Position #52: The Honeycomb

This is an oral sex position that is sure to please!  And from the title I bet you can guess who will be getting the most pleasure here.  Wives, this one is for you!

To get into position the husband will lay down on his back on the bed.  He then needs to let his head hang just off the edge.  The wife then walks up to the bed and straddles her husband’s face.  He pleasures her orally while she stands.  She can lean over and hold on to the bed or his body to keep her balance.

This is one position where having a lower bed is probably best.  If your bed is on bed risers then the wife may need to stand on small stools in order to accomplish this one.  Get creative and see what other furniture you have in your house that would accommodate this position!

Pros: Wives have some power here, as they are able to move and add pressure as needed.  Husbands may like the eye candy.

Cons: Some women are uncomfortable or unable to orgasm standing up.  Make sure that the husband has adequate ventilation for breathing!


  1. Sounds great…
    Although for us women who find if hard to orgasm standing up do you have any ideas to move past this?
    I know I CAN orgasm whilst standing ( I have done on my own) but when m/l with DH I have never really felt able to.
    Anyone have any suggestions as to how to help make this happen?

  2. well i think this is the first position on here that i won’t even try!! i can orgasm standing up, but when they happen, they are rather violent..and while it DOES shows how wild & crazy the sex is if your husband can get whiplash from it, i think he’d prefer a full range of motion in his neck… :)haha

  3. My husband sent this to me – he loves a challenge and especially loves OS – our bed is high, so we definitely need some stools – thanks for the ideas!

  4. illiciumverum~ You may have already tried this but have your husband stimulate you laying down just to the brink of climax, then standing up and get into this position. Another thing that may help is to grab a headboard or something sturdy for support. That way you can focus on the sensations and not worry about suffocating him. 🙂

  5. I’m definitely going to try this one! I can orgasm standing up when I’m alone, but I haven’t really done it with him. My legs tend to get really weak when I’m getting close and/or having my orgasm, but thats manageable with a little willpower to remain upright. I wonder..do guys get the whole shaky legs problem too, or is it a “girl thing”?

  6. I get the whole “shaky leg” thing too, and if I orgasm standing up then my legs give out on me and I almost collapse. My husband on the other hand seems to have no problems whatsoever standing. In fact, he prefers standing positions and loves to finish that way.

  7. I totally know what you’re saying.I love to orgasm standing up, but pay for it the next day, my thighs are sore! What a price we pay for wild sex 🙂

  8. I Love Love this position lately… we tried it for the first time last friday and omg the pleasure of having an orgasm standing is sooo much more intense for me than when i am laying down. not to mention my husband went crazy when i orgasmed because i left a big puddle on the floor. i found it was easier for me to rest my hands on his chest at least while I had the orgasm.

    As for the shaky legs mine will shake everytime i have an orgasm no matter if i have FE or just a regular orgasm so i am right there with you.


  9. Oh my goodness, I really want to try this one, it sounds awesome. My husband loves giving me oral and he would love this . I am a little shy about it so I am going to send him this. I have to get the kids in bed early tonight (and be sure to shut the windows so I don’t wake the neighbors)! LOL

  10. This position just drives me crazy I wonder if its because when your standing you have more sensations down there? My husband and I almost always get into this position or any standing position at least once during sex. I always like to finish in a standing position because of the orgasms are much stronger while standing.

    Is anyone else the same way?

    Also not sure but I can ejacuate easier stanbding as well I always thought it would be harder standing but its defintly not.

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