Monday Mission #49

Your mission this week is to think about a sexual hurdle you want to overcome and think about how to do that. Maybe you have a mental block to some act even though you know it is OK. Or you have a sin area that you need to get free from. Or you tend to focus more on yourself during sex. Or you want to learn to orgasm better. Or you want to communicate better about sex. Or you want to improve your intimacy by being more honest. Or… The list of things we could improve in our own marriage beds is endless. Even if things are already pretty good, there are ways for it to get even better. The goal is ever increasing intimacy until separation by death or the Lord’s return. So talk to your husband and look at the things you could improve in bed, pray about them, and ask the Lord for a strategy for improving it. I’m going to do this this week! How about you?


  1. Five stars for this one!!!

  2. I have several hurdles that I want to work on and I actually first started talking to my husband about some of them last week. I find that at first it can be quite overwhelming. I am making a list and dedicating it to God. Both of us are going to eventually work through the whole list but I am not going to pressure myself to go from 0 – 100 all at one time. This is a process that I am committing myself to. Already there is a marked improvement in our intimacy since we talked last week. It is exciting and encouraging to have openness and communication and a willingness for both of us to work toward freedom in our sex life.

    Thank you for the wisdom and encouragement that this site provides!

  3. We started talking through some last night as a matter of fact before I even read this. Awesome one!

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