.”
    Once again where does the word of God say nakedness is sin or evil? It clearly states certain acts committed while naked are sinful or evil, but never states that simple nakedness is. Sister, if you can’t look upon the nakedness of Gods perfect creation without committing a sin of the heart, cover your eyes and flee, run to God, for the sin is in you heart not in what you’ve seen God said it himself “they were naked and it was GOOD.
    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: ”As Christians, we are called to a higher standard than those who do not know the Lord and must be a Godly”
    I whole heartedly agree, the higher standard being living a sin free life. If you believe God created us naked in his image, then how much more Godly can you be than to lead a sin free life, naked like it was in the beginning.
    On the day my Lord died on the Cross, my sins were washed away. On the day my Lord died on the Cross the curtain in the Temple, the cloth that was placed between us was destroyed, allowing me to approach the throne of God unashamed and to talk directly to God as EVE did in her perfection. I no longer wear clothing out of shame for a fallen past, only to protect myself from the Cursed Earth which we must share with the unsaved and to satisfy Caesar’s law. On the day I prayed the sinners prayer I was restored to a state of grace, sinless in Gods sight and received everlasting life. Through Christ Jesus I can look upon that which He has created and not sin. Remember all things are possible through Christ Jesus.
    LivingSolomon’sSong wrote: “I truly believe that public nudity on beaches or at spas is not scriptural”
    Dear sister I respect your belief that simple nudity is sinful. I will not try to persuade you otherwise. I will pray that one day you will be strong enough in faith to worship God and fellowship with other believers without the garments of shame.
    Believe it or not, Your sister in Christ

  20. There is nothing essentially wrong with nudity. Adam and Eve were naked and did not know they were naked. Then sin entered the world and with it lust, immorality, perversion… We no longer look at a person of the opposite sex in a pure manner. Yeah, I know some will argue that I am wrong but it is true. If people looked at naked people of the opposite sex in a pure matter and didn’t even realize they were naked because they were so pure the porn industry would be dead. So God made clothes for Adam and Eve. He obviously wanted them covered. No where after that in the Bible does it say that we should abandon what he gave us and be free of clothes.
    I haven’t done a thorough study on it yet, but it does seem that as a society abandons God more and more (or never had it) nudity is considered more and more permissible.

  21. Nudity in itself… is not sinful. God cannot create sin… He establishes what sin is.
    Nudity while bathing or with spouse… therefore is not sinful. Sinful behavior begins when we cross the lines into immoral behavior… fornication, adultry, etc…. Temptations abound on a daily basis. How we handle those temptations is what separates the Christians from the non-Christians. Even Christ was tempted… but He never acted on the temptation. Temptation therefore is not sin… but can lead to sin.
    Drinking wine is not sinful… but getting drunk is. Understanding how much we need Christ through our temptations is a salvation issue, being naked around others is not a salvation issue… whether it is dormatories, locker rooms,etc….
    When I was in middle and high school, I had a fear of showers after gym class. Being naked with other boys seemed… well… so … homosexual. I always saved my showers for home.
    Where Adam and Eve were clothed at the fall, Jesus was stripped naked on the cross… the point at which the fall is reconciled through Christ.
    Being naked, is not the sin… what you do with it… can be.
    If your intent is … sexually immoral behavior… then your are acting against God’s will.

  22. Those who believe that simple nudity by average people in a social or recreational setting will produce lust clearly are making assumptions not based on experience. If you visit a nude beach or resort, you will quickly realize that these are not lust producing environments and that unclothed people with all of their scars and blemishes are not very sexy.

    Clothes are designed to cover flaws. You will likely feel more lust at a shopping mall, upscale restaurant or even at some church functions, where people are dressed to look attractive.

  23. this is just my personal opinion, but i feel that there are certain parts of me that are for my husband’s enjoyment alone. the intimacy we share is sacred and very private and there is something very special about letting him be the only one who gets to enjoy looking at those parts of me. i am his own private garden and the exclusiveness of that only heightens our intimacy together. i’m not trying to tell others how to think, but this is the reason i would never go to a nude spa or beach myself. anything that is given away free has little or no value – if everyone can have it, then it’s not very special. the fact that his eyes are the only eyes that get to see me in that way makes it extremely valuable to him and he has payed the highest price (marriage commitment) to get to see me that way. i’m very valuable and no one deserves to get to enjoy me but him!

