Sex Furniture to Enhance Positions

One of the ways to add spice to your sex life is to add in special pieces of furniture which are designed especially for enhancing sex. There are a variety of companies and individuals who have given this some thought and have produced some really great stuff.

Liberator shapes are pieces of furniture specifically designed as sex furniture that allow for certain positions to hit you in just the right spot. They will angle this and elevate that and allow for the positions you have always known to feel a little different. They are built from high quality foam and covered with soft, sensual fabrics. They sell different lines of shapes. Some with restraints, some without. A variety of fabrics and textures. Some of the shapes include the Esse, the Ramp, the Wedge (those two are also sold as a set), the Cube, the Scoop and many other shapes. They also have a nice blanket which is soft velvet on one side and silky satin on the other with an inner layer that is a moisture barrier to keep the fluids, lubes and lotions from getting on your other furniture. If you are looking for this it is called the Fascinator Throe. They also have large cushions and pillows. The greatest problem with Liberator shapes is the cost. They are very pricey and I am convinced that if you have sewing ability, you can make some of them without too much trouble if you can access the high quality foam. So if they appeal to you consider making one yourself or making something like this that one poster spoke of at The Marriage Bed Forums. I haven’t linked to the Liberator site because it contains a lot of nudity. If you wish to go there be forewarned and feel free to find them through a search engine. However one of our affiliate sites does sell Liberator products without nudity, Romance Between the Lines.

Another piece of sex furniture to consider is a sex swing. A sex swing allows you to be strapped in and elevated off the ground. It will most often have padded straps for supporting several areas; back, rear end, legs. It allows for angles and positions that you can’t accomplish without it. (Edited to remove link with nudity.) You can usually find a pretty good one for a little over $50.

Also remember that your house is filled with furniture that you use every day for other purposes that will give you a different angle than your bed. The kitchen table, counter tops, the couch, arm chairs, desks, office chairs, recliners…. Take a walk through your house this week and look at what you have and see if it would make good sex furniture. You might be surprised at what you find. You may not be able to afford Liberator Shapes, but there are lots of other things you can do to spice up positions with the furniture you already have. 😀


  1. I have to state that the Liberator throe is one of the best things – my husband gave it to me on our wedding night and we have used it every single time since – it’s so nice not having to change sheets or worry about getting something on our comforter.

  2. Can anyone recommend a sex swing that is easy to use, works well and is inexpensive?

    Thank you

  3. Try an eBay search.

  4. This is the best cushion ever made to enhance love amking. My wife cannot have sex without it now! It lets me get deeper that ever before which drives my wife crazy! Also it is anatomically designed for the human body. SOOOO wonderful!!

  5. The Liberator shapes are awesome. My husband and I are in our mid 40’s so it makes certain postiions more attainable and comfortable. Not to mention how great it feels. My favorite is The Wedge. It’s like a serving platter for the genitals!

  6. I totally agree with Pam on the wedge. I happened to find it through my chiropractor. He gave me a wedge that is about the same dimensions but is for a neck exercise. I have found it helps two ways . Instead of bed risers I take the foam wedge, lift the mattress edge and push it between the mattress and box spring. Once the mattress sets back onto it, the edge of the bed is 10 inches higher and the half the side of our beds mattress becomes a huge wedge allowing a wider area to position on with the angle and height perfect for various positions. The density of the foam works well holding the mattress weight. I am sure there are various wedge shapes that could be pushed in there so try looking around the house for what might work best as far as height and angle is concerned.

  7. I didn’t see this thread when I posted the other day on another thread regarding the Esse. We have the Esse and love it!! Totally worth the money! It’s so versatile that I don’t know if we’d need any other shapes.

  8. I may lack imagination but I honestly can’t see how these work! I am a bigger person and would love to use positions other than missionary with my DH. Any chance of suggestions in position of the week? I guess my mind doesn’t linger too long on sex stuff. Too conservative an upbringing. My DH too. Anything to spice up our sex life without being too confronting would help.

  9. You could check out the website. The good news is there are pictures of the various shapes with people on them so you can see how they’re used. The bad news is some of them are naked so it might be shocking or disturbing to see those images. View at your own risk, but it does give ideas.

  10. Sensuouswife ( has the same pictures of the liberator furniture, but with simple line drawings of the people on the much more realistic looking furniture. I found it to be very uplifting that they would present it in this way.

  11. Let me just say that our favorite investment has been our sectional sofa. The corner seat (where both ends join) has offered up some really interesting (“Hot” as my DH says) positions as of late – and we have fired up our sex life in ways we never imagined… Even just a simple change in position or angle can make a HUGE difference…

  12. we have different sectional sofas at home, i find them very comfortable and easy to setup .

  13. we have two Wal-mart video gaming chairs that I covered for tv and gaming use in our family room but have other benefits too. It can rock – He can face forward or backwards on it depending on you need for the wider seat end or the narrower back support end – it can be turned over for you to lie across in various positions, The best thing is that it doesn’t look out of place in your home or have to be hidden.

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