Monday’s Mission #44

Your mission this week is to ask your husband to take you for a drive out to a quiet spot to watch the stars, somewhere secluded. On your way, once you leave the common streets, unbutton or remove your top and give him a little something to look forward to when you arrive at your destination. Kudos to you if you find a private enough spot to enjoy some car sex when you get there. Have fun with whatever you can work in. Apart from the sensual possibilities, you may also find that these drives are a good chance to connect conversationally. I really mean that. 🙂


  1. I love car rides….especially if they’re a little on the long side and at night.
    I find you’re held captive in a way – just the two of you with nothing else in the way (radio is off or very lightly playing in the background, cell phones left at home if possible) and it provides great time to just talk about stuff and carress while he drives. My DH likes to have his hair played with. Touch is my love language so for me it’s great – he rests one of his hands on my thighs while he drives and I get to play with him and it gets him relaxed. When he’s relaxed, he tends to talk more about dreams and plans for the future and stuff like that :o)
    Needless to say when we’re out in the dark roads near the beach, it’s very quiet and secluded…makes for a very romantic and sensual time away. We’re only about 30-45 minutes away from the secluded beaches so it’s a nice enough drive. We’re 20 minutes away from the ‘busy beaches’ but that’s no fun – way too much activity and lights going on!!!!

    I like this Monday’s Mission….very much!

  2. I really like this Monday’s Mission also, and so does my DH.

    This is really good for those of us who live in rural areas. An night, no one can see in your car very easily without street lights. It can be a lot of fun, but be careful not to disctract him too much from driving!

  3. “Kudos to you if you find a private enough spot to enjoy some car sex when you get there.”

    I guess my husband and I don’t know what “private enough” means… we tried this once, but were interrupted by a cop with a flashlight! Luckily, he found the situation humorous, especially after he figured out that we were married. Completely embarrassing, but now we can laugh about our adventures… and misadventures. 🙂

    Anyway, I love the idea of going for a drive… I think I will suggest this very soon!

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