Q&A: Male ‘Enhancements’

“I was wondering if you have any information on male enhancements such as penis enlargement patches and pills. My husband would like to have a larger penis to be able to satisfy me better. These websites claim to enlarge the penis by as much as 3 inches within the first couple of months and they claim to give permanent results. I have never heard of these patches and such till now and was wondering if there are any reviews on them or people who have used them and have been successful?”

Let me just say right from the get go that I have never heard of any of these “enhancements” actually working.  They are basically rip-offs.  I had a girlfriend to ask me about this same topic years ago and we even went to a GNC and asked the guys behind the counter about it.  They told us upfront that those silly commercials that claim to give you up to three more inches are bogus.  They did say, however, that there are pills that increase blood flow to the penis, therefore helping it maintain a firmer erection.  Of course this is true of Viagra, Cialis and other drugs.  But a man can no more grow a couple extra inches of penis than he can add a few inches of leg.

I have to wonder why your husband thinks that he isn’t enough for you.  You say he wants to be able to satisfy you better, but how do you feel about that?  There is a huge misconception out there that a longer/larger penis will equal a more satisfied wife.  What a crazy thing to think!  Woman to woman let me tell you that adding a couple of inches is not what will satisfy you.  The main nerve endings that give us sexual pleasure are found in the clitoris and labia, and then a couple inches inside around the g-spot.  After that there really aren’t many nerve endings deep inside the vagina.

If you truly are unsatisfied in your marriage bed, then you can start to rectify the situation by communicating to your husband the things that you need from him.  He needs you to tell him what you like and what feels good to you.  Think about trying some new sexual techniques or toys with each other or trying some new positions.   And if you are already satisfied, then girl you need to tell him so!  Reassure and affirm him!  Don’t allow him to continue to worry about his size and wonder about enhancement pills!

Save your money.  Don’t buy into ridiculous gimmicks that do nothing more than to perpetuate the lie that “bigger is better.”

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  1. For some strange reason I feel the need to take first swing at this. Although I have never taken such supplements for male enhancement, I find it comical viewing the late night infomercials that tout the claims. I believe the marketing ploy with these supplements is nothing more than a play on the male insecurity. The size of my parts does not make me. It is what is inside that counts the most. ( I know some reading this might be laughing and saying ” he probably has a small one and is trying to come to terms with it” ) From what I have read and asked doctors, the products do not work. No one has taken them ( the manufacturers) to task on their claims. Afterall, would a guy with a perception of a small penis take this stuff then find out it didnt work and then sue the manufacturer? I dont think so. The manufacturers have the purchasers backed into a corner with this. From what I have read about a womans’ preference for penis size, it doesnt matter as long it is their husbands. Men, we must let go of that insecurity about the size of things. However, women can be just as guilty of size matters with their views of breast size. Whether or not my wife has larger breasts or no breasts at all, she is my wife and she is what I love, not her parts. JMO

  2. This article reminds me so much of Psalm 139. Dear ones, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. God chose to form us exactly as we are today while we were still in our mother’s womb. He knew us before the beginning of time. God made you, and remember in Genesis 1:31 it says “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.” This was the only verse in which the things he created weren’t just “good”, but “very good. ” I agree with Cumin…. I hope that if this troubles your marriage beds, that you can be open to communicate with each ways to make things better and more pleasurable for both of you.

  3. Is there’s a difference between insecurity and wanting to give your wife more pleasure? I believe so. Being of average endowment I would like to give my wife a different sensation with toys that enhance my size. She doesn’t NEED it, its just another option in our bed. I used a silicone girth and length enhancement toy and my wife enjoyed it. I think she is careful not to imply I am too small. She just enjoyed a different sensation.

    We can well agree that size doesn’t matter. But, given a choice of a husband two inches smaller or two inches bigger than average I suspect most wives would select larger. Do they NEED it. NO, of course not. Would they prefer it, SURE.

    I believe the question of size is muddied because BIG isn’t required for satisfaction. However, in most your evaluations of positions, the advantage usually includes DEEPER penetration. Isn’t that implying a bigger penis is better? Yes, in my opinion it does. Not required , just better.

