Position #56: The Push Up

This position is a fun one to try, if you dare!  To start off with the wife will lie down on the bed on her tummy, with her head facing the side or foot of the bed.  Then she needs to scoot up until her head, arms, shoulders, and breasts are off the bed, and she is helping to support her weight with her hands on the floor.  Her tummy, hips, legs, and feet should all still be on the bed.

The husband then assumes the same exact position on top of her, with his arms supporting his weight on the floor and the rest of his body still on the bed.  He can then penetrate and start thrusting.  His chest should be on his wife’s back.  They will both be in a “push up” position, with their lower bodies on the bed and upper bodies hanging off the side of the bed.

Pros: The wife’s breasts are not squished from lying flat on the bed!

Cons: If you have bed risers, this position will not work for you because the angle will be too great.  This position has the potential to send more blood to your head and could cause dizziness if you are prone to that.

Tip: If you are having difficulty with this one, then try putting a yoga ball or exercise ball under the wife’s head.  She can use the ball to help hold her weight up and may be able to relax more without having to hold herself up on her hands.

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  1. Wow, that one looks hard! 🙂

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