Position #58: Vertical 69

This is one that is fun to try and may have you in stitches before it’s over!  Getting into position may be tricky, but here are two ways to try it:


1. The wife lays down on the bed, on her back, with her head hanging off the edge.  The husband walks up to her straddling her face.  He then leans over and wraps his arms around her waist in a hug and picks her up.  Her genitals will be in his face and her legs will go over his shoulders.  She will be upside down and will be able to hold on to his thighs or rear as she pleasures him orally.

2. The husband sits on the side of the bed and then lays back.  The wife gets into the 69 position on top of him, with her head at the end of the bed at his genitals.  While holding on to her tightly, the husband then slowly sits up, and then stands.

Each couple may have to try different things to see what they can do to help them hold this position.  I do advise you to do it right next to your bed, so that just in case you get to giggling and need to ‘fall’ you can do so safely.

This is an exotic position that is actually pretty difficult to do.  If you are able to achieve this one for any length of time, then mad props for you both! 😛

Pros: This is a great light-hearted position for when you are in a fun mood to play!

Cons: The blood may rush to the wife’s head, so she may not be able to do this for a long period of time.  The husband will need to be strong enough to support his wife’s weight.

Tip: If the husband needs help holding his wife, then try having the wife do a headstand on the sofa or bed.  He can even sit on the side of the bed and she can stretch out her hands to help hold her self up.  That way the furniture will hold up part of her weight!


  1. Sounds awesome — might have to stretch out beforehand…

  2. I think I’ll suggest this one soon, but let’s just hope ‘in stitches’ doesn’t mean literally (it’d be awkward to explain in the ER, no?)

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