    What do wives say. Bigger is better but not required? Of course this would not mean you prefer previous lovers/husbands who were larger than DH. would you prefer husband above or below average. I would like to see an honest response.

    Just some thoughts from a happy husband.

  4. I can only say what is true for me and for me bigger would not be better. What I like about deep penetration is that all of him is in me, not that it reaches farther. Does that make sense?

    The biggest problem with having a husband that was 2 inches smaller than average would be dealing with any of his own issues he might have. To forever be trying to convince him that he is enough. That would get really old for me. The same is true for women who are insecure about some part of their body. It really detracts from intimacy. Far more than the presence of an “imperfect” body part.

  5. cinnamon, great feedback. Us guys are driven to please our DW’s and your insight is valuable.
    Thanks for your service.

  6. “However, in most your evaluations of positions, the advantage usually includes DEEPER penetration. Isn’t that implying a bigger penis is better?”

    Not necessarily. We know that men love positions that enable them to bury themselves deeply. Many times our weekly position lists that as an advantage for the husband’s sake 🙂

  7. Your insight into men is on target. Plunging fully is not only physically pleasing but more importantly it feels more intimate. Been married 28 years and you pointed out something to me that I hadn’t realized. It gets back to the basics.
    It’s the intimacy, not the physical act. Thank you ladies for boldly serving our Christian family.

  8. So much of discussion of “technique” and so on can be difficult because our heart’s desire is to be loving towards our partner and to NOT get focused on merely physical matters but as a practical matter we end up needing to discuss techniques and technical issues, and attraction between a male and female is still part of the puzzle in there somewhere in even the most spiritual Christian marriage (isn’t it?). Who wouldn’t be a tiny bit disappointed if our spouse said Honey, I love you but I’m not the least bit sexually attracted by you.?

    Well, I might have agreed with the idea that size doesn’t matter and it is generally just a heart issue and guys please stop worrying about it.

    Yet with all generalities it’s difficult to just run with that.

    First thought, it could be old-fashioned disappointing and frustrating if DH is so poorly endowed that you can’t even try a lot of the neat ideas for lovemaking posted on CN website because the logistics won’t let you… then being too small might be a real drag on what you hoped for loving expression with your partner.

    Second thought, he might wonder “how could she NOT care about my body”, or “is she really telling the truth, or is she saying it doesn’t matter because it sounds like the right answer.” Husbands are taught to never tell their wives that they’re getting overweight and so guys might wonder if this is in about the same category of discussion.

  9. Well said Silver. A larger penis gives more options in lovemaking. Just like different toys give more options. A preference for larger seems logical. Not required, just preferred.

    As my wife and I approach 30 years of marriage.. she is relaxing in bed more and expressing desires for erection rings that maintain and ENHANCE my erection. She definitely likes the sensation of the firmer, bigger erection but she is also happy without it. Again, another option and preference, not a requirement. It doesn’t make me feel inadequate, rather it enhances our relationship when she is free to express her desires.

  10. I am average size and I can assure you men, unless you have a micro penis you can please any woman who is attracted to you. Women like a man who knows how to please them and who is not wigged out about how God made him. You cannot please a woman if you are not cool with you. They sense it even if you try to hide those emotions.

    My wife and I both had previous marriages, and her first husband was well endowed, but she did not have her first orgasm until she met me. She did not even know she had a G spot; had never even heard of it! her husband took no interest in pleasing her. Sex was a duty to her and very unpleasant.

    God allowed me to open up an entire new world of physical pleasure for her, me and my little package. Size is so irrelevant compared to what, when, how, and WHY you do what you do with your lovely wife. Women of character are drawn to men who have a quiet confidence about themselves, but they keep the fire stoked for men who place her needs before his own.

    My wife believes I am the best lover who ever walked, and I do not have a 8″ cucumber. Every time I hear the phrase “it ain’t what ya got but how ya use it” I just snicker to myself and think “Don’t I know it.”

    I hope this doesn’t come across as anything other than a humble attempt to help someone else realize they do not have to feel inadequate, because that’s the sole purpose of my post. please delete it if it is inappropriate.

