Position #59: Bucking Bronco

The bucking bronco is a position for women who like to be in control.  It is a position that your man will love because one he gets a tremendous view and two the sensations he will encounter will be some of the most memorable ever.  The stiffer the bed the easier it is to engage in but it is doable on a bed.

First you just need to get into a classic cowgirl/woman on top position.  Now instead of supporting yourself on your knees you will put the bottoms of you feet flat on the bed (or whatever surface you are using.)  Stand up but keep your knees slightly bend.  As you are standing your husband will have to arch his back and keep his pelvis up in order to stay penetrated.  Now you are in position, and in control.  You are calling the shots as far as how deep penetration will be.  Feel free to tease/ tantalize while you are straddling him and his testicles should be in prime groping location.   You may need to grab onto a headboard or something sturdy for extra support because your legs may get tired and if you are groping then you want to make sure you don’t lose your balance.   If you really want to rock his world try doing kegals while he is inside you.

Pros: ~Great visual for him.

          ~The wife can control how deep penetration will be.

          ~Your hands are free to move to favorite locations.


Con: ~ This position does exert a lot of energy for both parties.


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  1. We just tried this and it is a great one! I’m going through your old position sof the week posts because I am kind of new to this site. I print out the directions and we try ’em! I think it’s his turn to pick the next. This site has really helped us spice things up!

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