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In July last year I published and article entitled Sexy Art and it was so fun to research that I decided to release a sequel. Honestly, I have loved researching for these articles because there are so many great pieces of sensual art available. My last article inspired me so much I got a piece of sexy art for my husband for his birthday.

Please note, as last time, that some of these images may contain some partial nudity.

One art subject that can be quite sexy or romantic would be those that are of couples dancing:

You might also be inclined to find a subject that is more subtle:

Another subject of sexy art that you might consider for your boudoir would be of couples engaged in an embrace or sensual moment:

Or you might want a piece of art that portrays a sensual woman:

You can also find several pieces that are created by the same artist and purchase them in sets:

One artist I like has created paintings inspired by the Song of Solomon:

These are just wall images, but there are beautiful sculptures that are very sensual as well. I love art. I love how it can be so expressive of emotion and how it can create emotion in the observer. I see the Lord of Heaven and Earth as the ultimate artist and how he expresses His creativity through us is a true gift.

I have an artist friend who I will interview next week about her contribution to the world of sexy art. Stay tuned 🙂

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