Monday’s Mission #47

Your mission this week is to think about how you speak about your husband to others. Are you respectful in how you speak of him? Do you honor him with your speech? Do you tell others the things he does that make you happy or show love to you? Or do you take opportunities to complain about him? To join in “husband bashing?” To speak negatively about marriage or your relationship? I am not suggesting that if you are experiencing marriage problems that you pretend everything is sweet and pleasant. Just that you guard how you speak of your husband. Keep the mind of Christ and let your words be filled with grace. There is great power in transforming cursing into blessing, and hearing words of honor is a beautiful thing.


  1. As a S.A.H.M. the people I talk to the most are my children.

    They hear ALL that I have to say about their Dad…upper case ‘D’ intended.

    If I don’t build him up to them, what will they ultimately think of themselves, as young men and women, if their own mother “disses” the most important male image in their lives.

    A huge responsibility lies upon our shoulders, as the primary woman in our families, to do good by our men.

    I have long ago cut off gossips and husband bashers from my circle of woman associates.

    My daughters have learnt how to talk well of the men in their lives. Needless to say, we have REALLY masculine men in our family who truly respect their women.

    Prov. 31 living in real time.

  2. This was actually the topic of our Sunday School lesson this past week…TUFTS…speak with truthful, uplifting, forgiving, thankful, and scriptural words (with the focus being on what we say TO our spouse and ABOUT our spouse).

    Funny how that’s come up more than once now…hmmm…….

  3. Wow, I was just scrolling through these older missions, and Thank You for this one!!! This should be an Every Single Day Mission! I’ve heard way too many women speak poorly of their husbands and it makes me so so sad. Would we want our husbands to speak poorly of us when we are not around? Of course not, it would be humiliating and heart breaking! This is the love of my life, and I want others to know that, even if he’s not perfect.
    Thank you for this reminder! I think it is so important to take a moment to think about what I say to others about this wonderful man the Lord has given me!

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