Position #60: Twin Peaks

This week’s position is another breast sex one!  My husband helped me figure out this one recently, and he was pleased!  If your husband likes booby-time, then listen up gals…

First of all, the wife will lie down on her back on the bed, and then scoot to the edge so that her head hangs off the bed.  Her body will be facing up, while her head hangs down the side.  Next, the husband stands and straddles his wife.  She can push and hold her breasts together for him while he leans over and holds onto her body (or the bed) and thrusts.

This position also works if the husband wants to hold her breasts together.  She is then able to hold on to his thighs, or even spread her legs and rub herself.

Pros: This is a great one for husbands who like to orgasm standing.  If the wife looks up, she will get a very close up view of her husband’s rear and testicles.

Cons: This may not work if your bed isn’t the right height.  (We have risers.)  If the wife looks up, she will get a very close up view of her husband’s rear and testicles.  (I put this as both a pro and a con because it depends on the wife’s attitude! 😆 )

Tips: Don’t forget to lube up those breasts with plenty of Coconut Oil first!


  1. I guess this isn’t for us flatter chested women 🙂

  2. Yeah, I think you have to have some good sized “peaks” to be able to do this one. I do know that “C” cups and above will work 😉

  3. I might have to try this one, since I have the needed equipment (LOL). We’ve done a little of this during oral but never anything like this position. Sounds like something DH might like. Stupid question, but, does your husband ever orgasm this way? Or is it just forefun.

  4. My husband LOVES any sort of breast sex, but we’ve never tried this particular position. I’ll have to switch it up with this new position. And yes, my husband has often orgasamed through breast sex. It’s very easy to make him orgasm this way.

  5. Oh yes, my husband has orgasmed during breast sex too. It’s something we used to do more of back before my hysterectomy. We would do it during my period. Since i don’t have a period anymore, we mainly use breast sex as foreplay now.

  6. Shoot our bed’s is too low. 😦 We might have to figure something out.

    And yes, my husband has orgasmed from breast sex before as well. It’s messy for sure but if you are fine with it, it is surprisingly satisfying for the wife as well. Just have rags at the ready for clean up.

  7. Unfortunately, my equipment is not quite big enough. We have tried, but it is more work than it is fun. My husband is a boob man though and He has fun with them regardless. 🙂

  8. Yeah, gravity doesn’t help in this position either. Even the larger chested women have to hold theirs up real good! There are some of our POTW’s that I haven’t been able to do either, for different reasons. The wonderful thing is that there are so many to choose from that it doesn’t matter if we are unable to do a few of them. We can just skip the ones we can’t do and go on to the others 🙂

  9. This is excellent. My husband loves this position, it is a great teaser as well.

  10. I agree about the ‘gravity’ thing. I’m a size 34DD and still this was more work than fun. All the same I really appreciate the work you gals are doing , churning out new ideas we can try, to add variety to our lives; [ that’s the whole idea isn’t it ?] Keep them coming and God bless you real good!

  11. I was not blessed witih large ladies, so this probably won’t work right now
    but looking at my family’s history, once I age a bit and have a few children, that problem should be solved–I’ll keep this one in mind for then 🙂

  12. hey now! I can rock it with a B cup!

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