Sex Toy Parties

“I’m a stay at home mom and came across a direct sales job that sounds good. The job has a lot to offer but I’m not sure it’s a godly job. It is a sex toy selling job where you host parties in homes. Is this ok in Gods eyes? Would I be sinning if I tried this out?”

Sex toy parties can be so much fun!  I know because I’ve been to several of them, and I also hosted one myself a couple years ago.  I do not believe that going to a toy party, hosting a toy party, or getting a job for a toy company is sinful in nature.  I do, however think that you should investigate the company thoroughly beforehand though, so that you know what you are getting yourself in to.

The party that I hosted in my home was so much fun.  I had talked to the consultant beforehand and she answered all my questions.  She let me know that it was only for women 18 and up, and moms weren’t even allowed to bring their newborn babies.  It was very strict.  No men either.  I also found out that they did NOT sell porn, and that was a biggie with me.  So my husband took my kids out to grandma’s house then to see a movie that night, so the house would be available for the party.  She told me what specific games would be played and what products she would be bringing.  We discussed snacks and drinks and she told me what types of language would be used (clinical).

I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  It was done in a very tasteful way and my consultant was absolutely wonderful.  She never used vulgar or even slang terms because she wanted everyone to be comfortable.  It was upbeat and we all laughed a lot.  Ordering was done in private, in a back room, and she had many products in her van with her, so that my friends didn’t have to wait for it to ship out from somewhere.  My friends and family were so impressed by my party, that three of them went on to host their own parties from this same company.

Since then, I have been to another toy party by a different company.  I was not comfortable there at all.  The consultant allowed young teenage girls to attend (15-16 yrs old) and the games that we played were just… not very tastefully done.  I did not like it and did not order anything from it.  I also decided that I wouldn’t ever attend another toy party from that company again.  You know, in hind sight it may have just been that the consultant  wasn’t very good.  The company itself may have had rules (like age rules) that she wasn’t following because she just wanted to sell stuff, no matter who it was to.   I bet if we had had a Christian consultant it would have went differently.

I also know of yet a third toy party company (I won’t say who) that sells pornographic videos.  Of course this bothers me.  So while I don’t think that all toy parties are sinful in nature, I do believe that some have the potential to be less than godly.  If you are thinking of doing this, you should investigate the company yourself. Attend a party that someone else hosts, or agree to host one yourself just to see how it goes.  If you are impressed, and don’t have that gut feeling that is telling you to ‘flee!’ then ask some questions about becoming a consultant.   (It also helps to have an outgoing and fun personality.)   I’ll list a few of the big name companies that I’m familiar with, and I’ll leave it to you to do your own research.  It’s relatively easy to find out information online, and you can also use email and telephone numbers to contact companies that you are more interested in:

I’m sure that many of our readers have probably attended such parties themselves, and may weigh-in on this issue.  Let me just remind everyone that we do remove most links from comments as stated in our Guidelines, so keep that in mind.

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