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In July last year I published and article entitled Sexy Art and it was so fun to research that I decided to release a sequel. Honestly, I have loved researching for these articles because there are so many great pieces of sensual art available. My last article inspired me so much I got a piece of sexy art for my husband for his birthday.

Please note, as last time, that some of these images may contain some partial nudity.

One art subject that can be quite sexy or romantic would be those that are of couples dancing:

You might also be inclined to find a subject that is more subtle:

Another subject of sexy art that you might consider for your boudoir would be of couples engaged in an embrace or sensual moment:

Or you might want a piece of art that portrays a sensual woman:

You can also find several pieces that are created by the same artist and purchase them in sets:

One artist I like has created paintings inspired by the Song of Solomon:

These are just wall images, but there are beautiful sculptures that are very sensual as well. I love art. I love how it can be so expressive of emotion and how it can create emotion in the observer. I see the Lord of Heaven and Earth as the ultimate artist and how he expresses His creativity through us is a true gift.

I have an artist friend who I will interview next week about her contribution to the world of sexy art. Stay tuned πŸ™‚


  1. The only thing I would caution about this is that this could cause your husband to lust. Be careful about the pictures you pick that they don’t tempt your husband to lust. My husband struggled with porn for years and I have to be very careful as to what pictures I bring into our house. Even the most innocent picture of a woman can cause problems. He is very honest with me and has shocked me many times with how even relatively modest women can cause him to stumble. Remember men are very visual. Just be careful when it comes to sensual pictures… even paintings.

  2. Thanks for this article. I have been thinking about sitting for a nude painting as a present for my hsuband…even got as far as finding a local female artist who I could use…have not had the courage to carry through my plan yet! Anyone else done this??

  3. I agree with SW. Some of those nude women pictures would offend me if hubby were looking at them often (I don’t mean stumbling across them in an art gallery, but repeatedly looking) and I really don’t think I would want a picture of some other nude person, even if it were a partially-covered nude, in our room – especially where we could see it when we’re being intimate with each other.

    I’m not trying to be rude, I just am confused how pictures like some of these (two naked people lying together, or a clear side view of a woman’s naked torso ) don’t count as pornography.

  4. My friend who is being interviewed for next week does exactly that.
    I think you will find the interview helpful and then you can ask her any questions you have.

  5. This is certainly something you need to be aware of. The picture we have in our room is very significant as to how we see our sexual relationship. It is an abstract line drawing of a couple (us) and shows that there is a dark figure hiding, looking to taint and damage our love (the Enemy) and then there are two large bright eyes in front of the figure, protecting the couple (the Lord).

    For certain if any sexy art is an area of stumbling for you or your husband, you shouldn’t bring it into your home.

  6. I do not believe that any sensual looking art counts as pornography. Surely there are pornographers who would say that they make art, but the intent of porn is to arouse and sexually stimulate. Sexy art that is acceptable to me (and I am not asking that anyone substitute my opinion for their own) is art that reflects my husband and I, even if the people in the picture don’t look like us.

    I certainly appreciate that everyone sees this differently and support that if you can’t have this in your home without it causing lust, then you shouldn’t bring it in.

  7. Cool. Looking forward to that. Thanks!

  8. Hi Cinnamonsticks and thank you so much for even going here !
    I am extremely artistic and am allowing myself to embrace art in all mediums again, since opening myself to passion.
    My man and I would not be able to do wall art like this in our bedroom. I am a terribly jealous female who wants my man’s eyes to look only at me.. My pussy claws lash out full force if I see or even sense him oggling another woman, even in picture form.
    However, I appreciate your presentation and am looking forward to reading your female artist interview.

  9. I’ve been looking for romantic art to put in our bedroom since we got married and have never found any that fit what I wanted. The Adore is perfect! I’ve been wanting something that doesn’t have distinct features though I totally get Cinnamon’s Comment about reflecting you even when it doesn’t look like you. But I also get how some of the pieces could have the same affect as pornography even if they weren’t intended to. I love that Christian women with different convictions can all come here to discuss and not insult each other. How peculiar! πŸ™‚

  10. I love the sounds of that piece! Is it something you had made, or something you found?

  11. If you look at the first sexy art article I did last summer (linked at the beginning of this article), it is one of the examples. It’s called Endless Love.

  12. I actually just surprised my wife with two separate nude drawings of each of us. She loves them!

    A bit daring, no doubt, but they will be cherished. Graphite (pencil) drawings are also much cheaper than paintings…fyi.

  13. As an aritist, I can appreciate this! I wanted to share that I have been doing some paintings of my husband and I in our most intimate embraces—but only he and I know what we are looking at because I paint in a way that is VERY close up. That way unless you know what you are looking at, the viewer believes they are only viewing abstract art…. πŸ™‚

  14. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is a very beautiful, sensual piece to consider.

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