Q&A: Orgasm After Hysterectomy?

We received a rather long email recently, asking for information about orgasms after a hysterectomy.  This is the second woman who has asked about this topic, so I’ll attempt to answer these questions from my personal experience since I have had the surgery myself.

“I’ve read opposing responses about how hysterectomies affect orgasms on forums and blogs. Some say their orgasms were very decreased or non-existent after hysterectomy, while others claim their orgasms increased afterwards.

The ones claiming none-or-decreased seemed to go into more detail about how they used to have “full” orgasms (from penetration, not just clitoral stimulation). And many of the claims I’ve seen from the “having more orgasms after hysterectomy” don’t include details about what kind of orgasms they had, so maybe they’re just having the clitoral kinds.  Here are questions I’m hoping you might be able to find answers to:

Did pain prevent you from having orgasms before your hysterectomy?”

I was able to orgasm before my hysterectomy, however, my husband would “bottom out” almost every time and in every position.  The pain that I experienced was from him hitting my cervix every single time.  That pain did get worse towards the end because of my prolapsed uterus.  I could still orgasm, but we had to be more gentle/careful.

“What kinds of orgasms did you have before and after hysterectomy? Clitoral, vaginal/uterine, or the elusive cervix kind (I’ve only had those a few times, they hurt a little while building up, but once they start, the pain disappears, and those orgasms were even better than a perfectly timed clitoral/vaginal orgasm combo!)”

I have never experienced the cervical orgasm.  Before my surgery, when I had a cervix, it always hurt when my husband would bump into it.  It wasn’t pleasurable for me.  (Although I do know women who take pleasure in having their cervix “bumped.”)  I have had clitoral and vaginal orgasms both before and after my surgery.

“If you’re claiming more orgasms after hysterectomy, are those orgasms with the same partner?”

I don’t know if I claim to have more orgasms since my hysterectomy, but they certainly have not declined in frequency.  I am able to have sex without the fear of my husband bumping into my cervix now, so that is a positive.  And yes, I’ve been with the same partner (my husband).

“An expert question: Do you think the reason for changes in orgasmic patterns after hysterectomy are due to the uterus being a part of the whole orgasm thing, or maybe it corrects/changes hormone levels that enable orgasm?”

You know, I’m no expert, so I really don’t know how to answer that.  I did find an informational video that was somewhat interesting about the uterus.  It is by the HERS Foundation.  According to them, the uterus is directly related to orgasms.  Some of the things they say are not in line with what I’ve experienced though.  As an example, it says that almost 80% of women who have had a hysterectomy report a loss of sexual desire.  For me the opposite is true.  I had my sexual awakening AFTER my hysterectomy.  My sex drive is now through the roof.  However, I did not have my ovaries taken out.  I had my uterus, cervix, and tubes removed.  Here is the video if you are interested in watching it:

“It’s been hinted at that I can have a hysterectomy if I want one — I’m mostly past child-bearing age, and I do NOT want to get pregnant. But I don’t really “need” a hysterectomy for medical reasons; I guess I sort of qualify for one, enough so that an ob/gyn could justify it. And I thought about it for a while, because I really don’t want to get pregnant, and might be able to get a tummy-tuck thrown in on the cheap, since insurance would pay for the hyst, minus deductible and OOP for the plastic surgeon. But then I read about women that used to enjoy full orgasms not having them anymore, and on further research found conflicting comments.

Hmmm, as long as my life isn’t threatened with cancer or bleeding that won’t stop, I think I’ll pass, even if I do “sort of” qualify. But I haven’t found what I consider to be good answers to my question, only vague comments that conflict.”

I do not think I would pursue having a hysterectomy without a valid medical reason.  Do I regret having mine?  No, I don’t.  I absolutely love not having a monthly period anymore.  I no longer experience pain from my husband bumping into my cervix, and so far I have not had any adverse effects from it.  But just because my experience has been positive (so far) doesn’t mean that yours will be.  This is a major operation that can not be undone.

“My OB is a good dr, but he’s a man, so not only would I feel extremely uncomfortable discussing this with a man, but I also couldn’t fully trust his opinion since he doesn’t have a uterus. Ideally a female OB that had orgasms before having a hysterectomy could answer these questions, but how on earth do we shop around for an OB that fits those criteria, AND takes our insurance?”

