Monday’s Mission #51

Your mission this week is to look through your closet and dressers for something ultra sexy to wear for your husband. Look at the clothing and lingerie you have and plan a night at home to wear the sexiest thing you can find; a bedroom date if you have a house for of kids. As the teacher of The Peasant Princess series says, “Be visually generous.” Look at every day clothes in a new way. A blouse you normally wear to work, buttoned with only one button and a sexy bra underneath. Maybe a tight white t-shirt with no bra. Or a bustier with jeans. Have fun with it.


  1. One thing I do to save money is to buy immodest clothes to wear as lingerie. Lingerie can be very expensive, but a slutty shirt on sale can be under $10! You can get really creative with this (Like was mentioned above.)! Buy that short skirt or skimpy top you would never wear in public! : ) I bet your husband won’t mind that it isn’t a lingerie company that makes it!

  2. Haha, this is a fun mission.
    Great idea, Sarah! I once found a terribly indecent (for public wear) tank top at the dollar tree – yeah just one dollar and another time, I made myself a stretchy black miniskirt. Not the work of a great seamstress, but no one but Husband will ever see it.
    You can also shop Junior’s clearance at department stores πŸ™‚
    Another idea, I don’t wear a bikini in public – people differ but for me I feel I’d be immodest in one.
    But my husband bought me one on our honeymoon and he really likes it on me.
    Man, after he raves about it, I could NEVER wear it in front of any other male πŸ˜€ and if you go at the end of summer, you can get a bikini for pretty cheap from some stores.

    One thing I’ll miss when our baby is born – being able to cook and do housework in clothes that make hubby’s eyes pop out, lol!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, the junior’s clearance is a great place to shop! I agree with the bikini being immodest! Let me just say thank you for being one less woman for my husband to struggle with! : ) I totally bought a bikini and worn it on our honeymoon (privately) for my husband!

  4. My hubby’s button down shirts are great lingerie. I have plenty of corsets, bustiers, etc but once in a while a button down shirt is just the right thing.

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