  24. I love how you said that. I feel exactly the same way.

  25. That’s exactly the way my fiance feels, and I’m proud to be that special for him! 🙂 270 more days until the wedding… 😀

  26. his babe… nothing more needs to be said on this subject THIS SAYS IT ALL! As a lawyer would say, “This is dead on point.” Well said. What a lucky husband to have such a wise and loving wife. I award 5 chili pepper hearts and a Proverbs 31:11 Distinguished Service Medal.

  27. As a life long nudist, I find this whole concept of one body part being more important or desireable than another rather foriegn to me. For those of us that were raised in the life style or had an “awakening” later in life, we know that parts are parts and that the body as a whole is the temple of God. That to cover one particular part over another only draws attention to those parts and serves only to sexualize those parts. Its kind of funny that those that see nudity as being sexual can’t go without thier clothes, and those that see nakedness as being non-sexual find that its clothing that drives the desire. I pray that some day you will be able to see that nakedness has little to do with sex, that sex is just a vehicle and not required to attain true intimacy and “oneness” of the spirit in your marriage.

  28. Amen!!!! Thanks hisbabe! Way to say it!

  29. I have a different point about nudity. As a happily married Christian man with a conservative view of the world, maybe my view might give a different perspective. There are two primary ways to view women’s bodies. As objects of desire, pro or con and as God’s handiwork. Objects of desire is a long and empty view. Getting free of this perspective is very liberating. When a man can liberate his mind by taking every thought captive, as we are commanded, he can limit his desire to just his wife. This is not done by the power of the flesh. It requires humility to submit to the truth of Scripture.

    A simple starting point is constantly reminding oneself when you see a beautiful and/or attractive woman that God has blessed you with a gift that is not restricted in how you lust for her. It is sort of a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Why want what is not yours when you already has God’s gift.

    When you continue to see beautiful and/or attractive women, look for the hand of God in her creation. Appreciate how God can create such a diversity of women that can each reflect God’s hand. A comparison would be, I don’t need to climb a mountain to enjoy is beauty. I don’t need to experience a physical relationship with a woman to enjoy the beauty of God’s handiwork. In fact, dwelling on the physical relationship spoils the opportunity to appreciate God’s handiwork.

    When one considers the masters’ sculptures of the human form, it becomes obvious how difficult it is for a man to duplicate the beauty that God has created billions of times with just a thought.

    Those who are slaves to lust still must resolve their sin by submitting their sinfulness to God. No attempt at using flesh to overcome the sin of lust will succeed.

  30. One consideration: For some couples, this may be the only way to ensure they will be in an adults-only environment when on vacation without their own children. It seems like today’s culture allows children into nearly anywhere – bars, spas, whatever – and the only way to get a kid-free date with your spouse may be to go somewhere that partial nuditiy is allowed. This is no exaggeration: On a recent getaway that was supposed to be in a romantic, child-free environment, my DH and I could not get away from families anywhere, and all I could think of was, “Heck, why didn’t we just bring our own kids?” Yes, you can stay in your room…but if you want to keep that sexy vibe going, it’s tough when you keep seeing kids (moms can relate, right?). When we found out that our hotel had 3 pools, and one of them was age-restricted because it allowed for women to sunbathe topless, we jumped at the chance. We both agreed that if we saw boobs and it made either of us uncomfortable, we would leave – and guess what? Not a single woman was topless the whole time, even the young single girls who were obviously there to be seen. But anyway, it’s just another way to look at it as we strive to live under grace and not under law (hope I’m not opening a can of worms with that).

  31. for me it’s not about “is it a sin, or is it not a sin”. it’s about is this activity drawing me closer to God and my husband, or does it hinder my relationship with either of them. and personally – for us- this would hinder the exclusiveness and the sacredness of what we share together. we were both virgins when we married and maybe that has something to do with it. my husband is the only man i’ve ever even kissed! i know it’s easy to get desensitized to nudity, especially in this culture we live in today. but we are not desensitized to it, and don’t see any reason to feel bad for that!

  32. All of the CN writers have appreciated the respectful way that everyone has shared their opinions on this topic. As the arguments on both sides are becoming increasingly repetitive, we will not be continuing to approve comments unless they are offering a perspective that has truly not being considered yet.