I understand what you are saying.  Maybe some of our women readers out there have also undergone a hysterectomy.   If any of you feel led to answer this woman’s questions from your own personal experience, then please use the comment box below.  It sounds like she would appreciate hearing other women’s experiences, whether they be positive or negative.


  1. I am so glad you wrote on this topic. It gave me a real boost of gratitude to remember.
    My hysterectomy was a the physical turning point for my spiritual and sexual awakening. I had a prolapsed uterus and intercourse after childbirth was never without pain. But I didn’t let on how much sex hurt, because I didn’t want to hurt my husband’s feelings. I even faked orgasms because I knew my sounds of pleasure would bring on his O. Golly Moses, did I have a lot to learn! I’ve come a long way.

    My decision for hysterectomy was prayerfully made over the course of a year. It was a big deal to realize I’d never carry another child. But I decided that the fruit of pleasure and oneness was worth it. I researched medical journals for nerve sparing techniques for hysterectomy surgery. My research showed me that many women who reported loss of pleasure or sensation had a vaginal surgery and ovary removal. I chose to have a bikini line scar just above my mons which is now invisible, and I chose to keep my ovaries. I had my first post surgical orgasm just a few days after surgery. I was still aching from surgery but I was so eager to be sure that everything still worked. It did! (grin) I don’t think I’ve ever been more eager or relieved to have a clitoral orgasm. I was so glad to know my nerves were still intact! 🙂

    Looking back from the perspective of several years after surgery, I will tell you that it is difficult if not impossible to feel one with and bonded to your husband during intercourse when you are sorting laundry in your mind to distract yourself from the pain. Experiencing the pleasure and really “going there” together is a priceless gift, something not to be missed. For me, that took hysterectomy. Both my gspot and clitoral orgasms are WORLDS better after hysterectomy.

  2. refering to orgasms and hysterectomies… I had a vaginal hys. before I was 40. The only problems that I had was tenderness and dryness also deep penitration was uncomfortable for the first six months. Since then (5years ago) and especially in the last couple years sex and orgasms have improved greatly. I can now have multiple orgasms. I don’t regret having my hysterectomy.

  3. I am 32 years old and will be married for 15 years. I do not have any kids as i was told it will be hard to conceive. I have to have a hysterectomy in april due to endometriosis and PCOS. I cannot have an orgasm without manual stimulation but have had one without stimulation once. I don’t know which type of orgasm it was tho. My question is this….Will i be able to have an orgasm the same way after my surgery? and How do you tell the difference between the vaginal and cervix orgasm? Any response would be great

  4. Hi goldwing_gurl. If by “manual stimulation” you mean clitoral stimulation, then yes, you should be able to have those same orgasms after your surgery. That didn’t change for me at all. I think it’s the vaginal or g-spot orgasms that *some* women experience difficulty with afterward.

    I never had a “cervix” orgasm, so I’m not sure what to say about that. My cervix always hurt whenever my husband would bump into it.

  5. well that helps me out sooo much!! Thank you!!!!! :0) Many of us i believe just accept that we can have them and never taught anything about the “O”. I have been looking online for a long time about this and i finally found a site that someone isn’t affraid to answer my questions. I am however worried about my sex drive going down. I don’t have a great one anyways or maybe it’s normal. 1-3 times a month is sufficient to me. But the hubby says otherwise!! It is really great to know that i can ask a question and not be embarrassed to ask.

  6. Making love is awesome after surgery. Actually better than ever. It use to be so painful and is now pure joy. It also helps to have a husband who is patience and whose mission is to please you.

  7. Hey goldwing-gurl, I am 41 years old and had a complete hysterectomy last year. I absolutely love it! I’ve always had a low sex drive, and after my hysterectomy, had none. I told my doctor and he prescribed me testoserone to go with my estrogen. WOW, what a difference! It took about 3 months to kick in, but now I feel things that I never had before. I become aroused much much easier, I think about sex alot! and want it all the time. Now everyday is my husbands birthday. lol. If you loose your sex drive, don’t worry,something can be done.

