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I recently viewed a short movie titled “Oversold: The Movie” which is about a pastor who goes out to Vegas trying to connect with a step brother but ends up falling for a stripper.  Think of these two professions and how people view a pastor vs. the lifestyle of a stripper.  They are commonly viewed as polar opposites on the lifestyle spectrum.  Does the story line sound familiar?  If it does then the reason could be because it is a modern day version of Hosea.


Joshua’s first interaction with Sophia is not in a club but at a coffee shop.  Surprisingly it was not his urging that made her want to leave that life behind.  She had already made up her mind to no longer strip and try to make it on her own before she ever laid eyes on him.  She realizes that it is easier said then done.  Temptation, disguised as her former boyfriend/pimp, figures out how to real her back to the profession she despises.


This movie touched a personal chord within me because I have a very close friend who happens to be a pastor.  He, like Joshua, has different expectations put on him by society. This movie simply shows that pastors are people too, although the congregation does not see Joshua this way.  Joshua is put on a pedestal and expected to act a certain way and no one expects him to befriend someone of a questionable profession.  I could also identify with Sophia.   I think most of us have felt judged or broken at some point in our lives.   ‘Oversold: The Movie’ is a wonderful portrayal of redemption in a modern time story.  The most important message of the movie is that we all do have other options, even when we feel we don’t.  All of us have probably had a feeling of helplessness at one time or another.  There is hope…..for all of us.  


 The actress who plays Sophia was in the porn industry but she was strong enough to break free. Unfortunately her name still is connected to some pornographic pictures on the Internet so I strongly urge you not to Google her name. You can find some information on her here at xxx.church.com if you are interested in her story. 

Oversold is now available on either DVD or you can download it onto your computer, just click on this link.  Will anyone be receiving an Academy Award for this film?  No, but the message is what makes this movie and Oversold doesn’t drag on and on trying to get the message across.  It’s worth a look!!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the write up and the support! I hope everyone takes the time to get it and watch it and share it. The message at the end and throughout the film is one for everyone… but esp. those addicted to porn or somehow connected to the sex industry – or… just anyone that thinks their day has passed and there is no more hope or love for them.

    Thanks, Peppermint Girl!

    – David Cowan
    Pastor: elevationchurch.tv

  2. Wow, how awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to talk to my husband about getting a showing going around here…

  3. The concept of pastors going into bars or strip clubs for outreach will never, ever be an acceptable activity simply because scripture encourages saints to avoid evil to encourage a deeper connection with God.

    Less time at the bar or strip club reaching out to sinners = more time with God and growing your resistance to the dark side.

    Everyone knows church is for the morally capable parishioner who is most astute in their establishment of parameters keeping the most sordid of activities at bay.

    Church is for us, the righteous and most correct. And bar and strip clubs for them, the outcast and darkly shadowed.

  4. Church is for us, the righteous and most correct. And bar and strip clubs for them, the outcast and darkly shadowed.

    Your whole post bothers me, but this quote especially. The Church is not for the righteous and most correct. The Church is to be a place of refuge for the hurting and broken. That means that it isn’t going to look like the Church is made up of people who have there act all together. When the Church is doing what we are called to do, it is going to look messy sometimes and while maturity in Christ will show itself by God perfecting the work He started in us, the Church is NOT for us. We, the Church, exist for ministry to unbelievers on the earth.

  5. I agree with Cinnamonsticks. Jesus came to the earth not for all the good people, but to save the LOST. He ate in the homes of sinners, tax collectors and such. Too many Christians think of church as a Country Club. It most definitely is not. When we do this, it makes fulfilling the great commission impossible. My husband and I left a church that we considered highly as a new church home because of this mentality. We were not made to feel like we “fit in”, so we were off to another church where they are SEEKING the lost and bringing them to Christ. The Church is not for us, it is for the unbelievers. Yeah, it may be uncomfortable for us to reach out, but it’s what God wants us to do. If we seek his will, God will protect us from “the dark side” as you call it….but there are people in the dark that need the Light…and sometimes, we need to go where they are.

    That’s what this blog is all about. Sex is one of the most taboo subject in the church. We are being talked about all over the internet. Some people love us for what we are doing…some are mocking us for what we are doing….some think we are going straight to hell for what we are doing….but when you KNOW that God wants you to reach out to someone who needs what you have, then by gosh, YOU GO where he sends you.

  6. Shock and horror…The church is not just for us…the righteous and correct…I totally support what Cinnamonsticks and Spicynutmeg posted in response to Agile Cyborg’s off the wall comment.

    If your opinions had been stated 10 – 20 years ago in this country, a bit more slack might have been afforded you, Agile Cyborg, but it will not fly with the Christians of today’s church. We have been there and done that. Sorry.

    Isn’t there enough pain in the world at large without making those who are not believers in Jesus Christ feel alienated from the very people who have loving answers to life issues.

    I would like to ask you to continue to read everywhere on this site, Agile Cyborg, and try to get a feel for where we are at.

    There is much to learn herein about truly loving relationships between husbands and wives and if we cannot show love in our marriages, what else is there to say as Christians?

    I am saddened to read of the rough time Christian Nymphos is having over the web. Grieves me that we still have so much narrow-minded bigotry, especially in Christian circles.

    Thank you again, Spicegirls, for all that you have opened yourselves up to in discussing the issues you do on this site.

    I have neglected to pray for all of you and from this day forward will support you diligently before the Lord. What a fantastic outreach all of you have created.
    My life will NEVER be the same again because of what I have learnt on this site. I am eternally grateful.

  7. Jesus came to save the sick(sinners) not the healthy(self righteous pharisees like people),the church is made for imperfect people so in Jesus they are made perfect through him alone and not by our own works.Jesus loves all the same and will always go search for the lost and bring them back to his flock.he is merciful and kind and this is when grace comes in.Though we are undeserving,it has been given to those who run to him and it is given FREELY and we love him for he first loved us.ALL can be Jesus beloved and run to the father.

  8. Agile…your post breaks my heart. if no pastor or christfollower at all ever attempted to go into a bar/stripclub out of a calling of his heart, that one person/s who desperately need God may never be reached. scripture does encourage followers of christ to avoid evil and to get a deeper connection with God, but that doesnt mean “at all cost”–that doesnt mean dont bother/deliberatley avoid trying to bring another broken soul with you. they need Christ just as much as you do, in a sinful place (bar/stripclub…) or not.

    church is not merely for the morrally capable and most astute at avoiding “evil”…wow…the church would be empty if that were true.
    you must understand that you should avoid sounding pious and overly righteous in awareness that its inaccuracy will frighten away someone who needs Christ and doesnt fit into the mold you’re portraying.

    Christ himself associated diliberatly with women (who in society of the day were low), prostitutes, tax collectors (again, inappropriate to associate with in that time, even encouraged to hate), and average people–and he SCOLDED the pharassees for being too caught up in “being good” than to really love, which is what each of us as christ followers are to be most conserned about, not whether or not someone else’s sin will soak into us and make God love us less. Christ loves and dies for you just as much as the porn star drug addict or alchoholic.

  9. i feel most connected to the story of Hosea in the bible. i feel very much like his wife, the prostitute.

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