Oversold: The Movie


I recently viewed a short movie titled “Oversold: The Movie” which is about a pastor who goes out to Vegas trying to connect with a step brother but ends up falling for a stripper.  Think of these two professions and how people view a pastor vs. the lifestyle of a stripper.  They are commonly viewed as polar opposites on the lifestyle spectrum.  Does the story line sound familiar?  If it does then the reason could be because it is a modern day version of Hosea.


Joshua’s first interaction with Sophia is not in a club but at a coffee shop.  Surprisingly it was not his urging that made her want to leave that life behind.  She had already made up her mind to no longer strip and try to make it on her own before she ever laid eyes on him.  She realizes that it is easier said then done.  Temptation, disguised as her former boyfriend/pimp, figures out how to real her back to the profession she despises.


This movie touched a personal chord within me because I have a very close friend who happens to be a pastor.  He, like Joshua, has different expectations put on him by society. This movie simply shows that pastors are people too, although the congregation does not see Joshua this way.  Joshua is put on a pedestal and expected to act a certain way and no one expects him to befriend someone of a questionable profession.  I could also identify with Sophia.   I think most of us have felt judged or broken at some point in our lives.   ‘Oversold: The Movie’ is a wonderful portrayal of redemption in a modern time story.  The most important message of the movie is that we all do have other options, even when we feel we don’t.  All of us have probably had a feeling of helplessness at one time or another.  There is hope…..for all of us.  


 The actress who plays Sophia was in the porn industry but she was strong enough to break free. Unfortunately her name still is connected to some pornographic pictures on the Internet so I strongly urge you not to Google her name. You can find some information on her here at xxx.church.com if you are interested in her story. 

Oversold is now available on either DVD or you can download it onto your computer, just click on this link.  Will anyone be receiving an Academy Award for this film?  No, but the message is what makes this movie and Oversold doesn’t drag on and on trying to get the message across.  It’s worth a look!!

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