    I however have a different problem,and I hope someone can help me. Since i’ve always had a low sex drive, i’ve never been able to have an orgasm. Now however, with the hormones, and the use of a vibrater I come extremely close. It will build up and build up which feels extremely pleasurable, but then right when I should be going over the edge, my clitoris will start to hurt and I have to stop. I’m soooo frustrated!! Imagine having to stop everytime you are about to orgasm! I’ve tried to learn how to do it on my own, so that I can tell my husband what I need him to do, and my husband, bless him, is willing to do what ever he has to, no matter how long it takes too. But whether being stimulated by him or by myself, the result is always the same. LIke a switch goes off, I switch from great pleasure, to sudden pain. I’m happy in that, since the testosterone, this is the closest i’ve ever come to having an orgasm and we plan to keep trying 😉 but If anybody knows why this is happening, I would appreciate hearing from you.

    P.S. I would recommend for anybody with a low sex drive to talk to their doctor about testosterone reguardless of whether or not you have had a hysterectomy. I feel like I wasted alot of years and a happier marriage ( not that our marriaged is based on sex, but it has helped bring us even closer than we were before ). With always having a low sex drive, I didn’t want to try much because I knew I would only end up frustrated because I didn’t really feel much. Now, because the feelings are so intense and pleasurable, I want to try everything. My husband can’t believe the change in me. He’s delighted, and TIRED!

  8. Hello my name is Naomi. I am 37 and I just found out I have to have a hysterectomy. I am not too happy about it. My doctor said I have to have it done. He said it was my choice if I wanted a full hysterectomy or a partial one. I am scard of losing my sex drive and my orgasms. I have been so upset about having the surgery done I have lost a lot of sleep. Can you reallly tell me that you have orgasms after the surgery? I have read so many things and I don’t know what to believe. I hope you are right and that I will have my orgasms after the surgery.

  9. Hi o-woesgirl,
    Have been remembering you in prayer as you have come to mind and wondered if you have gotten any replies to your question about not being able to ‘go there’ with an orgasm. Confounds me but I have been thinking of you and am believing that the Lord will bless you with an answer to this frustration. There is nothing more satisfying for a pray-er than to hear an answer to what they present before the Lord so keep us posted ok!

  10. I am 41 and in March 2009 I had a supra-cervical abdominal hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries intact. I have had no children and had a large fibroid and also previously undiagnosed endometriosis. I’d just like to say that since the surgery my orgasms have been absolutely mind-blowingly better than before. In fact my libido lately is going through the roof, much to my husband’s delight! Mind you they have been self-induced as I’ve been just easing myself back into sex. However the intensity is increased, with the sensation going right through my legs. I orgasmed before, but frankly I can’t really label them ‘cervical’ or ‘uterine’ or whatever. Didn’t really take much notice where the sensation was coming from.
    I’ve read so many negative experience stories so didn’t know what to expect. I think it was my positive attitude towards the surgery that helped. I seem to have gained a new lease on life, no longer a prisoner to my periods, which would last over two weeks. Now EVERY day of the month is a good day!
    I did look at the HERS Foundation website, but I found it far too anti-hysterectomy for my liking. I like to keep an open mind on everything.
    I just wanted to let other women know of my positive experience, and that it doesn’t have to be bad at all.

  11. I had a hysterectomy at quite a young age, following great difficulties during my second pregnancy. My doctor gave me a really good booklet about it (UK National Health Service – please take note!) which said that there might be two possible effects
    a) Since procreational sex was no longer possible, I might just lose interest in sex
    b) Since recreational sex could now be enjoyed without any precaution, our sex life might blossom as never before
    My husband and I carefully considered the options, for about 3 seconds, and decided on balance, to go for option b.

