Position #57: Hot Dog and Buns

This week I chose an outer-course position to write about.  It is considered an outer-course position because it does not involve any penetration.  Why would a couple want to have outer-course?  It can be used as foreplay (all the sweet spots are being stimulated directly), some women have physical conditions where penetration is painful, or some couples just like to add variety to their marriage bed.   

To get into position lay tummy down on your bed or floor with a pillow placed under your hips.  A pillow is not necessary but it will make things more comfortable plus it can prop your rear up for easier access to your clitoris.  Your husband gets behind you facing the same way, just like typical rear entry, except he won’t be entering your vagina.  Instead he will be rubbing the top part of his penis through the backside of your upper thighs and over your vulva and clitoris.  Make sure his penis is well lubricated before you begin so that he can move easily without friction. Each thrust should tease and titillate your most sensitive areas.   If you get to the point where you can’t stand for him to not be inside you then entry is easy enough but you may want to either use extreme pressure against the bed, your fingers or a toy to keep the clitoral stimulation going.

  After you reach orgasm, and you are ready to focus on him, he can place his well lubricated penis on your rear end and move his penis back and forth between your butt cheeks rather than between your thighs.  This will give him direct stimulation right under the head of his penis, which is where he is most sensitive.  You (or he) could always squeeze your cheeks together to form a tighter sensation.   Enjoy!!

***Even though there is no penetration pregnancy can occur especially if he ejaculates at the opening of your vagina.  If you are trying to avoid pregnancy then other precautions should be used.

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