Q&A: Male ‘Enhancements’

“I was wondering if you have any information on male enhancements such as penis enlargement patches and pills. My husband would like to have a larger penis to be able to satisfy me better. These websites claim to enlarge the penis by as much as 3 inches within the first couple of months and they claim to give permanent results. I have never heard of these patches and such till now and was wondering if there are any reviews on them or people who have used them and have been successful?”

Let me just say right from the get go that I have never heard of any of these “enhancements” actually working.  They are basically rip-offs.  I had a girlfriend to ask me about this same topic years ago and we even went to a GNC and asked the guys behind the counter about it.  They told us upfront that those silly commercials that claim to give you up to three more inches are bogus.  They did say, however, that there are pills that increase blood flow to the penis, therefore helping it maintain a firmer erection.  Of course this is true of Viagra, Cialis and other drugs.  But a man can no more grow a couple extra inches of penis than he can add a few inches of leg.

I have to wonder why your husband thinks that he isn’t enough for you.  You say he wants to be able to satisfy you better, but how do you feel about that?  There is a huge misconception out there that a longer/larger penis will equal a more satisfied wife.  What a crazy thing to think!  Woman to woman let me tell you that adding a couple of inches is not what will satisfy you.  The main nerve endings that give us sexual pleasure are found in the clitoris and labia, and then a couple inches inside around the g-spot.  After that there really aren’t many nerve endings deep inside the vagina.

If you truly are unsatisfied in your marriage bed, then you can start to rectify the situation by communicating to your husband the things that you need from him.  He needs you to tell him what you like and what feels good to you.  Think about trying some new sexual techniques or toys with each other or trying some new positions.   And if you are already satisfied, then girl you need to tell him so!  Reassure and affirm him!  Don’t allow him to continue to worry about his size and wonder about enhancement pills!

Save your money.  Don’t buy into ridiculous gimmicks that do nothing more than to perpetuate the lie that “bigger is better.”

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