  12. I just wanted to share that i can empathize about the clitoral stimulation going from pleasurable to too much! I had a hysterectomy a year ago (at age 35), and have found that i no longer really enjoy having a clitoral orgasm. However, it has encouraged me to be more experimental in trying to achieve a vaginal g-spot orgasm, and i have found that for the first time in my life i am having those types of orgasms instead. so it’s kind of a trade off for me. and I’m enjoying sex much more than i used to (so is dh!) I do wonder what the answer is as to why we are experiencing this kind of pain. (((hugs)))

  13. I just wanted to give my experience here. I had a hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries. My orgasms are drastically changed and not for the better. Instead of being the “Big Bang” thay are more like a blip now, not even worth the effort. It is so sad, but life goes on. On the whole, I really wish I had researched this further. It has been 10 years and this started immediately after the surgery, so I don’t guess it will change. Just a word of caution…

  14. I have been reading about hysterctomy and orgasm. I had a hysterectomy at an early age (no children) and my ovaries where left intact. I have normally had rather low sex drive or maybe it was always fear of getting pregnant ( other medical issues prohibit that) but regardless of the reason…. suddenly after 8 years since the hysterectomy, and of hot flashes and night sweats, , my libido has gone through the roof! Mind you I am NOT complaining , nor is my husband. I am not complaining as i actually am loving this new side to myself ! I always read that hysterectomies willl decrease sex drive. My orgasms (when i had them) where stronger before my surgery. I however am having more of them now.. just not as strong. I was wondering about the use of vibrator during sex with my husband. I noticed some other posts mentioned that. Would this help with stronger orgasms?
    Any suggestions on brands or different types?
    This is a hard topic to bring up so when i saw this this site i was thrilled!
    Thank you

  15. i am impress with the site my question is that i am finding it difficult to have orgasm after my hysterectomy. its 9 weeks now after my surgery and my husband is doing every possible like before but still am not getting any orgasm. please help me.

  16. Your body may need more time to fully heal. You also may need more time to become aroused now or you may need extra lubrication from now own. Even if you produce natural lubrication, adding lube really does help things. It’s possible that maybe you need more direct clitoral stimulation now than you used to need. You and your husband may want to try a vibrator and see what that does for you. And make sure that you are relaxed and not stressed out when you are becoming intimate. If you are worried from the beginning and thinking that it isn’t going to happen, then chances are it won’t 😦

  17. I had a SAH in January 09. I am one year post op now and I wish I wouldn’t have had this surgery. I had fibroids and bleeding, no pain. My sex life use to be wonderful. I would have full body, intense orgasms with uterus contractions and multiple orgasms. I can now count on one hand how many orgasms I have had with clitoral stimulation and they are weak, don’t peak, fizzle out. I don’t have any from penetration at all any more. No fireworks. I have become so depressed about it that I don’t even want to have sex anymore. I pretty much just do it to be close to my hubby. We have tried new positions, lubes, jellies, toys everything and nothing. I have been positive and prayed on it and still nothing. My doctor even put me on estrogen patches because I started having menopause symptoms immediately…that sucks at 39. Not to mention the bladder leaking and joint pain. This is definately not what I expected…my ob/gyn said this surgery would make things better..my new ob/gyn says if my problems were going to get better they would be better within one year because all healing takes place by the first year. I just feel so empty inside and helpless.

  18. I am 36 and had a LAVH (kept my ovaries) on Dec. 21, 2009 for adenomyosis (basically endometriosis of the uterus). I had horribly painful and heavy periods, and sex was incredibly painful. I stayed so tense for fear of my husband hitting my cervix that I couldn’t relax and enjoy it. Also, when we were finished, I would be doubled over in pain for about 20-30 minutes (usually went into the bathroom so as not to worry my husband). We have 5 children so I knew I was done having babies, but I was very worried about the sex after surgery. I also was afraid I would “feel different” to him. Well I was released from my doctor’s care last week, and I can tell you sex is mind blowing. I never knew it could be this good. Not really sure the definition of libido because I always wanted sex to feel close and bonded to him, I just had problems with arousal. Let me tell you, that has gone through the roof as well. I can actually relax and not worry about him bumping the cervix, or how long the cramps would last afterwards. I find it kind of silly when I think back on being worried about the sex changing because for me, it was so painful it wasn’t enjoyable anyway. I feel like a new woman!

  19. I am a very Happy very Blessed lady age 46.
    I had my cervix removed at age 32 due to low grade cancer cells. That was the only treatment. God has Blessed me .A few years later,
    I had a partial hysterectomy .I still have my right ovary. My left was removed endometriosis.and I no longer have menstural cycles. I had a vaginal Laser Leap procedure. Which meant I healed really quick, no cutting or scars. They repaired my bladder and repaired my anal area. Everything had dropped because I had lost alot of weight.
    before surgery , I had a very low libido and sex was painful. After surgery my libido was somewhat slow, but this year it has went through the roof.
    Having the surgery was the best thing I ever did.