  11. two things,

    a.) i do not think size matters to most women. foreplay foreplay foreplay! i think it would only really matter if the man was very self conscious about it.

    b.) i heard the sites were scams that get your credit card info and keep charging you even when you want to stop … basically how do you explain what you were buying to the credit card company 🙂

  12. One thing, that I read, to be aware of, for your male children, is that being around pesticides can decrease penis size growth. So, I don’t know for sure. I would caution to stay away from pesticides.

  13. My husband and I have actually been struggling with the same problems. He wants to take some sort of pill to make his equipment bigger, but I think it is perfect just the way it is! I orgasm every time we have sex, and he knows exactly how to use it to please me. I tell him how great he is all the time, but for whatever reason he doesn’t think it is enough. I know as females we are often guilty of similar beliefs. My husband compares it to the way I think I look ‘fat’ when I have a ‘fat day’. I might not have gained a single ounce (or millimeter for that matter) and I am a perfectly healthy weight, but for whatever reason I don’t feel comfortable with myself. As Christians we need to find the balance between what God wants us to believe about our bodies, and what the world wants us to believe. Just because I don’t wear a size ‘0’, like society tells females they should, doesn’t mean God didn’t create me just the way he wanted me to be. (As long as I am taking care of my body like it is a gift from God) The same goes for men. Just because you aren’t 13″ doesn’t mean God didn’t gift you with just the right size equipment to please your wife! We need to praise and thank the Lord for what he gave us!! Not try to measure up to society’s false beliefs!

  14. I don’t think size is what a woman cares much about but firmness is essential. Sometimes men are just plain tired and that will have his erection come and go as he tires. After thorough research, and trials, we did find one over the counter supplement that actually worked! We were sceptical and have used it many times since so I know it does really work and can actually tell if he has taken it or not.
    We tried several enhancements and taking something as needed was important. I don’t see why one should take something every day when he won’t need it every day.
    I do not sell this product nor could I. I highly recommend a product called Stiff Nights. It is completely herbal and my husband can take only half and get the results needed. Just google it and you can find it here, there and everywhere.

  15. My husband finds an herb called “horny goat weed” helps overcome fatigue-related issues with erection or desire…when he takes it i can tell the difference immediately. He’s naturally very passionate — this stuff makes it seem as though he’s unplugged from the Matrix and is fully alive. He also manufactures massive amounts of semen compared to usual. i’m a recovering uptight priss only awakened a couple months after my 10th anniversary, so i do not see this as a benefit…but it feels good to him.

    i just wanted to add my two cents about penis size — my husband is slightly on the small side, and i would most certainly NOT want him to grow any bigger in any way. We are not bottomless pits 😉 . There is nothing that kills the fun of what we’ve worked up to during penetration like when he is thrusting deeply and the pain of the head of his penis smashing against my cervix is excruciating (i have a somewhat slight build). That horrible thud-thud-thud before i can put a little space between us ends everything and the poor dear has to start all over to bring me back into the place of desire. Thankfully different positions can prevent this for me but i just wanted to give any concerned men or women a solid, physical reason to question believing bigger is better. Not every woman would choose it…not if she knows what’s good for her!

  16. Well, I can only speak for myself, but I do enjoy big. My husband is slightly above average length and well above average girth and I absolutely adore the sensation of being “stretched to capacity”. I would not, however, have been dissatisfied had he not been as large. I was a virgin when we were married so his is the only one I’ve ever had. Everyone is different and has to adapt to make things work. Toys can be used to enjoy the novelty of certain things that are physically difficult for us to accomplish. Every physical positive has its downside. Being tall or large, like my husband, makes sitting forever in cramped spaces extremely difficult for him though he enjoys its advantages as well. As for his penis, I have thought about wanting to experiment with anal sex but his size may make it impossible for me. Every size has its advantages is all I’m trying to say 🙂

  17. Excellent point! My husband is quite large but this can be both a blessing and a curse. It has, for the most part, taken anal sex (though not play) off the table and oral sex was much more difficult to get good at. I love his size but would hate it if he weren’t able to enjoy “burying himself” deeply inside of me.

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