Three Passions Gifts

We wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about the newest addition to our blogroll at the right.  Three Passions Gifts is a small business started by a husband and wife team.  They decided they were going to create a “marriage-friendly” lingerie store, where couples could shop for lingerie without worrying about scantly clad models.  You can read more about them here.

You will not find pornographic materials or live models on their site.  Instead, they put their lingerie on mannequins.  They have size charts, gift certificates, and even offer a men’s collection!  I was just over there and noticed a nice selection of discontinued items at good prices.  They also carry a Kama Sutra line with massage oils, powders, and lubes.

So if you are looking for something for Valentine’s Day coming up, then go check them out!  They offer telephone assistance for those of you needing ordering or sizing help.

The CN Positions Page!

We are thrilled to be announcing the unveiling of our new POSITIONS PAGE! We have been working on it behind the scenes for a while now, and had planned on publishing it at a later date. However, due to emails we have received asking about a complete listing, we have decided to go ahead and publish it now.

On this page you will see every “Position of the Week” that we have had thus far. You will also notice that we have them placed in one of five categories:

1.  The tame positions are easy and relaxed.

2.  The erotic positions are a little more involved.

3.  The acrobatic positions are those that we think are more difficult to achieve by most people. 

4. Outer Course positions include non-penetrative and breast sex positions.  

5. Oral sex positions are clearly visible by the pink icon.

*If it is a position where face-to-face kissing can happen, then you will see a small red heart.

We will continue to update this page weekly by adding the newest “Position of the Week” to the list. In the future we may even be able to have sub-pages for each category. We do realize that eventually we will run out of positions to feature on Fridays, but for now we are still going strong and having a blast with it! We hope this new page makes things easier for everyone.

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