  20. God Blessed My DH & I with 1 Handsome Son & A Beautiful Daughter. We have 2 Beautiful granddaughters’s and a Handsome Grandson.
    Be patient, pray, do research on menopause. I did and keep comunication open with your husband. Let him help, my DH is a wonderful man,A Great Husband,A Great Lover . He is A great Dad & GrandFather.

  21. Hello o-woesgirl

    Your post is 14mths old but I’ve just found this sight and read your comment about pain at the point of orgasm. This is something I’ve been experiencing for a few months now. I’ve searched all over the net to find women with the same thing going on but to no avail….until now!! All I seem to read is that the clitoris is sensitive, (I know!) needs correct stimulation to avoid discomfort, (obviously!) plenty of lubrication, (I so know this!) be aware of personal hygiene , (duh!!!) and find other ways for you/partner to avoid direct pressure/stimulation to the clitoris. There’s nothing wrong with the way my clitoris is being touched and have never had a problem with any of the above mentioned things. I’ve always been able to have clitoral orgasms since I was probably 10yrs old!! My problem started about maybe 3-4mths ago. Everything was going great/perfect with self stimulation, doing nothing any different from what I’ve always done, when just as I started to orgasm this dull, deep-rooted pain came into my clitoris. The orgasm worked it’s way through to it’s end (as I’d already reached the point of no return) but it wasn’t pleasant and the pain was quite intense, with a discomfort in the clitoral area lasting a few hours! The next time I masturbated it happened again and was even more painful. I then decided to leave things well alone for a few weeks, but wait for it….. the same thing happened again!! and has gone on like this each and every time I get to the same point of orgasm. I must mention that I’ve never experienced a vaginal orgasm,only clitoral. I’ve always found it pretty easy to reach orgasm on my own but difficult when I’m masturbating with my husband.(That’s probably more psychological than anything and really isn’t a problem) I’m just baffled as to why at my time of life (I’m 46) this awful thing has happened to me and will it ever go away…. I’ve talked to my husband about it now. He’s always been kind and considerate especially as my libido has never been terribly high, and we’ve never had any sexual hang-ups in all the years we’ve been together…but with this, he’s as baffled as me.

    So, o-woesgirl, it’s been a while since your post. Tell me how you’re getting on and I truly hope things are better for you. Tell me about the testosterone …. any side effects?

    I’ve not had a hysterectomy but had something called a LLTZ procedure 17mths ago (small section of cervix removed for testing – normal result!) and 3wks ago had a D&C and a camera to have a look around (a polyp was removed) This problem with my orgasms came about before the D&C but many months after the LLTZ procedure. So doubtful there’s a connection here.

  22. Two years ago, at age 34, I had a complete hysterectomy (they took the uterus and both overies) due to a pretty aggressive case of endometriosis. I think that your libido is bound to be effected by the circumstances leading up to your surgery. I had very difficult, painful periods since I was 14 (20 of my 34 years) where I would vomit and pass out from the pain. In the months prior to my surgery my periods were as painful as my drug-free labor I experienced with the birth of my son. I actually did a little happy-dance when I left the GYN office after being told I needed a hysterectomy. When I felt good our sex life was great, but I often did not feel anything close to good. After the surgery I felt like I could start living life on my terms, not dictated by my cycle. Before everything revolved around that. I did not even feel like I could get a part-time job because I could not be calling in sick every month. I had to see the fear on my little boy’s face when I was curled up in pain unable to get off the couch. After, I was free. I can assure you that did wonderful things for our sex life. No more pain!!! I did a lot of research (I highly recommend http://www.hystersisters.com) and it made all the difference. By reading what other women have exprerienced I was able to prepare for all the little things you just have no way of expecting when you have a surgery. I’ve been on an estrogen patch since the day of the surgery and I’ve experienced very little in the way of menopause symptoms. For me, a hysterectomy gave me back my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat…actually I would do it much sooner! Everyone’s circumstances are different so it may not be right for everybody, but it can definetely improve your quality of life.

