Position #54: The Wounded Knee

I call this position The Wounded Knee simply because afterwards your knees may be sore!  To get into position both spouses are going to kneel on their knees facing each other in the floor.  Then, the husband will raise one leg up and place his foot flat on the floor in front of him, as seen in this picture.

The wife will then scoot up to the husband and they will be able to penetrate this way, on their knees.  If the wife needs to, then she can also raise one leg up to help her keep her balance.  She can wrap her hands around her husband’s bottom to help with thrusting.

Pros: This is a perfect face-to-face position for kissing! The husband is also able to caress his wife’s rear and breasts.  What a nice position to try in front of a fire.

Cons: You are sure to get sore knees out of this one!  This position may not be attainable for couples who have a large height difference.

Tip: To help with the knee problem, try putting pillows under you both or using an exercise mat.  You could also try this one on your mattress if you chose to.


  1. I would love to try something like this . . . but every time we try a new position that doesn’t work right away my husband blames it on the fact that his “Mr. Glad” is too short.

    He wants to try new positions but his self image and confidence get lower all because he thinks the reason it won’t work *right away* is because his penis isn’t long enough. Which then leads to other issues–he comes too early or not at all–because he is too nervous or down on himself.

    First, is there really that much difference in erect penises sizes that would keep a couple from doing most of the various positions??

    And, second, if not, then any suggestions in how I can convince him it’s not him and to keep trying with me? My word alone isn’t working. And, if so, then do you have any creative positions to build confidence in a man who believes he’s on the short end of the stick?

  2. davidandme,
    Penises do come in different shapes and sizes, but yes, there is an average size. The truth is that some positions are just difficult to do or difficult to maintain for various reasons. Just last night my husband and I tried another new one for us, and we laughed because we couldn’t maintain penetration either. You raise a lot of issues and concerns that might be better addressed in a separate article. As far as positions go, yes there are some positions that do help to build confidence in men. Let me compile a list and get back to you.

  3. Thank you. I’d really appreciate that!! 🙂

  4. Okay, check out: Positions To Boost Confidence

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