Position #48: Lay Me Down

This is an oral on him position which can move to a variation of 69 quite easily if the couple wants to change things up as they go. To get into position the husband will stand at the side of the bed facing towards the bed and the woman will lay on her back so that her head is right by his legs. The idea is that your husband will be standing by the edge of the bed while you are laying on it facing up and pleasuring him that way.

I had trouble finding an appropriate picture to refer you to and the best one I could find is an animated couple doing it. You can view it here, but be careful about your own sexual temptations as a lot of the information on this site isn’t in line with our view of appropriate sexuality.

When you are in this position you might find that hanging your head over the edge of the bed allows you to angle everything better. You might also find that your husband needs to stand up more or swat down further depending on the height of your bed. If you have a very tall bed, he can probably stand straight up, but if it is shorter he might need to kneel down or squat a bit. The other consideration is that you will need to be able to breath properly so perhaps working out a signal that tells your husband to pull back a bit will be helpful. And feel free to take him out of your mouth and give oral attention to his other parts too.

This position gives your husband full access to all your parts too so that while you pleasure him, he can pleasure you as well, and it’s not bad eye candy for him either.

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  • December 2008
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