Position #53: Spin Cycle



Today’s position of the week is a fun one.  It adds excitement to a mundane chore and I am all for making household chores more exciting.  You will need to have access to a private washing machine and an open mind for some good clean fun!!

To get into position simply face the washing machine and lean over the top.  When the washer is on spin cycle it throws off some fantastic vibrations.  If it is off balance the vibrations are even stronger.   Bending over at the waist allows your genitals to feel the vibrations, increasing the blood flow to that area.  Have your husband enter from behind.  If he is taller then you try using a step or something solid to stand on.  The vibrations will help you go over the top and he should be able to feel the vibrations from the washing machine through you.   Or you can sit on top while he performs oral on you.  Scoot to the end and rest the bottoms of your feet on his shoulders.

Pro: ~ No need to hold any vibrators in place.
       ~Vibrations can be enjoyed by both of you.

Con: ~A washing machine that is off balance makes a lot of noise.  Make sure no one is around to “run to the rescue” to fix it.

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