  23. I am 47 yrs. old and have 4 children and had a full hysterectomy recently not by choice. My doctor mistreated a simple infection that turned into after 4 months to make me septic and I lost my uterus, ovaries, and cervix. I have been depressed. I am on a hormone replacement compound. I had a high sex drive and I loved the fact that I could have multiple orgasms of all types. Life was good for me. Now I am struggling with have any orgasms. What use to stimulate me no longer is that sensitive and is major work to achieve even pleasure. While I am sexually interested the rest doesn’t seem to follow. I am getting no exclamations points here. I am unhappy for the surgery. I hate my life now.

  24. I had a TAH on September 13th 2010. It is encouraging to hear so many positive things about life after a hysterectomy. For those women who did not have the proceedure by choice I will continue to pray that your lives get better and become fulfilled again.

    Our minds are very powerful weapons and can destroy us if we do not master the negative thoughts and rise above the depression. For those suffering from depression I would suggest talking to people you can trust and praying that God will help you as you walk through this difficult time in your life. The devil wants nothing more than to see marriages destroyed and people lives destroyed and he will use any tactic to make sure his plans come to pass.

  25. I have had 2 endocervical polyps removed after having abnormal cells on my pap smear; I have one they can’t reach, so I am scheduled to see a surgeon. The polyps removed were benign, which leaves the obvious question of where the abnormal cells are coming from?. I am 57, in love with my wonderful husband of many years, and all I have ever had is cervical-uterine orgasms. If they do a hysterectomy, I think my sex life will be over. How can I discuss such a personal issue with a surgeon I don’t know? I trust the doctors I am seeing very much, but I am terrified of having an enjoyable experience end, which would also hurt my husband so much; I am also embarrassed and ashamed to discuss this with a doctor.

  26. It’s been almost two years since your question & I wonder if I should even post this, but I would suggest:
    Put away the vibrator
    Vary the foreplay (manual, oral, penetration)
    To get the clitoral stimulation play with positioning — try to get your clitoris to touch your husband’s stomach during penetratio. This will intensify sensation & keep it more natural, therefor decreasing the risk of over-stimulation.

  27. I have *always* found a vibrator to be a distractor and a hindrance. just my personal opinion

  28. i just got on this website and read your letter…this is happening to me right now and no one knows how to help me…after the surgery i seemed to be fine..no uterine orgasm but vaginal and other wise,fine…i would get up the mountain and there would be a ‘resolution’..now it seems like my orgasms have disappeared…it takes forever to get halfway up the mountain and the orgasm never comes afterwards which i feel sick to my stomach and my heart beats like its coming out of my chest…i am depressed and halfway suicidal about this…i am scared i will never be the same…i understand your pain, i really do…did you ever get better?

  29. My menopause symptoms corrected. My outlook has changed through prayer. I think I have just accepted that this is what my life is. I enjoy the closeness with my hubby and if something happens fine and if not then not. My clitoris orgasms have become stronger but the the feelings from inside and penetration are pretty much unchanged. I have managed a few orgasms from my hubby using his fingers and going way up in there touching and twisting his fingers but I pay for it later because his fingers are huge and I have had discomfort and bleeding. It is kinda not worth it. For one I want to orgasm with him inside me , the pain and bleeding afterwards is a turn off, and I can’t orgasm every time he does this anyway. We don’t have sex as often anymore but we have put our focus on other types of intimacy and activities. Good luck to you. It is not worth ending you life. Find someone to talk to. Keep trying especially if you are early on in recovery. I will be praying for you Lucy!

  30. Mary, you should never be embarrassed or ashamed to ask your dr/surgeons anything. That’s why they are in their field. I’m sure you’re not the first to ask these types of questions, and you certainly won’t be the last.

    Your health and your happiness are what concerns you. Muster up the strength and ask those questions. You’ll be proud of yourself for doing so and you’ll get the answers you need to make informed decisions about your body. Good luck.

  31. I am seven days postop from total hysterectomy (uterus/cervix) performed robotically. Four days postop I was back on my treadmill, driving and back to work. I had no idea sexual dysfunction could be a side effect of hysterectomy until reading more about it after mine was completed. I knew a lubricant might be needed, but that inconvenience was a small price to pay for getting rid of the pain with intercourse – the pain you described above. My doctor believed my issue was also adenomyosis. Your attitude was the same as mine – I was concerned whether or not I was making the right choice, but sex was so painful I avoided it and that was just not fair to my husband. Your post is inspiring to me and has alleviated the fear that was building up from reading so many negative responses to hysterectomy. Thank you.