  33. Why would you bring this upon the person who posted this. In Africa women walk around topless all the time because the breasts are not considered sexual in that culture they do not tempt men there. There are situations that being naked is not a temptation rather the norm. And there are situations to the contrary but the person that runs this site is not god and never pretends to be she just opens up the discussion and gives her opinion and always tells that this is her interpritation of the bible and lets other decide for themselves what they feel is ok or not. I dont like the fact that you are condeming people when that is not what you are here to do thats God’s job leave the judging to him. To god a sin is a sin so in God’s eyes you are just as guilty as the people that do go to these places, the porn stars the strippers, murderers, ect, how can you put these people down knowing that!

  34. How about this thought?

    When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they were in covenant relationship with God. Their sin broke that Covenant; what happened? Were they maybe clothed with Glory beforehand and their sin caused it to fall away? Who knows? I am not going to get into that semantic point here.

    However, Marriage is a covenant; the definition of which is the shedding of blood to seal a bond and promise (i.e. your amorous first night activities). Therefore, there must be a direct correlation between Covenant and nakedness, even if we can’t understand it fully. You see your child naked because there is a covenant between you (your blood is theirs) and there is no shame there.

    Mostly, what need is there to be naked outside your marriage covenant? Going to the doctor and being naked serves a purpose; going to a beach naked serves desire, whatever form it may take.

    I hope this helps!

  35. I know i’m late to the party on this one but there are situations involving nudity that were not talked about here and maybe deserve their own forum.

    For example, what about live theatre, where quick changes back stage are normal (and very un-sexual)? Everyone is professional and focused on their jobs and preparing for the next scene.

    Or how about nudity among sisters? I know many sisters that prepare for events in the same room, help each other zip and button, etc. I even know sisters who sunbathe topless together in the privacy of their own backyards. It seems that the context of the nudity would come in to play.

    I only bring this up because I recently was at a conference with a close friend and another woman. We are pretty modest women, in clothing and attitude, and we were all fine changing in the same room — no major nudity — but needing to change from dress clothes to casual and none of us thought anything of it.

  36. I was recently in a play where multiple changes of costume took place. At one point when I needed to change a man was backstage with me. I didn’t dream of becoming naked in front of him. I could conceal shorts and a short exercise top under both costumes so I did so. He also was turned away at all times and there was a pillar I ducked behind. We are friends and it wasn’t meant to be sexual but I did not want to take any chances of causing my brother to stumble into sin.
    Another costume change was done when the guys were all on stage and it was just women, all Christian. I had no regard for modesty then as I did not have to worry about being a stumbling block to any of them. If I were backstage with someone who had lesbian temptations I would take the same precautions as with a man.
    Just my thoughts and experience.

  37. Having been to nudist camps and clothing optional beaches, I can assure you that they are very different situations. At “clothing optional” beaches, pools, etc the idea is that if you want to show off your body, you can, and others come to look at you. It is a very sexual thing. However, nudist resorts and camps are almost like a completely different culture. I have been to several and there is never anything sexual about them. It is considered shameful for a man to get an erection because it shows that he’s breaking the spirit of the activity. (Most men only get them their first few times out due to nervousness, and they quickly cover up with a towel or leave the area until they calm down.) Experienced nudists never get aroused. I find that going to these places is very freeing and liberating. It’s very nice to engage in social activities for a weekend without having to worry about my clothes, hair, etc, because it really is just about being yourself and being natural. After a little while you forget that you and everyone else around is naked, it’s just very relaxing. Most places only allow men if they are there with a female partner. That’s done to prevent men who just want to take advantage of the chance to see some skin.

  38. I understand this can be a black and white issue for some and grey for others. My husband and I are missionaries in another country. We have taken vacations in places where going topless was the norm. My husband said he would be turned on by me doing it also. We were very certain no one we knew would see us there. Since there were many others doing it we did not feel I would stand out in a sexual or tempting way. I was nervous and shy the first time. My husband was very turned on by it. He could not keep his hands off of me…I did not complain;) I actually prefer to go to topless beaches now if there is that option. I do not like the tan lines and it is more comfortable. We did go one time with another couple. The topic came up about going topless. We chose not to do it that time because the effect it would have on our husbands since we all knew each other.

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