Book Review: Christian Sex Ethics

ThePureBed has a set of electronic booklets available for download at their site.  Their latest (and fourth in their series) is called Christian Sex Ethics.  While the others are available at a low cost, they have released this one FREE for download.  I recently downloaded and printed it out to read.

This is a very well put together booklet.  It is not just a list of things that are allowed or not allowed in the marriage bed.  Rather, it is written to provide biblical teachings for how a Christian should approach sexual issues.  It discusses sexual attitudes, preferences, and of course, God’s word.

Christian Sex Ethics does a great job of listing the sexual prohibitions as outlined by the bible. They also list scripture references for each sin.  These are the same things that we have written about before on our blog.  Then they take it one step further and list a set of five basic principles that they believe should help us with our sexual attitude and practice.  Again, these five things are found in some way, shape, or form, in different places here on Christian Nymphos, but they tie them all up in a tidy booklet!

Also found within this 25 page booklet are two separate worksheets for the husband and wife to print out and do separately.  Then they are able to come together and discuss the results.  This is especially great for couples who have a hard time communicating about sexual topics.

The thing I really like best about this booklet is the fact that it isn’t a long read.  It packs a lot of biblically sound information into 25 pages and even has an index at the end.  I can see how this would be a wonderful tool for people who don’t like to read long in-depth books.  If you get a chance, I encourage you to visit ThePureBed and download your free copy soon.  Read it alone, or better yet, with your spouse.

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