  32. I want to add a final note here about the HERS site since it was mentioned in at least one post. One person stated that the site was too anti-hysterectomy for her liking. She is, of course, entitled to her opinion as we all are. I’m not especially a fan of the site or of the person who owns the site. Having said that…. the site is not just an opinion site and/or blog. Much of what is stated on the HERS site is fact; medical fact. The site explains how the female anatomy works and what happens when it is removed. I have been researching the consequences of hysterectomy for over four years now. I have found much of the factual information on the HERS site to be accurate; whether I like it or not. Hysterectomy is not natural for the female body. Our bodies were not meant to be taken apart at any age. Our six female sex organs are there for many reasons. God never intended for women to live in a ‘de-sexed state’. He purposely created woman. God put the womb in women and he put it there for a reason. Why are gynecologists so anxious to remove it to the tune of over half a million women each year in the U.S? Gynecologists are surgeons. That is what they do. They have no way to earn their pay other than delivering babies and performing hysterectomies…. just something to think about. Hysterectomy, by definition, is a destructive surgery. There are many alternatives to hysterectomy that will allow a woman’s sex organs to remain ‘intact’. I would encourage any woman who is thinking about allowing a doctor to amputate her God-given sex organs to seek out a doctor willing to talk about alternatives and saving those organs.

  33. Reading these comments and questions have made me feel alot better. I am going through surgery in @ 1week and I was terrified about my orgasms. I love them and I want to continue to have those…alot!!! LOL!!!

  34. I have bleeding 5 weeks out of 6 nd have just been told I need hysterectomy. My only concern is that I have strong orgasms where I am sure that I feel my uterus contracting, and I’m worried that I wont enjoy sex as much afterwrds. I’m lucky that my husband obtains most of his sexual pleasure from giving me pleasure, I’m just worried it wont be the sme for us afterwards esp as I dont experiance ‘clitoral’ orgasms.

    The (male) doctor wouldnt answer my questions so I decided to google. your page was the first link. As a christian woman, married 16 years this friday I will be exploring your page, I never imgined there ws such thing.

  35. i have recently had a hysterectomy but ovaries were retained along with cervix… once pre op hormone treatment was out of the body (if you are on any to shrink womb prior to op’)… my sex dry was increased… it was good before, but it’s even better now … i can’t talk for women who have had their ovaries and/or cervix removed but having had just the womb removed, i confirm that my orgasms and sex drive are not in any way decreased, if anything, increased…good luck to any woman undergoing this surgery..

  36. Ug, I am so worried now. Before I came to this site I was YES get it out. I have very bad periods and cramps twice monthly. So bad I can do nothing else for those three days and my family suffers almost as much as I lol.
    I love having sex with my husband. He hits my cervix all the time and I experience vaginal and clitoral orgasms. I love the double whammy and if I can’t have that after having my uterus and cervix removed I may just cry.
    I love the feeling of having him up in there rubbing it but I worry that perhaps if I lose my cervix I wont have that feeling. My GYN, a man, said it shouldn’t decrease the feeling of vaginal orgasms as that isn’t part of the uterus but huh? I hear it is now?
    Ok…so very upset and scared. I am getting it done, nothing going to stop me there but I certainly will just cry if I lose the two in one. Pray for me *pouts*

  37. Well, I am scheduled for surgery in January of 2012, and my fiancee’ is indeed concerned not only about my sexual fulfillment after, but 2gether we both are equally concerned about my overall health, more than…
    And I guess what I’m saying ladies is this, “that we women have to have a really strong belief that The Creator, is all knowing and that HE designed our bodies to be healthy and strong for life more than for fulfillment. So let your focus be on gratefulness that we can actually live through such a surgery, and also be happy knowing that although it is said that this type of surgery can diminish our hopes of fulfillment that because we truly love and are loved in the very same way, that that love can combat every fear that tries to raise its ugly head against us and our relationships to our husbands or respective partners.” Thank God!

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